Soul Energy’s Aquamarine Geode Bath Bomb

I am a sucker for a pretty bath bomb! If you spend a few pounds on something that is a one use one time bath product, you want to enjoy it! And it always helps if it’s easy on the eye. Most people would rush to a well known store on the high street for their bath bomb fixes. I, on the other hand, try to purchase from smaller businesses who create and/or sell good quality bath goodies showcasing imagination and skill. I bought various bath bombs from a small company called Soul Energy earlier in the year. One item included was Aquamarine Geode Bath Bomb. Original price if I recall correctly was £5.95 but there was a discount applied at the time of purchase so got it a little bit cheaper.

Soul Energy’s Aquamarine Geode Bath Bomb

Why did I buy this?

If you visit the various social media sites of Soul Energy, you won’t need to ask this question! All of their bath products are eye catching, vibrant, and not what you get from the high street. The look of this particular item caught my eye as I love the visual appearance of crystals. The colours were glorious and I just thought it resembled a piece of art.

What does this look like?

This bath bomb is inspired by crystal geodes, which always reminds me of a museum’s gift shop. It’s flat on the back, and somewhat flat on the top but not totally. Around the sides it’s shaped like the geode slices you can purchase. Not totally round, but smooth, and going in and out at certain points.

The middle dips down a little, having a bumpy texture to it. Not one block colour, but shades of blue, purple and grey with a delicate sprinkle of glitter and pigment in silvers and golds. Around the edge it pops more, thanks to the middle being outlined in black and around that a generous dusting of gold mica pigment finishes it off.

If you look at the rest of the bath bomb (the back and the sides), it’s a beautiful pale blue colour. Overall the bath bomb is beautifully made and decorated, eye catching, dare I even stay stunning, and a one off! And this is such a good size as it takes up more than the palm of my hand (and my hands are not small!).


A soft and delicate white floral scent to this bath bomb. White florals I tend to find to be the less heavier of the floral scent family, and also one of the cleanest and freshest types too. This is a scent most people would like, and especially those who don’t want something that’s highly fragranced. Personally I would have liked this stronger, but this would be great for the days my head can’t deal with it overpowering smells e.g hay fever, headaches, tiredness etc.

In the bath.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect with this one. Placing this on top of the water, it fizzed and gave off some lightly coloured foam. It even did a few turns in the bath tub. Very nice but not amazing I thought. Until I could see the thinnest of coloured streams coming out of it which I wasn’t expecting. These streams got bigger and wider and the colours were vibrant and popping! Blue, purple, green and white. Absolutely gorgeous to look at. On top of the show of colour, there was a little foam/bubbles produced, but not loads.

Once the colours disappeared the water merged into a tranquil and regal shade of aquamarine.

Fragrance wise I detected it faintly but not much.

The bathing experience itself was relaxing, the perfect set up for me to read a book and overall I had a nicely chilled out time. Non drying and irritating on the skin (in the bath or out), and didn’t stain the bath either (result!).


If you love your baths, and your bath bombs like I do, this should be a must! A simple tennis ball shaped, one block colour bath bomb sometimes won’t do. And a little artistry can set someone up for a great bathing experience. For a gift this would blow someone’s mind as it really is a beauty. And a much deserved treat for yourself. So yes, recommended!

Like many independent vendors, especially if they make their own products, their stock changes regularly. So what is available one day may not be available another. And I don’t see this particular one on the website anymore. BUT, what I would say is every single piece on the website looks amazing and the quality is there to see without a doubt. Guaranteed there will be something for everyone, question is, which bath bomb is for YOU? Soul Energy.

Druid and The Witch’s Mango Fandango Bubble Scoop

If I could choose one bath product above any other, I think it might have to be a bubble scoop. I’ve only been using these for the last few years but I have to say I absolutely adore them! So was it any surprise I added Mango Fandango Bubble Scoop to my order from Druid and the Witch, at the end of last year? If memory serves correct it cost around £2.00-2.20.

Druid and the Witch’s Mango Fandango Bubble Scoop

Why did I order this? A bubble scoop for me is an alternative to something like a bath bomb. These work well on my skin and I have to say they rarely fail me.

What’s a bubble scoop? A bubble scoop normally provides colour, fragrance and foam in a bath. More importantly, because they tend to contain ingredients such as shea or cocoa butter, they really moisturise the skin while in the bath. So for me, this truly is a treat for the body.

The look. What I love about bubble scoops is how they look. Almost edible, which obviously they aren’t! Shaped as if this was a scoop of ice cream, doomed on the top although not totally smooth but flat on the bottom. Soft mint green in colour and soft orange running through it.

