Snap Wax Melt’s Ava Bath Wax Snap Bar

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Fragrance is a personal choice. What one person likes another may not. And how we fragrance our homes has the same principles. My favourite product to fragrance my home is in the form of wax. Wax shapes, wax melts, wax snap bars. Although I melt whatever I feel like regardless of the time, day or season, sometimes you just want to grab and enjoy something specific to the time. And Ava Bath Wax Snap Bar, that was kindly gifted to me by Snap Wax Melt earlier this year, screamed Summer to me! And to create a cooler and refreshing vibe at home, I decided to melt it.

Snap Wax Melt’s Ava Bath Wax Snap Bar

Why this one?

I wanted to fragrance my kitchen with something that was going to be quite fresh, and not heavy in regards to it’s notes e.g musk. It might be warm, I might be dripping with sweat, but at least around me it can smell fresh and clean! And this is what I hoped from this wax snap bar.

How does it look?

A rectangular, segmented bar which has 10 raised squares on it ready to snap off (think chocolate bar shaped). A vibrant but not eye bulging green colour, simple but very Summer like. I did think it was one block of colour but actually it’s two. Turn the wax snap bar over and you can see a different shade of green, slightly lighter in shade than the top. I liked this! Simple but gave the bar an interesting look. Came in a clear plastic sleeve with the company label on the front and ingredients on the back.


This is a citrus lover’s dream! Zesty, sharp, lemon and lime. Not sweet but totally fresh and punchy!

In melt.

I snapped off 4 bars of this and popped it into the warmer in my kitchen. It turned into such a glorious sea of green, it was nice to see the two shades of green merge into one. The scent itself was super noticeable. Despite the fact this was melting in my kitchen with various foods being cooked, it cut through those smells like a knife! Filled the space and even drifted into the living room as well.

Strength & Longevity.

Strength is a medium. Any more than that I think it could make your eyes water, but this strength is perfect! Because of the type of scent this is, as I found, ideal for kitchens or rooms where you want to combat other smells. Longevity was great. As per usual I melted this over 2 days for many hours, at least 8 hours in total, and provided the same quality and strength of scent throughout.


Totally! Although it can be melted anytime of the year, this is perfect for Summer time use. Great for deodorising, perfect when you want something fresh and clean but NOT a laundry scent. And great for those looking for something fruity but not sweet or the typical favourites e.g berry based, rhubarb etc. Every wax snap bar I’ve melted from Snap Wax Melt has been of a high quality. For £3.00 each per bar, this will provide hours of fragrancing, so visit their website here to chose your very own home fragrance wardrobe!

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