Soul Energy’s Aquamarine Geode Bath Bomb

I am a sucker for a pretty bath bomb! If you spend a few pounds on something that is a one use one time bath product, you want to enjoy it! And it always helps if it’s easy on the eye. Most people would rush to a well known store on the high street for their bath bomb fixes. I, on the other hand, try to purchase from smaller businesses who create and/or sell good quality bath goodies showcasing imagination and skill. I bought various bath bombs from a small company called Soul Energy earlier in the year. One item included was Aquamarine Geode Bath Bomb. Original price if I recall correctly was £5.95 but there was a discount applied at the time of purchase so got it a little bit cheaper.

Soul Energy’s Aquamarine Geode Bath Bomb

Why did I buy this?

If you visit the various social media sites of Soul Energy, you won’t need to ask this question! All of their bath products are eye catching, vibrant, and not what you get from the high street. The look of this particular item caught my eye as I love the visual appearance of crystals. The colours were glorious and I just thought it resembled a piece of art.

What does this look like?

This bath bomb is inspired by crystal geodes, which always reminds me of a museum’s gift shop. It’s flat on the back, and somewhat flat on the top but not totally. Around the sides it’s shaped like the geode slices you can purchase. Not totally round, but smooth, and going in and out at certain points.

The middle dips down a little, having a bumpy texture to it. Not one block colour, but shades of blue, purple and grey with a delicate sprinkle of glitter and pigment in silvers and golds. Around the edge it pops more, thanks to the middle being outlined in black and around that a generous dusting of gold mica pigment finishes it off.

If you look at the rest of the bath bomb (the back and the sides), it’s a beautiful pale blue colour. Overall the bath bomb is beautifully made and decorated, eye catching, dare I even stay stunning, and a one off! And this is such a good size as it takes up more than the palm of my hand (and my hands are not small!).


A soft and delicate white floral scent to this bath bomb. White florals I tend to find to be the less heavier of the floral scent family, and also one of the cleanest and freshest types too. This is a scent most people would like, and especially those who don’t want something that’s highly fragranced. Personally I would have liked this stronger, but this would be great for the days my head can’t deal with it overpowering smells e.g hay fever, headaches, tiredness etc.

In the bath.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect with this one. Placing this on top of the water, it fizzed and gave off some lightly coloured foam. It even did a few turns in the bath tub. Very nice but not amazing I thought. Until I could see the thinnest of coloured streams coming out of it which I wasn’t expecting. These streams got bigger and wider and the colours were vibrant and popping! Blue, purple, green and white. Absolutely gorgeous to look at. On top of the show of colour, there was a little foam/bubbles produced, but not loads.

Once the colours disappeared the water merged into a tranquil and regal shade of aquamarine.

Fragrance wise I detected it faintly but not much.

The bathing experience itself was relaxing, the perfect set up for me to read a book and overall I had a nicely chilled out time. Non drying and irritating on the skin (in the bath or out), and didn’t stain the bath either (result!).


If you love your baths, and your bath bombs like I do, this should be a must! A simple tennis ball shaped, one block colour bath bomb sometimes won’t do. And a little artistry can set someone up for a great bathing experience. For a gift this would blow someone’s mind as it really is a beauty. And a much deserved treat for yourself. So yes, recommended!

Like many independent vendors, especially if they make their own products, their stock changes regularly. So what is available one day may not be available another. And I don’t see this particular one on the website anymore. BUT, what I would say is every single piece on the website looks amazing and the quality is there to see without a doubt. Guaranteed there will be something for everyone, question is, which bath bomb is for YOU? Soul Energy.

Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Over The Rainbow Bath Bar

Cooler temperatures in the UK at the moment are very much welcomed by me. Feeling hot and sweaty all the time morning, noon and night, is not fun. Right now I can enjoy my bathing routine, relax and unwind, without continuously wiping away a sweat moustache or mopping up a dripping hair line. So is it time for a bath time treat? Oh yes I think it is! I couldn’t resist using Over The Rainbow Bath Bar by Manchester based Dirty Fresh Cosmetics. It costs £3.99, but I bought this earlier in the year when there was a special promotion on the website.

Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Over The Rainbow Bath Bar

What’s a Bath Bar?

I think a bath bar is similar to a bath bomb, just in a bar shape! Like most bath bombs, these should provide colour, fragrance, and create an enjoyable bathing experience.

What does it look like?

I love the look of this! The thing I find with bath bombs, fizzers, bubble bars etc, is look wise they need to be eye catching. They have to grab my attention and the better they look, the more chances it has for me to buy it. And what I like about this is it’s not intricate in look but attention grabbing it is! Rectangular in shape and quite chunky (8.5cm in length, 5 cm in width and 3 cm in depth).

