The Bath Bae’s Watermelon Bubblegum Bath Soak

A lover of having baths, an addict when it comes to a good bath product! The range of products you can get to pop in the bath is vast! You can get these from pretty much anywhere and any shop, store or supermarket you walk into these days. What you can also do, is go online. There’s plenty of small businesses that sell, handmake and package their very own bath bombs, fizzers, bath rocks and more. As you can imagine I have an extensive bath product stash, which is always a pleasure to delve into. A few evenings ago I headed straight for The Bath Bae’s Watermelon Bubblegum Bath Soak. Bought many months ago, £4.99 for 200g.

The Bath Bae’s Watermelon Bubblegum Bath Soak

Why did I buy this?

Watermelon and bubblegum? Who on earth has ever come up with such an amazing sounding combination except for The Bath Bae? This juicy, mouth dribbling combination caught my eye immediately on their website when ordering, because it sounded delicious and unusual! Why would I NOT buy and use it?

What’s a bath soak?

The Bath Bae’s Bath Soaks are basically powdered bath bombs. Not shaped, just pure, unadulterated bath bomb dust! So they do exactly the same thing as a bath bomb. Within each bag of 200g of bath soak, it’s the same as having two bath bombs.


I love how this company packages their bath products. The bath dust is housed in a packet. On the front it’s clear so you can see whatever bath gem is in it. Company logo on card folded over the top of the packet, and a sticker mentioning product is vegan & cruelty free is visible. On the back it’s opaque and silver in colour, almost holographic in look. To open, rip the top of the packet open and reseal when not in use. This looks quite modern but has a retro twist to it. Eye catching and appealing, perfect for gift giving.

How does the bath soak look?

A fine, powdered mix of baby pink and mint green colours. Not mixed together in it’s packaging. You can see the green on the bottom and the pink on the top. Colours that represent the two fragrances perfectly, and although shouldn’t, work well together look wise.


In real life, it’s quite a refreshing, subtly scented fruit. Almost similar to red berries that’s been infused in water. This is what I get with this, but of course with the sweet notes of bubblegum added. It’s a lovely scent, great for those who like sweet inspired scents mixed in with fruity elements, without it being overloaded by sugar fragrance wise.

In the bath.

Rather than use the whole bag at once, I used half on one occasion and the rest another. First time I got a mix of the pink and green bath soak and as soon as it hit the water the colour and fragrance was there. The colours were pink and green twisting and turning into each other, while at the same time white foam was created as it fizzed.

My second bath with this consisted mostly of the green section of the bath soak, as that’s the bit that was at the bottom of the packaging. The bath turned into the most stunning sea moss green ever! A totally different shade to when I first used this, and a different shade of green to what was in the packet. A total chameleon and a VERY hard bath product to photograph as each photo taken showed a different shade of green! Like the first bath, a little foam was produced. Not loads, but more than what I thought and both times it took a little while to disappear which was great. So not only was their colour and fragrance, but bubbles too!


Yes! And for a few reasons. You might not think the amount you get is a lot but it’s the right amount for one full on bath treat or two, so good value. The colouring and scent is very unusual, and if like me looking for something different, this could be it! It creates a beautiful looking bath, which not only scented my bathroom nicely but my hallway too! So the question should be, why would I NOT recommend this?

If you are fruity like me and need this in your bath tub, grab Watermelon Bubblegum Bath Soak here.

Soul Energy’s Sweet Red Berry Sorbet Bath Bomb Dust

Just as I was enjoying the cooler temperatures in the UK, I’m sweating in places I didn’t realise existed! It’s getting a little brighter and definitely warmer in the city of Manchester. Despite this, as per usual, I am DYING to throw myself into a warm, fragrant, relaxing bath late afternoon time. And this is where my stash of bath products comes in vary handy! One that I had recently used as a mental and physical tranquilizer was Soul Energy’s Sweet Red Berry Sorbet Bath Bomb Dust. 150g for £4.20, although I bought this when there was a sale.

