The Bath Bae’s Watermelon Bubblegum Bath Soak

A lover of having baths, an addict when it comes to a good bath product! The range of products you can get to pop in the bath is vast! You can get these from pretty much anywhere and any shop, store or supermarket you walk into these days. What you can also do, is go online. There’s plenty of small businesses that sell, handmake and package their very own bath bombs, fizzers, bath rocks and more. As you can imagine I have an extensive bath product stash, which is always a pleasure to delve into. A few evenings ago I headed straight for The Bath Bae’s Watermelon Bubblegum Bath Soak. Bought many months ago, £4.99 for 200g.

The Bath Bae’s Watermelon Bubblegum Bath Soak

Why did I buy this?

Watermelon and bubblegum? Who on earth has ever come up with such an amazing sounding combination except for The Bath Bae? This juicy, mouth dribbling combination caught my eye immediately on their website when ordering, because it sounded delicious and unusual! Why would I NOT buy and use it?

What’s a bath soak?

The Bath Bae’s Bath Soaks are basically powdered bath bombs. Not shaped, just pure, unadulterated bath bomb dust! So they do exactly the same thing as a bath bomb. Within each bag of 200g of bath soak, it’s the same as having two bath bombs.


I love how this company packages their bath products. The bath dust is housed in a packet. On the front it’s clear so you can see whatever bath gem is in it. Company logo on card folded over the top of the packet, and a sticker mentioning product is vegan & cruelty free is visible. On the back it’s opaque and silver in colour, almost holographic in look. To open, rip the top of the packet open and reseal when not in use. This looks quite modern but has a retro twist to it. Eye catching and appealing, perfect for gift giving.

How does the bath soak look?

A fine, powdered mix of baby pink and mint green colours. Not mixed together in it’s packaging. You can see the green on the bottom and the pink on the top. Colours that represent the two fragrances perfectly, and although shouldn’t, work well together look wise.


In real life, it’s quite a refreshing, subtly scented fruit. Almost similar to red berries that’s been infused in water. This is what I get with this, but of course with the sweet notes of bubblegum added. It’s a lovely scent, great for those who like sweet inspired scents mixed in with fruity elements, without it being overloaded by sugar fragrance wise.

In the bath.

Rather than use the whole bag at once, I used half on one occasion and the rest another. First time I got a mix of the pink and green bath soak and as soon as it hit the water the colour and fragrance was there. The colours were pink and green twisting and turning into each other, while at the same time white foam was created as it fizzed.

My second bath with this consisted mostly of the green section of the bath soak, as that’s the bit that was at the bottom of the packaging. The bath turned into the most stunning sea moss green ever! A totally different shade to when I first used this, and a different shade of green to what was in the packet. A total chameleon and a VERY hard bath product to photograph as each photo taken showed a different shade of green! Like the first bath, a little foam was produced. Not loads, but more than what I thought and both times it took a little while to disappear which was great. So not only was their colour and fragrance, but bubbles too!


Yes! And for a few reasons. You might not think the amount you get is a lot but it’s the right amount for one full on bath treat or two, so good value. The colouring and scent is very unusual, and if like me looking for something different, this could be it! It creates a beautiful looking bath, which not only scented my bathroom nicely but my hallway too! So the question should be, why would I NOT recommend this?

If you are fruity like me and need this in your bath tub, grab Watermelon Bubblegum Bath Soak here.

Squashies Bubblegum Bath Fizzer

When it comes to what I put in the bath I’m fairly opened minded in regards to the type of product, scent and brand. Although I would say I have an invisible check list when it comes to requirements, I’m happy to try most things. So when I saw Swizzels Drumstick Squashies Bath Fizzer in the fragrance of bubble gum for 99p in Home Bargains, I thought I would give it a go!

Swizzles Drumstick Squashies Bubblegum Bath Fizzer

Why buy this one? The packaging struck me. Brightly coloured, mirroring the packaging of the sweets that this is inspired by. It naturally caught my eye. I love anything bubble gum especially where scents are concerned. And for 99p I didn’t feel I had much to lose.

What’s a bath fizzer? I normally go for products labelled bath bombs rather than bath fizzers. So I’ve always assumed a bath fizzer would provide fragrance, colour to the bath and basically fizz a little while in the water.

Packaging. Packaging wise the bath fizzer is shrink wrapped ( very well! ) in plastic. The labelling is identical in style and colours as the Drumstick Squashies Bubblegum sweets are e.g blue and pink stripes, pictures of the sweets on it, the company and sweet name/type on it etc. Clearly marked, and rightly so, are warnings not to eat this. Surprised? I’m not! It looks like a massive gobstopper!

Appearance. Rounded, and a similar size to a standard bath fizzer/bomb, slightly bigger than a tennis ball. Chalky in texture but smooth, and made up of two colours. The top half is baby blue in colour, and the bottom half baby pink. Same colouring as the actual sweets themselves.

Fragrance. I could definitely get a hint of bubble gum but it wasn’t massively strong. I could also smell the chalkiness to it. It was ok but I didn’t love it. It smelt too synthetic for me and needed to be stronger and more fragrant.

In the bath. It was fun watching this in the bath. Under warm running water this bobbed and fizzed about. What I really liked was seeing two trails of colour coming from the bath fizzer, one being the blue from the top and the pink from the bottom. The colours didn’t remain separate for long because as they merged they turned into a shade of purple. Once the bath had been filled the fizzer had gone to fizz heaven and totally disappeared. No foam, no residue, just a purple coloured bath was left.

On the skin. I had no issues with this while I was in the bath but when I got out I did feel as if my skin was a touch dry. But I’ve been experiencing this with another bath product so I suspect this is down to my skin being awkward rather than the fizzer itself.

Confession. I found the bath lacked something for me, so I added a few squirts of Carex Drumsticks Squashies bath and shower gel in the scent of raspberry & milk. This pimped up my bath to a better level and I liked it! Firstly I got bubbles which I desperately wanted! Secondly, the fragrance was more noticeable and smelt like a freshly opened sweet packet! Raspberry and bubble gum gave an almost grape soda scent to this and it was a winner!

Recommended? If you like your bath fizzers that give you a little scent and colour to your bath then yes buy this! Its fun in regards to packaging and what its based on and is cheap. It’s also brilliant to mix the sweets inspired shower and bath gels if you want to add a another dimension to it. For me though, I wouldn’t buy this again for myself. I go for bath bombs that produce foam, colour and fragrance and more hydrating to the skin and this isn’t. But I can see this being liked by children, teens and those who love affordable bath time treats.