Its made up of 3 block colours of a pinky purple, blue and orange. Each one layered on top of one another, in a handmade, natural, rock forming kind of way. On the top it’s green but with little multi coloured dots on it made up of the same colours as the other layers of the bar. Who wouldn’t want to use this in the bath??


I didn’t get much of a scent from this. What I did get was slightly fruity and creamy. Do bare in mind I’ve had this bath bar hidden away for months, which may have affected the fragrance and it’s strength.

In the bath.

Wow! Talk about fizz, whirl and pop! As suggested on the website, I filled my bath with warm water and then popped the bath bar on the top. What it did was show what the meaning of bath art really is. It fizzed as soon as it touched the water. And with that fizzing action, streams of colours were released from it forming it’s own rainbow. All the colours featured in the bath bar before it went into the water was what was visible, purple, blue, orange and green. Absolutely stunning!

No bubbles were created, just a little foam as the colours came out due to the bath bar’s fizzing action. And once the colours had settled, the water itself turned into such an inviting, shade of emerald green which was unusual and very Loki like!

Still didn’t get much fragrance, only slight, but this didn’t bother me as I was enjoying the bath itself way too much. It was relaxing, and provided me with the perfect time to read my book!

On the skin.

My skin has been a little strange of late. Generally fine on the body, but the most recent heat wave in the UK has made specific areas raised, and incredibly itchy. Thanks to a steroid cream, lots of moisturising and cooler temps, its in such better condition. But it’s still something that I’ve been cautious with when it comes to what it comes in contact with. And this has created no issues at all. No irritations, no drying out the skin or anything!


For the look, size of this (130g, great amount of bath bar), how it looks in water and how gentle it was on the skin, it’s a definite yes! Price wise, if you were to get something similar from a well know bath bomb shop on the high street, this would cost much more. So great value and affordable. What I would want to do is get another one of these and use straight away, just to double check the fragrance. If the fragrance is stronger, then I’m buying these in bulk!

Fancy having this bath bar pimp up your bath time routine? Visit Dirty Fresh Cosmetics to grab your bar here now.

The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Bath Bomb Brittle Glow

If you love spending quality time in the bath I’m guessing you will love bath bombs. What is there NOT to love about them? The beauty about these is they now come in so many different shapes, forms and fragrances, the choice is crazy! One such form is called a bath brittle. Last year I bought a selection of bath brittles from The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie including Glow. Each bath brittle was £4.00 each but I bought them discounted at half price.

The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Bath Brittle Glow

Why did I buy this? I’ve bought wax melts from The Rose and Thistle before so was excited to find they sold bath products too. At the time, there was a sale, and I saw these and thought they would make amazing gifts for birthdays and Christmas for friends. So I bought them! I didn’t save many for myself, but I did keep hold of this one so I could try it out as I liked the sound of the scent and look of this particular one.

Packaging. This came in a small ( I say small it’s as big as my hand! ), rectangular packet with a clear window so you can see the brittle within it. The Rose and Thistle logo is on the label, along with mention of the maker of this product ( Olee Cometics ). On the back is the ingredients list.

Appearance. It’s funny how sometimes the most simple things can be stunning! Brittle in bath bomb form or even wax form, tends to be quite flat. But made up of irregular and different sized shapes. Jagged edges with a homemade, hand crafted look to it. Glow Bath Brittle is off white in colour, with a the smallest drizzle of very fine gold glitter on the top. It makes this look so inviting!

Scent. Love! Very perfume like. Floral, with the smallest amount of musk and citrus making this a gorgeous scented bath product!

In the bath. I popped in two thirds of the bath brittle, throwing in each piece individually. What each piece of brittle did was give a small audible and physical fizz as it hit the warm running bath water. And straight away, slowly but surely, they created lots of fluffy white bubbles in the tub. The fragrance was there straight away. Not only did it fill my bathroom but the scent traveled downstairs through my hallway,which made that area smell glorious!

On the skin. Non drying, non irritating which of course is a must! I don’t recall if there was any scent left on the skin, but my skin ( and my mind ) enjoyed this very much.

Recommended? 110%! Loved this! I’m secretly gutted I gave so many as gifts and didn’t keep more for myself! Fabulous scent, lots of bubbles and very kind to my skin. And as a gift it looks different to a bath bomb or fizzer so very pleasing on the eye. Good amount of brittle included ( 1 to 2 baths worth ) and simple but effective packaging. I would buy this again in a heart beat!

Now…here comes the bad news…While I was writing this post there was a sale on all bath products on The Rose and Thistle’s website and this has beauty sold out! The sale still continues and there are a few bath products left but super limited. Visit the website here, see what’s available and BUY!

Lacura Peppermint Bath Brick

Bath time for me isn’t a chore it’s a form of me time. Pampering, relaxing and unwinding are all the things I hope to get during my evening bath ritual. So of course, I’m always on the look out for new products to pop into my bath to help me achieve these goals. To say I was a bit excited to see this Peppermint Bath Brick from Aldi is an understatement. And for £1.99 it continued with this supermarket’s reputation of making their products affordable on everyday purchases.