Soul Energy’s Sweet Red Berry Sorbet Bath Bomb Dust

Why did I go for this one?

I LOVE bath bombs! But I also find bath dusts a great alternative. They do exactly the same job but you tend to be able to get at least 2 uses out of them rather than throwing one bath bomb to it’s death. The look of this dust is so pretty and the scent is perfect for me, sweet and fruity sounding! So I was quietly confident I would enjoy using this.


150g of bath dust is filled (and I mean FILLED AND SQUEEZED) into a resealable packet. Clear on the front so you can see the bath dust, with the company label in black on the top of it. And behind it’s opaque silver with an ingredients label added.

The look.

This bath dust really is a grabber! You can see through the packaging 4 different colours to the dust. A beautiful royal blue, a bright Barbie-esque pink, a white iridescent and speckles of purple. Eye catching, pretty and super appealing!


Right up my street! Think of a mix of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and cherries and this is it! Of course, it’s sweet, but not sickly. There is a slight tartness about it which makes it smell more sophisticated rather than a bag of sugary sweets that smell like berries. Love this scent, it is a delight!

In the bath.

I used just over a third of the packet in the bath. I let the warm water run and not so delicately threw the dust into the bath and wow, did it make an impression! As soon as the the dust hit the water explosions of colour swam on the surface. Rounds of pink, dots of purple, areas of blue. Such a colourful sight. A little white foam was produced, but not much. But it was all about colour for me. And the water underneath remained constantly an indulgent shade of purple which made me want to jump into this even more.

The fragrance was there, but only lightly. And if I’m honest I didn’t feel as if it lasted or was noticable during my 20-30minute soak.

Once all the foam and pockets of colour had gone, the water in the bath was the beautiful parma violet purple which I loved and stayed that way to the very end. What took me some time to notice was the fact the water gently glistened. I don’t want to say sparkle as it was so much more subtle than that. It lightly twinkled and I have to say the magpie in me found it totally mesmerizing!

On the skin.

Not too sure whether it’s the heat, being run down or whatever, but I have a few small itchy areas on my body. This bath dust didn’t make them worse or trigger them in anyway. Overall, no issues with this and it didn’t dry my skin out.


Definitely recommended! The look of this is absolutely stunning and in my opinion, this is where smaller businesses really shine. Time, thought, creativity and love are put into hand making products like this and it really shows! You would be hard pressed to grab something that looks like this off the shelf in a supermarket. Up to 3 uses from one pouch makes this affordable and comparable to a decent quality bath bomb. This was gentle on my skin and of course provided perfect me time at bath time. Only thing I would like to see an improvement on is the fragrance, which a little more stronger would have been better for me because the scent is so good!

At the time of writing this post, Sweet Red Berry Sorbet Bath Bomb Dust isn’t available. BUT there are other fragrances such as Lovely Peony and Cherry Flower (how good does THAT sound?). These can be found here if you want to indulge in a quality, bathing experience.

Dirty Fresh Cosmetics One Mill Bath Rocks

Despite the warmer weather in the UK, who else is still enjoying their baths? I sure am. Hot, cold, snowing, sunny, I end my evening with a bath. So can you imagine how big my stash of bath bombs and similar types of products is? I’m going through my stash slowly but surely, and recently decided to grab Dirty Fresh Cosmetics One Mill Bath Rocks to use. I bought these when there was a sale on the website, but current and regular price is £4.20 for 130g.

Dirty Fresh Cosmetics One Mill Bath Rocks

Why did I chose this one?

I like the idea of bath rocks because you don’t have to use all of them, just some. Or, if you have two different fragranced ones you can mix and match. So the versatility in using them is there. The colour of these was so appealing, and I fancied something that was inspired by an actual fragrance, so I hoped for a great scented bath time experience.


These bath rocks came in a recyclable white tub with a clear plastic lid.


Irregular, chalky textured, rock like pieces. Various sizes and shapes. Colour wise, these are so striking! Streaks of orange, blue, purple, grey and yellow. An absolute feast for the eyes!


