The Rose & Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Whipped Soap Cuddles

Who doesn’t like a one stop shop? I always shop around online or in physical stores to get the best prices for top quality products. But to be able to find a place that sells different things that you equally love is literally heaven! After purchasing wax melts from a vendor called The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie and being very impressed by them, imagine my delight when I found they sold bath products too! I bought a variety of bath bomb type products and whipped soaps a few months ago, including the whipped soap in the fragrance of Cuddles.

Why did I order this? At the time all the bath products were on sale so reduced in price and great value. Perfect time to try them out and to buy some as gifts. I already love whipped soaps so needed no convincing! The fragrance Cuddles I thought would make a nice change from what I already had scent wise on my bathroom shelf.

Packaging. 60g of whipped soap comes in a screw top plastic jar. A simple label on the front and an ingredients label on the bottom.

Appearance. Almost a raspberry ripple two tone look going on, but blue and white instead of pink and cream. Beautifully and simply piped into the jar giving it an almost edible look to it. Look wise this resembles a body souffle because of the little air pockets in it, but has a more thicker looking structure.

The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Whipped Soap Cuddles

Scent. It’s funny how certain scents you just know and immediately recognise. I never used the traditional baby products on my children when they were tiny e.g powders and lotions. But I know what they smell like. Cuddles reminds me of a well known baby lotion. Its clean, it has delicate floral and powdery notes to it and its near identical in scent to the lotion.

Consistency. Texture wise this is quite solid. I expected it to be softer and airy. What it reminded me of was a body butter but not as waxy. It rubbed into my sponge easily so no issues there, and I quite liked how thick this soap was compared to others I’ve used in the past.

In the shower. I used enough to cover half a finger, which then went onto my sponge. I lathered it up under the warm running shower which produced some foam. It cleansed my skin well, but I did go in for a second helping as I felt I needed more to finish off the rest of my body

After use. My skin felt clean but not stripped of any natural oils and seemed very comfortable and quite nourished. The scent of the whipped soap didn’t linger and I couldn’t smell it on myself after my shower.

Additional thoughts? I would have liked more foam. Just a little bit more I think would mean I could have used that touch less, and give more of a pampering feel.

Recommended? I quite enjoyed using this. I loved the scent and texture of this, and felt it did what it needed to do on my skin. For my personal use, this jar would be too small. For it to be practical I would need this to be at least double the size because I would be replacing this way too often. Generous sample size at 60g to try out. And as part of a gift, stocking filler or hamper, this size is great! Overall a lovely introduction to the bath product side of The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie, which I would be happy to try again but more likely to give to others as gifts. Fancy owning your own whipped soap, get your own Cuddles here now for £3.50.