Texture. Unlike bath bombs or fizzers, this doesn’t have a chalky feel or residue to it. It does feel quite solid but looks like it could crumble.

Scent. There’s definitely a tropical mango scent to this, and to me a little hit of citrus. Not too sweet, not too strong and very pleasant.

In the bath. I threw this under warm running water, and although it remained whole for while, it lightly created colour and foam. The colour was faint in the forms of soft yellow and pale green. As the bath got bigger and bigger, so did the foam. This little bubble scoop created ALOT of foam which was just what I hoped to see.

Fragrance wise it was there during bath time but not strong. The bath itself was enjoyable, relaxing and the bubbles/foam lasted a decent amount of time. By the time I got out ( I didn’t count but a minimum of 30 minutes later ), there was a small amount left but not much. And the water itself was green tinted.

On the skin. No irritations! I’ve found recently my skin has been a bit awkward, but this didn’t irritate it at all and it didn’t dry it out. Some bubble scoops can leave a layer of oil or moisture on the skin because of it’s ingredients, but not this one. What I would say is it left my skin feeling and looking normal, so I followed my usual body routine with a lotion.

Recommended? I am such fan of bubble scoops and so far never had a bad one, so this is recommended! What I loved about this is the foam and amount it created, the water definitely felt more softer because of it’s ingredients and it was so enjoyable. It’s good for people who love bath bombs or fizzers but they want bubbles, and don’t get them with their chosen bath treat. But more importantly, if they find what they’ve been using has been drying out their skin and they need something more hydrating, this is ideal.

Checking the website there is no current listing for the bubble scoops. But they have been a regular item so keep checking! Everything is handmade, stock levels and what’s available will change. But there are plenty of bath and shower treats available in the meantime, so go visit their Etsy store to check them out! Or visit them on Facebook to keep a track of their latest creations.

Prettysuds Broken Hearts Bath Crumble

Ok….so this product is a fairly new one on me. Bath crumbles! Apple crumble yes know that one! Even scented wax crumbles, yep, I own a few and use them. But a bath crumble? Well, I was in for some schooling on what one was when I ordered and tried out Prettysuds February subscription box which included 8 bath time treats, including Broken Hearts Bath Crumble.

So what actually is a bath crumble? Imagine a bag/box of shaped or irregular pieces of mini bath bombs. And in basic terms that’s what it is! You pop some under warm running water, as you would with a normal bath bomb, and it will fizz, provide fragrance and colour to the bath and possibly some foam.

Appearance. Broken Hearts bath crumble is a 400g box of love! Various sizes of small, pink love heart shapes in different shades of pink. Very sweet and look wise was perfect for a subscription in the month of February.

Broken Hearts Bath Crumble

Texture. Is what you would think of when a bath bomb comes to mind. Chalky and solid but not too solid where it couldn’t crumble ( no pun intended! ) and melt away under warm running water.

Fragrance. I wasn’t too sure what to expect scent wise on this product. On the box this came in it said ‘ infused with zesty cola cubes’. So I expected to open the bag and smell…well…cola cubes! The type I used to buy from the corner shop as a kid. What I got scent wise was cherry cola. I got the cola cube bit definitely. Sweety, slightly zingy but there was a fruity side to it that I couldn’t put my finger on until I smelt it several times, and cherry cola is the best description I can give it! An unusual scent for me when it comes to bath products, but a lovely surprise and very nice to smell.

In the bath. You can use as much or as little as you like with the crumbles, although for each bath personally I’ve been using a quarter of it. They immediately fizz in the water and release a bright and bold pink colour which provides an enjoyable bathing experience. No mass of foam although a little to start off with, but fragrance and colour was there.

So who would like bath crumbles? You will like bath crumbles if you like bath bombs, and hate the idea of using one and then its gone! One use and it goes to bath bomb heaven. 3 to 4 uses you can get from 400g of Broken Hearts which is good value for your money and allows the product to be eeked out more. Good for those who if they can bare to share with someone else, there IS plenty per box to show some kindness and let someone treat themselves at bath time too. And if you fancy a little mixology and you have a couple of these in different fragrances, you can create your own fragrance/bath time experience. And last but not least this is just a great gift idea that I doubt many people would say no to this.

Would I recommend this? Yes I would. I would love to try out the different versions to experience other fragrances and appearances. I’ve enjoyed using this and would love to use something similar again. A small number of February Subcription Boxes are still available for £14.95. If like me, you want to try other crumbles as well there is a set of 6 different crumbles on the website for the fantastic value of £19.95 ( short term offer so BE QUICK! ). Or do you just want Broken Hearts by itself? It can be bought on its own for £5.95 here.