Oh K! Foaming Cleansing Bar

It’s probably more so recently I’ve discovered more and more brands when it comes to skincare. Social media has its flaws of course, but can be very useful. Finding out about companies, brands and products through places such as YouTube and Instagram to be honest, is very handy, easy and addictive! Although I haven’t seen much about the brand Oh K! through these sites, I did stumble across them when they had a sale on many months ago. Curiosity, and a lover for a bargain, I purchased their Foaming Cleansing Bar for £1.00! Usual retail price is closer to £10.00.

Oh K! Foaming Cleansing Bar

Why did I buy this?

Cleansers come in a variety of shapes and forms but an actual bar? I’ve heard of people washing their faces with a bar of soap, but surely that’s quite an old fashioned practise? This intrigued me. Products now being placed in bars e.g shampoo, conditioning bars, is much more common now to reduce packaging materials and be more environmentally friendly. But on my shopping travels actual cleansing bars for the face don’t seem to be as obvious. So I wanted to now if it was effective. I liked the idea of it and the price was fabulous!

What is this?

Think of an actual bar of soap but designed to cleanse the face. Simple. Designed for everyday use.


The bar is cling wrapped but came in a small cardboard box. Mostly green in colour, modern in look with a quirky feel to it. Easy on the eye and quite cute!

What do you get?

Not only do you get the actual foaming cleansing bar itself, but also a small mesh bag. From the packaging it shows this mesh bag is to keep the bar in it when not in use, and hang it up in the bathroom.

What does the cleansing bar look like?

Circular in shape. Roughly 6 inches in diameter and 2 inches in depth. Very chunky and a decent size. Mid green in colour, but not opaque. It has an almost semi transparent look to, as if looking through frosted glass and you can see through it but can’t.


I quite like the scent of this. It’s not strong, but it has a clean and fresh fragrance to it. I definitely get tea tree, as it has that slight antiseptic scent to it. A touch of citrus, and overall quite a neutral scent. Pleasant, not specific and not powerful.

How to use.

Add water to the bar and rub between the hands to create lather. Use the lather to cleanse the face and rinse off.

In use.

I’ve used this for over 10 days, morning and evening. I’ve not used any other cleanser alongside this, as I sometimes double cleanse with another product. And I haven’t changed any other area of my skincare routine, just to see how this fairs on the skin.

The bar itself was super easy to lather up, and did so very well without too much water. Rather than it producing a handful of bubbles it created more of a slightly bubbly cream. On the face it swished around easily, and it felt as if it was cleaning my skin. The only thing I did find if using less soap and more water gave me a better consistency of product to use. I’m not a wearer of make up, but it removed my eyebrow pencil fine. Sun cream hasn’t been tested on as I haven’t used much over the last 10days. But general day to day grime while using this seemed to do the job.

While using this bar, it’s fragrance was hardly noticeable. Just a tinge of something clean.

Skin afterwards.

Did it feel particularly clean and fresh? Yes, it felt like that. What I would say is when removing the cleanser there was that squeaky feel straight after, which I didn’t like. But sorted that out by using a warmed damp flannel to go over my face straight after. Skin in look was normal. No massive differences. It looked as clean as it felt. So it did the job it was designed to do, no more no less.


I think this would appeal to a certain type of person. Those who like the idea of not using products in packaging they feel isn’t necessary is definitely one. Someone who wants a cleansing product that is simple to use and not complicated, but with half decent ingredients. And someone who loves to use a bar of soap! This won’t be for everyone. As a cleanser it does what it’s supposed to do so if you are all or any of the above, this could be good for you. Would I buy this again? No. Using this makes me feel like it’s a task I have to do rather than something I enjoy to do. And I’m frightened one of the kids will think it’s for the body and use it on places my face does not want to go near…

If this does seem like your kind of cleanser, you can find this available to buy from Amazon here for £10.73 (*affiliate link included. It means if you purchase from the link I get a small commission but has no effect on the price you pay*).That may seem pricey, but this should last a good few months so not a considered purchase at all.