What is this? I would describe this as being a bath bomb or bath fizzer type product. Not shaped like a brick, but more similar in look to a chocolate bar. You snap off how much you want to use and put it under warm running water to enjoy.

Packaging. Simple but effective cardboard box. It’s not the most striking of packaging but because of it’s colour ( green ), and the window on the front so you can see the bath brick, it’s actually very appealing. Relevant details are on the back such as ingredients and how to use.

Lacura’s Peppermint Bath Brick

The look. I liked the look of this! A good, thick, chunky 9 squared bar. Turquoise in colour, but not totally a block colour. Specks of white and pink running through it are visible. The texture and feel is chalk like as you would expect a bath bomb to be.

Scent. I expected a whiff of something minty. What I got was the smallest hint of peppermint but it wasn’t strong it was exceptionally weak. So much so I really needed to sniff hard to get anything. Not only that but the smallest amount of scent I actually got didn’t smell fresh to me, but quite old and stale.

In the bath. I broke off 3 squares and threw them under warm running water. They immediately turned the bath water into a green colour, similar to the bar itself, and it fizzed a little. It didn’t take too long to dissolve, and produced the smallest, tiniest amount of foam which disappeared instantly.

I couldn’t smell anything while in the bath. Not even the fainest of smells. And overall I felt as if I was sat in a bath full of coloured water and that’s it. On the plus side my skin seemed ok with it, it didn’t irritate or dry it out.

Recommended? Not this particular one no. It didn’t start well with the fragrance as my expectations were pretty much shattered from that. I wanted to smell something cooling and of a decent strength which I didn’t get. Peppermint Bath Brick didn’t add anything to my bathing experience which isn’t what I want if lazying for a 30 minutes plus soak. The look of this and of course the price was this product’s saving graces. I know what I like and what I want from a bath bomb/fizzer, and this didn’t pass my test. Personally, I wouldn’t buy this one again but would possibly try out the other 2 fragrances available to see if there’s more of a smell. But Peppermint Bath Brick won’t be bought by me again.

Still want to give this a go? This, along with two other scents, are still available in my local store at time of writing this post. So I can assume depending on stock levels it’s available in others. Also available online here.

The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble

I’ve fallen in love with The Body Shop brand for well over a year now thanks to one of my friends being one of their consultants. It was down to her showing off the different products, providing samples and more importantly giving her feedback, that made me buy items from them. I haven’t had chance to buy much this year for myself so I’m currently enjoying pieces I got LAST year! My friend gave me The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble last year for either my birthday or Christmas ( 2019 was a lifetime ago I can’t remember which! ).

The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble

Why this one? I tried another Bath Bubble in a different fragrance before and loved it! I wanted the same experience again but a different scent. Grapefruit isn’t something I’m naturally drawn to so thought it would be interesting to see what its like.

The look. Simple but sweet! A lovely small, purple coloured heart shape, which to me looks bath fizzer like. Both front and back are flat, but has a decent depth to it. Size is roughly 4 centimetres.

Scent. Smells glorious! How a pink grapefruit smells isn’t something I’ve ever thought about or actually smelt as I don’t like eating the fruit. But this bath time treat is quite uplifting, sweet ( not sickly ), citrusy but not harsh and zingy like lemon or lime. And there is definitely a touch of floral in this little beauty. So overall well rounded, very pleasant and would appeal to anyone and everyone.

In the bath. I love how this little heart fizzes and bubbles when it gets thrown under warm running water! Not only did it slightly fizz, it turned the bath water into a pale pink colour. While it sat there happily in the water it slowly produced small, white bubbles . Once the heart completely dissolved, the bath tub had plenty of foam on the top of it. And this foam lasted throughout my bath time which was roughly 30 minutes long. The scent I could only detect a little, very faint. But the bath itself it was very enjoyable and relaxing.

On the skin. I didn’t feel this dried out my skin at all. Despite the fact my psoriasis has been playing up over the last month or so, this didn’t irritate it and my skin really enjoyed it.

Recommended? 100% yes! If you love your traditional bath bombs or fizzers you will love this! For me the scent is a little unusual but absolutely beautiful, and one most people will enjoy. The Bath Bubble gives plenty of bubbles which is impressive considering this is so dainty in size. And it’s only £1.50! I would have loved for the scent to be stronger while in the bath but I’m not going take away the fact this is affordable, fun and provides perfect pampering time.

The only problem I see is getting hold of this. Online its still available, but others in the Bath Bubble range don’t seem regularly in stock. So if you can grab one or ten DO IT!

This is the only form of Bubble I happily enjoy at the moment, and you will too. Grab it here while it’s still available!