Now, this is an interpretation of a well known men’s fragrance, which personally I haven’t smelt so can’t say how close it is to this scent. But what I can do is explain how THIS smells to me. This definitely is more masculine in style because it has the strength and musky element you would associate with a male inspired scent. Strong, woody, clean and a tiniest bit sweet.

In the bath.

I was aiming to use only half the tub of these bad boys, but tripped, nearly fell into the bath and the whole lot went in! By this point half of the bath was full with warm water, and as the rocks fell in, each one created their very own bath art by releasing various colours. First there was a sizzle, then came colour. Bursts of pink, green, blue, purple, absolutely glorious to look at! And along with the colour, the fragrance wafted beautifully around my bathroom. It was a strong in strength but not overwhelming, which I enjoyed. Back in the tub was a small amount of white, soft, airy bubbles sitting delicately over the patches of colour.

Once all the rocks had dissolved and the bright colours faded, they all combined to make a sea of deep, dark, purple verging on the black side shade. Bubbles didn’t last too long but were there for long enough.

Overall, what I got with these bath rocks was some quality time in the bath, giving me some much needed pampering and providing me with plenty of sensory treats

On the skin.

In and out of the bath my skin felt normal and looked after. No drying out, no irritation and totally relaxed physically and mentally.


Oh yesss! I adored using these, and glad I used the whole tub instead of half if I’m honest! These look so good, they created a beautifully, coloured bath and the fragrance was amazing! Add all these together, and the fact these bath rocks were gentle on my skin, make a must to purchase for any bath lover!

Want to feel like you are worth One Mill? Visit Dirty Fresh Cosmetics here to view and purchase. Enjoy!

Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Bedtime Bath Bar

When do you have a bath? Mornings? Evenings? When you feel poorly, tired or sore? And how many baths do you have per week? One? Two? I have one everyday in the evening and dare I say sometimes two…and will still have a shower in the morning before work! It’s part of my routine and a must to finish my day as it helps to get my body and mind right. So I thought it was time to try out something new and from someone new. Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Bedtime Bath Bar is a bath time treat I’ve recently used. I bought this a few months ago when there was a special promotion. This 130g bath bar costs £4.15.

Dirty Cosmetics Bedtime Bath Bar

Why this one? I bought a selection of different bars based on the scent descriptions and what I thought I would like. But my reason for using this one was because I wanted something that was relaxing and able to chill me out. With the name Bedtime I thought it was the perfect choice!

What’s a bath bar? My definition of a bath bar is a simple one. It provides the same bathing experience as a bath bomb but, in my opinion, a bath bar tends to be a little more moisturising than a typical bath bomb. And of course are bar or block shaped!

Packaging. The bath bar was wrapped in clear plastic with labelling on both front and back.

Appearance. This is a good, chunky bath bar! Size wise this took up most of the palm of my hand. Rectangular in shape with a texture in look and feel comparable to a bath bomb, so chalky and grainy. Beautifully two toned in colour with streaks of purple running through blue.

Scent. Exactly how it’s described on the website, I got lavender and vanilla. It’s not that heady, smack you in the face lavender. You can smell it and the herbal feel of it is there but it’s not strong. The vanilla gives it a little creaminess but it’s not sickly sweet. A lovely fragrance combo which overall was subtle. * Something to note here. Having hay fever means my nose is exceptionally stuffy, so will need to revisit the strength of scent of this bar at some point. Although I can get the scent, strength may not be picked up accurately*.

How to use. Rather than let warm water run and popping this in the bath, Dirty Fresh Cosmetic suggest to run a hot bath and then place the bar on top.

In the bath. I did as the directions suggested, I popped this on top of a very warm, filled bath. And boy oh boy did this fizz! Sound wise you could hear it cackling away. Visually you could see small bubbles flowing off it while it released eye catching, mesmerising streams of purple and blue along with foam. I have to say this was one of the most stunning and vibrant baths I have ever seen to date! The foam that was created wasn’t a huge amount and didn’t stick around for a long time. But what it did do was leave a deep, blue/purple bath which was still incredibly impressive!

