Bomb Cosmetics Ring of Roses Soap

The bar of soap. An item that has been bought and used millions of times over the years, but possibly appreciated that little bit more since March 2020. In all honesty, it never has been my favourite product to clean my body with. But with there being so many fragrances, shapes and designs, the bath and body product addict in me is attracted to the occasional bar or two. I was lucky enough to receive as a gift (birthday or Christmas I genuinely can’t remember!) late 2020 a gorgeous Bomb Cosmetics gift set from a friend. Ring of Roses Soap was included in this.

Bomb Cosmetics Ring of Roses Soap

Why did I use this?

I seem to go through so many shower gels. The reason is, I use them for both shower and bath, so they don’t last that long. Having an actual soap is great to use when I’m showering in the morning and time starved because it’s practical and quick. This soap bar looked quirky, and I fancied a change from my current shower & bath product.

The look.

This soap is a vibrant, eye popping shade of purply pink, with black and white swirls running through it (reminds me of liquorice). Very funky and slightly psychedelic! This is also a decent really size. It covers pretty much the palm of my hand. Not too thick, roughly an inch in depth. And not totally square in shape either, giving it a more handmade look and feel. Smooth on all sides and opaque.


I expected this to smell roses, and if I’m honest I’m not a fan of rose. It can be very old fashioned in scent to me, if it’s not the right type of rose. So not sure if this is good or bad, but it didn’t smell of roses. There did seem a touch of floral in there somewhere but very faint. And some other form of essential oil that I can’t put my finger on. But overall the scent wasn’t specific enough so might appeal to many e.g not particularly feminine. So a subtle (as it wasn’t strong) fragrance which was nice enough, but not what I expected. Didn’t match how the soap looked and didn’t wow me.

In the shower.

This lathered up well. Didn’t take much effort using a sponge and water from the shower. The foam was white, quite creamy but not particularly light, fluffy and bubbly. What it did though is clean the skin on my body very well. Easy to rinse off, no strange or sticky residue. I could smell the fragrance while using the soap, but again, it wasn’t strong but still pleasant.

After washing with this, I didn’t feel squeaky clean, just clean. This was perfect and what I wanted! No irritations, no dryness, just clean skin.


I think this is a practical but fun bar of soap. I can see this being a winner for younger people especially, so pre teens and teenagers. It does what it’s supposed to do, looks good and easy and quick to use. Would I buy this myself? No, for a few reasons. Although it looks good it doesn’t quite appeal to me. And the fragrance could have been better. I like using products in the shower that smell nice and although this wasn’t bad, I would have liked something more punchier and have a different scent to it. Remember, this would last awhile considering it’s a soap, so realistically you need to like it a lot before you get too bored of it!

Is this soap bar more in taste with your daily shower or bathing routine? You can grab this for £3.25 here direct from Bomb Cosmetics.

Bomb Cosmetics Cotton Candy Bath Blaster

The saying Don’t judge a book by it’s cover sometimes is true. Sometimes it isn’t. I can only speak for myself, but the way something is presented when it comes to skincare, bath and body products will either make me look at it or I walk on by. So in this instance, how something looks I guess IS important! How it performs after that is something else. So when it comes to things like bath bombs I very much am the person who wants something to look appealing and eye catching. I can say that Bomb Cosmetics Cotton Candy Bath Blaster definitely ticks that box for sure. Along with other products from this company, this bath blaster was a Christmas 2020 gift from a friend.

Bomb Cosmetics Cotton Candy Bath Blaster

Why did I use this one? It looked at me! It’s super pretty and I fancied a bath with it so why not? I THINK I’ve used a bath blaster before although not 100% sure. But the idea of using this instead of a traditional bath bomb seemed more interesting.

What’s a Bath Blaster? Think of a traditional bath bomb but with the addition of a mixture containing cocoa and shea butter placed at the top of it.

How does it look? Did I already mention this is pretty? This is round in shape like a usual bath bomb but not perfectly circular. This has a handmade look to it. Very light pink in colour and has the usual chalky texture and look bath bombs have. The bottom is slightly flattened so this can sit up unaided. But it’s the top that holds the magic. Baby pink coloured piping in the centre of it with a dusting of silver glitter makes this look almost edible!

Scent. Reminds me very much of the Teddy Bears Picnic Mallow I got in this gift set with this bath blaster. A little zesty, a little sweetness and a little musk to it but what I wouldn’t say is it screams cotton candy to me.

In the bath. I dropped this under warm running water, and was a little annoyed at myself. I threw it in upside down and the piping section fell out. So instead of one bath blaster in the bath I sort of got two. The main part of it fizzed away like mad and took not much time to disappear, leaving a thin layer of white froth on the bath. The piping section? Didn’t take too much longer to go but go it did a few minutes later. The bath water didn’t change colour, although looked a little cloudy. No real foam, and scent wise the fragrance was very subtle.

The main part of the bath blaster

I could tell immediately that this was definitely a moisture giving bath product. When in the bath, it was very comforting and skin felt protected thanks to be cocooned in light oils that I could feel in the water and on my skin.

The cocoa and shea butter piping centre

Out of the bath. I enjoyed it, and so did my skin. It didn’t feel or look dry. I could feel the bath blaster had targeted the drier areas of my body, and I found slightly oily sections on hard to reach areas such as my back where I couldn’t dry myself properly.

Disappointments? I would have loved this to have smelt like pure, sweet and almost sickly cotton candy. To the point I would want to lick it is what I had hoped for! It didn’t. This didn’t change my bathing experience though, but I would have enjoyed this just a touch more if it smelt as suggested by it’s name. Not too sure whether it had been sat too long next to other products in my gift set and the scent transferred? Or scent wise it was a defect. But yep…no cotton candy smell.

Who is this great for? If you suffer from dry skin and you want to match the moisture you add onto your skin AFTER bath with what you put IN the bath, this is perfect! Do you love bath oils, bath truffles, bath mallows? Basically more treatment based bath goodies, you will love this. And you want a simple, non fussy bath but want to enjoy a conditioning soak? This could be ideal.

Who is this NOT for? You want to see colour and pretty bath art in the water, then this is a no. Lots of bubbles and foams, this isn’t it. And highly fragranced this won’t happen. I wouldn’t give this to my 80 year old granny, if I had one. The high amount of cocoa and shea butter will leave the bath a little slippy and I could see that being a possible issue for less abled bodied people or very young.

Recommended? Yesss! What I loved about this was the fact it looked and acted like a 2 in 1 bath product. Part bath bomb/fizzer, part bath mallow/truffle. Lots of fizz, lots of nourishing, hydrating ingredients which made my skin feel great. I would be tempted to buy this particular one myself just to see if the fragrance on this one was a dud or not, but I’m dying to try other bath blasters to experience other scents and super cute looks! For £3.25 each I think this represents great value and easily a repeat purchase time and time again!

Want a blast in your bath? Head over to Bomb Cosmetics and get their Cotton Candy Bath Blaster here, and take a look at their other brilliant blaster creations!