Beauty Laundrette’s Eau Yes Body Mist

I love fragrance. It creates a mood for me and a state of mind, even if it’s for a short amount of time. I COULD spend crazy amounts of money on these products but I don’t. It’s called Adult & Parenthood e.g I can’t afford it! Not regularly anyway. So more affordable alternatives such as perfume or body mists are a must! So I was very interested to see the brand Beauty Laundrette in Superdrug. A totally new line to me, which includes a variety of fragrance and body products all priced in a budget friendly way. So I bought a few pieces, including Eau Yes Body Mist. Normally priced at £5.50, I got it when it was on a half price promotion.

Beauty Laundrette’s Eu Yes Body Mist

Why did I buy this?

A new range (at least to me) always perks my interest! The packaging on the website looked super cute, I am a massive fan of body mists and this was priced so well. Plus I have a daughter who know leaves the house smelling like a perfume counter. Which I wouldn’t appreciate if she was bathing in a £50 bottle of an eau de parfum! But a body mist? Not bothered!


Very unusual this one! The whole range looks youthful, fun, feminine and has their own take on laundry products packaging. Slightly curved around the edge with a trigger top to release products. But the trigger isn’t push down as traditional fragrances are, you squeeze it. Soft pink in colour, so no mistaking this for a household item. Lettering in a metallic copper colour. Different, simple but very eye catching.


This is a very fresh and delicate scented body mist and NOT my usual type of scent I would go for. It’s floral based, but more white flowers so it has a more fresh and clean feel to it rather than it being heavy, sweet and dare I say old. It’s pretty, it’s airy and it immediately make me think of Spring and Summer time. If I’m honest, the first time I used this I wasn’t too keen. I didn’t love it, in fact I didn’t even like it. But it grew on me. And the more I used it the more I DID like it! Totally different to anything else I have in my fragrance wardrobe.

How I use this.

It’s not something I thought about until recently, but who actually uses body mists on their body? I mean, direct contact onto the skin? I never have. But when you read the packaging (I never do, not for a fragrance!) it does say apply on the body (well this one does). I apply this onto my clothes. The idea of putting it onto my skin is a no. I wouldn’t as I don’t want my skin to be irritated (psoriasis sufferer). I don’t know whether these types of formulations would dry my skin out (contains alcohol). But if I want my skin to be fragranced I would just use a fragranced body lotion.

Strength and longevity.

Strength is very VERY light. I found I needed to apply quite a few bursts of this to get close to the strength I wanted. The type of fragrance it is I think it suits being soft rather than full on, but personally I think it should be just a touch stronger. Longevity can only go so far if it’s already a soft fragrance. This is one of those body mists reapplying often is more likely than not.

Would I buy this again?

For myself probably not. And only because of the strength. The scent, although not my usual type is actually quite nice and it won me over, but I like my scents to be a little more punchier on the power front

Beauty Laundrette products


I actually would, for a particular group of people….

*People that don’t like strong scents and want something that’s almost invisible.

*Someone may work in certain industries where strong scents would be a no no e.g working with food, hospitals, care homes etc.

*This maybe purchased for a child or teen, who you want to have a nice fragrance, but not one that is overpowering (well the parent doesn’t!).

So, if you like your fresh florals and scent to be light, this would tick the boxes. It does have a nice scent, an unusual and cute packaging (some people will love it some won’t) and when on offer is good value. At the time of writing this post, this body mist is on offer with a third off so grab yours here now if this ticks your fragrance boxes.

Fragrantasia’s Magonlia Orange Blossom Wax Melt

If I had a list of all the fragrances I wanted to try in wax melt form, the list would be absolutely massive! There is only so many hours in the day to melt wax, and only so many wax warmers a woman can own, so it takes time for me to try out all my wax goodies. But one wax melt I have really wanted to try over the last few years has got to be Magnolia Orange Blossom. I was kindly given a selection of wax melts, including this one, from Amy at Fragrantasia.

Fragrantasia’s Magnolia Orange Blossom Wax Melt

Why this one?

It was actually Amy who has mentioned on so many occasions how this is her favourite wax melt fragrance. And many others in the wax community I am a part of have raved about what a lovely scent this is. So I wanted to see for myself if this was any good.

The look.

I love the variety of wax melt shapes from Fragrantasia. This wax melt is is a creamy orange coloured multi petalled flower shape. Great size, very chunky and perfect to pop the whole thing in a warmer. I love these individually shaped melts because there’s no cutting or breaking involved, easy to store and super cute.


Not what I was expecting! The scent name was absolutely no help to me when guessing how this smells if I’m honest. I wrongly assumed this would smell like a citrus, sharp orange scent with sweet florals mixed in. NOPE! Straight away this is very unusual. It has a similar style in scent as the usual laundry ones on the market. It’s clean, fresh, powdery notes with lots of strength to it. Mixed with this is white florals. So not your sweet, feminine blooms you may have sniffed before. These add to the cleanness of this scent. Think of a slightly earthy, clean floral laundry scent which packs a punch but isn’t eye watering like a lot of traditional laundry scents. This is how to smells to me.

In melt.

This went from an orange flower to a pool of wax quite quickly as it was a warm day. No glitter, pigment, no shapes, purely orange wax. Which to be honest was still nice to look at because unless it’s Halloween, I don’t seem to purchase much wax this colour. It’s a great Summer-inspired wax solid and warmed through.

Strength & Longevity.

On both of these scores this did not disappoint! The scent was there before the wax warmer was even turned on. It became more stronger the more liquid it became. Melting away happily in my kitchen, this spread through the downstairs of my house like wild fire! So strength wise it’s way up there. Longevity wise, this surpassed 3 days of continuous fragrance. By Day 3, the strength had become a little less as you can imagine. But my wax warmer was on for at least 5 hours a day at a time. 10 out of 10 for both strength and longevity.

Fragrantasia’s wax melt shapes, wax chunk pots and various other shapes.


Since this wasn’t what I expected, I did a lot of thinking on the lines of do I actually like this? And I do! The fragrance is different and not something I’ve smelt before. It’ a great alternative to the laundry scents out there we all are aware of and probably used. It’s not as in your face as standard laundry scents and is softened, but still has a full on force. The white florals add to this and gives it a more broader appeal rather than making it too feminine in fragrance. So, great scent, great strength and great longevity RECCOMENDED! Oh, did I mention price? This wax melt is only £1.00! Great price to try various scents without spending too much at Fragrantasia! Grab your Magnolia Orange Blossom wax melt here. I dare you not to add more waxy treats to your basket! Go on, I won’t tell!x