The fragrance came to life as soon as this made contact with the water. During bath time the fragrance was there but very much delicate and in the background.

On the skin. In the bath this bath bar didn’t strip my skin, in fact it had a light moisturising element to it. Out of the bath my skin didn’t feel dry and I wasn’t craving body lotion straight away.

Clean up. I have never had a bath that was such a deep and dark colour as this one. Some people worry how the clean up is after, and I have to say no different to any other bath time. No staining AT ALL, I washed the bath as normal and absolutely no issues.

Recommended? If, like me you love your bath products, this is one bath bar you HAVE to try out so it’s a yes from me! Good size, great look to it, fair price and the bath art you get is INSANE! I thoroughly enjoyed this bath! It provided everything I needed from it and was an absolute joy to use. On my repeat purchase list and I want to try out more products from Dirty Fresh Cosmetics for sure!

If you love the sound and look of this bath bar, go check it out on their website here. Dirty Fresh Cosmetics have lots of other bath bars in different scents and colours available to suit everyone’s taste. I am known to be an enabler, so I suggest you grab a few while you are there!

Bomb Cosmetics Cotton Candy Bath Blaster

The saying Don’t judge a book by it’s cover sometimes is true. Sometimes it isn’t. I can only speak for myself, but the way something is presented when it comes to skincare, bath and body products will either make me look at it or I walk on by. So in this instance, how something looks I guess IS important! How it performs after that is something else. So when it comes to things like bath bombs I very much am the person who wants something to look appealing and eye catching. I can say that Bomb Cosmetics Cotton Candy Bath Blaster definitely ticks that box for sure. Along with other products from this company, this bath blaster was a Christmas 2020 gift from a friend.

Bomb Cosmetics Cotton Candy Bath Blaster

Why did I use this one? It looked at me! It’s super pretty and I fancied a bath with it so why not? I THINK I’ve used a bath blaster before although not 100% sure. But the idea of using this instead of a traditional bath bomb seemed more interesting.

What’s a Bath Blaster? Think of a traditional bath bomb but with the addition of a mixture containing cocoa and shea butter placed at the top of it.

How does it look? Did I already mention this is pretty? This is round in shape like a usual bath bomb but not perfectly circular. This has a handmade look to it. Very light pink in colour and has the usual chalky texture and look bath bombs have. The bottom is slightly flattened so this can sit up unaided. But it’s the top that holds the magic. Baby pink coloured piping in the centre of it with a dusting of silver glitter makes this look almost edible!

Scent. Reminds me very much of the Teddy Bears Picnic Mallow I got in this gift set with this bath blaster. A little zesty, a little sweetness and a little musk to it but what I wouldn’t say is it screams cotton candy to me.

In the bath. I dropped this under warm running water, and was a little annoyed at myself. I threw it in upside down and the piping section fell out. So instead of one bath blaster in the bath I sort of got two. The main part of it fizzed away like mad and took not much time to disappear, leaving a thin layer of white froth on the bath. The piping section? Didn’t take too much longer to go but go it did a few minutes later. The bath water didn’t change colour, although looked a little cloudy. No real foam, and scent wise the fragrance was very subtle.

The main part of the bath blaster

I could tell immediately that this was definitely a moisture giving bath product. When in the bath, it was very comforting and skin felt protected thanks to be cocooned in light oils that I could feel in the water and on my skin.

The cocoa and shea butter piping centre

Out of the bath. I enjoyed it, and so did my skin. It didn’t feel or look dry. I could feel the bath blaster had targeted the drier areas of my body, and I found slightly oily sections on hard to reach areas such as my back where I couldn’t dry myself properly.

Disappointments? I would have loved this to have smelt like pure, sweet and almost sickly cotton candy. To the point I would want to lick it is what I had hoped for! It didn’t. This didn’t change my bathing experience though, but I would have enjoyed this just a touch more if it smelt as suggested by it’s name. Not too sure whether it had been sat too long next to other products in my gift set and the scent transferred? Or scent wise it was a defect. But yep…no cotton candy smell.

