Stellar Wax Pot by Lolly & Moo

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Wax pots/melts are a fantastic alternative to the usual ways we fragrance our homes. The amount of fragrances available in these forms is growing so much more in my opinion scent wise compared to candles. This is one of the reasons why I am slightly addicted to wax pots, and it gives me the chance to try different fragrances in decent amounts at affordable prices. So what have I chosen to melt today? The wax pot that’s caught my eye ( and nose ) is from Lolly & Moo and is called Stellar.

Stellar is inspired by a well known designer/high fashion perfume. Appearance wise this looks simple but with a touch of glamour. Comes in one colour, which I would describe as an aubergine shade of purple, finished off with a light drizzle of gold multi cut glitter.

Stellar by Lolly & Moo

Scent wise you get a slight musky, earthy undertone to this wax. It then becomes slightly sweeter thanks to the addition of floral. With these two elements combined, Stellar creates a grown up, warm sensual fragrance. Feminine, sophisticated and strong yet quite clean too. How it smells cold ( not yet melted ) is how it smells when warmed through. Since she weighs 42g, depending on strength needed, warmer used and generally how much you want to use, I would recommend using a quarter to a third each time before the scent gradually fades away. It’s an obvious scent, and really fills the room without being overpowering but is very noticeable ( which you want! ). I find I can get at least a week worth of scent if not more from one pot so it will last a good amount of time ( if used in warmer for a few hours a day ).

So what do I think? Repurchase neeeded? I really REALLY like this wax! I’m a massive fan of most wax that’s inspired by perfumes anyway, but this one ticks many boxes for me. Its not too floral ( which I hate ), its not too musky ( I don’t want my house to smell like a man’s locker room ) and it smells expensive! Its quite different to other scents that I already own wax wise so stands out for me, and one I will happily buy again when this pot is finished.

Do you fancy the sound of Stellar? Buy her here for £2.25 each per 42g pot. She is gorgeousx

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