Strawberry Melts Vanellope Wax Chunks

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This is one blog post that I’ve been dying to write. Why? Well…as a lover of fragranced wax in various shapes, scents and guises, certain pieces sold by vendors make me happy. This scent from Strawberry Melts has been available from them during different restocks and as much as I’ve wanted to buy it I haven’t..until it last went up for sale a few months ago.

Why this? The scent description was like someone shoving a cookie in my face and asking me to take a bite!. It sounded moorish, it sounded delicious, it sounded perfect for me! I also love chunks because of the amount you get. Having an idea I would love this I wanted more than the amount you would get in a standard pot or mini melt shape. And the physical look of chunks is so pretty and easy on the eye, so why would I NOT want this?

Strawberry Melt’s Vanellope Wax Chunks

How do these chunks look? My bag contained 6 great sized chunks in the scent of Vanellope. Each chunk similar, but not identical, in look and size giving it that perfect handmade look. Pillar box red in colour with lime green coloured chunks running through them.

Scent description ( Strawberry Melts ). Vanilla lime topped with strawberry marshmallow cream. House blend.

How does this smell? This scent reminds me so much of something and for the love of it I can’t recall what it is. But it definitely takes me somewhere when I smell this. You get an equal hit of of a zesty, fresh citrus ( lime ) with a blast of fruity strawberry rounded off with a sweet creaminess coming from the vanilla. It’s a beautiful blend. Its one of those blends that’s uplifting, energising, sweet, fruity yet clean all at the same time.

Strength. I used the smallest chunk out of my bag and this gave me a good medium strength in my kitchen. Longevity is great. Melted over 2 days for at least 8 hours and I could still smell this.

Recommended? YESSSS! Its gorgeous. Great for those who like citrusy scents but want something a little different and vice versa for this who love more fruity scents. This is one of those scents I can’t imagine not putting a smile on someones face. Strawberry Melt’s constantly change their stock because of course their waxes are hand made, so keep an eye on their website for this special scent to come up, or join their group for wax chit chat here as there are opportunities to get custom made wax in various scents at certain times.

*Anyone who has bought and melted this please share with me your thoughts and pop it in the comment box!*

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