Who is this great for? If you suffer from dry skin and you want to match the moisture you add onto your skin AFTER bath with what you put IN the bath, this is perfect! Do you love bath oils, bath truffles, bath mallows? Basically more treatment based bath goodies, you will love this. And you want a simple, non fussy bath but want to enjoy a conditioning soak? This could be ideal.

Who is this NOT for? You want to see colour and pretty bath art in the water, then this is a no. Lots of bubbles and foams, this isn’t it. And highly fragranced this won’t happen. I wouldn’t give this to my 80 year old granny, if I had one. The high amount of cocoa and shea butter will leave the bath a little slippy and I could see that being a possible issue for less abled bodied people or very young.

Recommended? Yesss! What I loved about this was the fact it looked and acted like a 2 in 1 bath product. Part bath bomb/fizzer, part bath mallow/truffle. Lots of fizz, lots of nourishing, hydrating ingredients which made my skin feel great. I would be tempted to buy this particular one myself just to see if the fragrance on this one was a dud or not, but I’m dying to try other bath blasters to experience other scents and super cute looks! For £3.25 each I think this represents great value and easily a repeat purchase time and time again!

Want a blast in your bath? Head over to Bomb Cosmetics and get their Cotton Candy Bath Blaster here, and take a look at their other brilliant blaster creations!

The Bath Bae’s Birthday Cake Bath Sparkle

Starting my New Year as I mean to go which is in the bath relaxing! Giving myself much needed me time and a little bit of pampering is a must. It doesn’t take much to create my own little haven and it’s something I refuse to give up or compromise on because I deserve it! And as much as I SHOULD spend less on bath and body products in 2021, I doubt I will because I love them way too much. 2021 in my bathroom kicked off with using The Bath Bae’s Birthday Cake Bath Sparkle. I bought this many months ago when they had a sale, but it’s usual price is £5.99 for 200g.

The Bath Bae Birthday Cake Bath Sparkle

Why this one? I originally bought products from The Bath Bae because I love using bath bombs, but wanted to try something different but still get the same results. As a company they produce interesting, modern and fun bath time treats which are eye catching. This particular one I wanted to use because I enjoyed their Bath Cubes I used last year, and wanted to see if this was just as good.

What is a Bath Sparkle? A Bath Sparkle is designed to create foam, scent and also provide a little sparkle to your bath. Closest comparison I can make is with a bath dust.

Packaging. Love the packaging! The Bath Sparkle is filled to the brim in a resealable packet. Rip the top, open, use and reseal when not in use. The packet itself has an almost holographic look to it which I thought was opaque. But after using some of the Bath Sparkle I could see how much was left inside it. Simple but cute.

Appearance. I find myself fascinated by textures and consistencies of products in bath and body products. This bath sparkle looks like a very fine powder. Consistently fine, no lumps or clumps. Almost like a sieved flour. But colour wise not so boring. This is a gorgeous shade of green which I can only describe as being a sea green. Very easy on the eye and very inviting.

Scent. What I expected was something that smelt very typical of a sponge cake. Vanilla based, a predictable bakery scent and sugary sweet. This isn’t quite like that. Definitely sweet but almost confectionary like. There is some vanilla in there but this to me is more fruity than cake sweet.

How to use. Add half or all of the bath sparkle in to a warm bath and enjoy.

In the bath. Thrown under warm running water this immediately made the water very tropical, lagoon like. The colour created was so vibrant and stunning! Lots of white, soft foam was produced so not only did I get colour and foam, but also scent as well! The scent was delicate, not heady and exactly what I smelt when I first opened the packet.

I found this to be very gentle and non drying. In the bath the water ( this sounds strange to explain but if you know you know ) felt as if it had more slip to it, and the dry areas of my body e. g hands, feet, elbows, seemed a little more protected. And out of the bath my skin seemed to enjoy it and didn’t feel like a 5 year old raisin.

Did it sparkle? So this puzzled me a little. Looking at it before I used it I couldn’t see anything. Even in the bath, not really. But when I touched some of it that had floated to the top and stuck to the foam, when I rubbed it in between my fingertips I could see it glisten! A subtle, gold shimmer was visible and was left at the bottom of the bath tub which my daughter approved of. I couldn’t see the shimmer on my skin after I got out of the bath but I could smell the fragrance.

Recommended? I think this product is great so its a yes from me! The colour, scent, foam…all these elements just aided to an enjoyable bathing experience. Could there have been more sparkle? Well there is ALWAYS room for more sparkle! But sometimes someone doesn’t want to look like an extra from the James Bond film Gold Finger! Or want to scrub their bath tub to an inch of its life. If you like bath bombs or similar products such as fizzers or dusts, you will like this. Like sweet scents? You will like this. And this is actually very affordable because if you use only half its less than £3.00 per use,which costs less than well known branded bath bombs on the market.

Fancy having your own Bath Bae sparkling experience? Grab yours here now.

Prettysuds Broken Hearts Bath Crumble

Ok….so this product is a fairly new one on me. Bath crumbles! Apple crumble yes know that one! Even scented wax crumbles, yep, I own a few and use them. But a bath crumble? Well, I was in for some schooling on what one was when I ordered and tried out Prettysuds February subscription box which included 8 bath time treats, including Broken Hearts Bath Crumble.

So what actually is a bath crumble? Imagine a bag/box of shaped or irregular pieces of mini bath bombs. And in basic terms that’s what it is! You pop some under warm running water, as you would with a normal bath bomb, and it will fizz, provide fragrance and colour to the bath and possibly some foam.

Appearance. Broken Hearts bath crumble is a 400g box of love! Various sizes of small, pink love heart shapes in different shades of pink. Very sweet and look wise was perfect for a subscription in the month of February.

Broken Hearts Bath Crumble

Texture. Is what you would think of when a bath bomb comes to mind. Chalky and solid but not too solid where it couldn’t crumble ( no pun intended! ) and melt away under warm running water.

Fragrance. I wasn’t too sure what to expect scent wise on this product. On the box this came in it said ‘ infused with zesty cola cubes’. So I expected to open the bag and smell…well…cola cubes! The type I used to buy from the corner shop as a kid. What I got scent wise was cherry cola. I got the cola cube bit definitely. Sweety, slightly zingy but there was a fruity side to it that I couldn’t put my finger on until I smelt it several times, and cherry cola is the best description I can give it! An unusual scent for me when it comes to bath products, but a lovely surprise and very nice to smell.

In the bath. You can use as much or as little as you like with the crumbles, although for each bath personally I’ve been using a quarter of it. They immediately fizz in the water and release a bright and bold pink colour which provides an enjoyable bathing experience. No mass of foam although a little to start off with, but fragrance and colour was there.

So who would like bath crumbles? You will like bath crumbles if you like bath bombs, and hate the idea of using one and then its gone! One use and it goes to bath bomb heaven. 3 to 4 uses you can get from 400g of Broken Hearts which is good value for your money and allows the product to be eeked out more. Good for those who if they can bare to share with someone else, there IS plenty per box to show some kindness and let someone treat themselves at bath time too. And if you fancy a little mixology and you have a couple of these in different fragrances, you can create your own fragrance/bath time experience. And last but not least this is just a great gift idea that I doubt many people would say no to this.

Would I recommend this? Yes I would. I would love to try out the different versions to experience other fragrances and appearances. I’ve enjoyed using this and would love to use something similar again. A small number of February Subcription Boxes are still available for £14.95. If like me, you want to try other crumbles as well there is a set of 6 different crumbles on the website for the fantastic value of £19.95 ( short term offer so BE QUICK! ). Or do you just want Broken Hearts by itself? It can be bought on its own for £5.95 here.