Give Me The Ultimate Face Fix Sheet Mask

The last few days have finally felt more Autumnal in the UK. Not only are their physical signs all around but also on me too! Skincare experts say that seasonal changes mean a need to shake up the products we use on our skin. Why? What our skin goes through is different per season and how it behaves can be different too. What may work during the Summer may not be as effective in the Winter. I suspect a skincare overhaul will be coming very soon for me as my skin now isn’t what it was a month ago. Recently, I wanted an easy to use and quick treat for my face. So this week I chose Give Me The Ultimate Face Fix Sheet Mask. No idea who gave this to me (birthday, Christmas, one of those), but it retails for around £6.00.

Give Me The Ultimate Face Fix Sheet Mask

Why did I grab this one?

Although my skin doesn’t look or feel dry, I feel it’s lacking something. It just doesn’t seem to feel plump and hydrated as it could be. So for a skincare band aide, I thought I would use a mask that would provide an instant hit of moisture which this mask claims to do, just to tide me over.

What is this supposed to do?

Provide hydration to the skin, improve the elasticity of the skin along with it’s overall strength.

How to use.

Apply to clean and dry skin. Leave on for 20-30minutes and remove.

On the face.

The mask itself was good in regards to quality. It had a good thickness to it and was drenched in plenty of solution. Placing it on my face wasn’t hard although needed a little smoothing out. Usual structure and look as most sheet masks have e.g. eyes, nose and mouth holes visible. One thing I did feel was the holes for the eye areas were too small on my face. No matter how much adjusting of the mask, they came too close to my eyes which they didn’t like.

I couldn’t detect a fragrance while I was wearing the sheet mask, but when I opened the packet initially it reminded me of a faint mix of cucumber and lemon. Fresh, clean, quite neutral and pleasant.

This was very cooling on the skin, which made me wish I had put this in the fridge before I used it.This would have added to the experience and really wake up my skin.

I was expecting to have this on for the full 30 minutes but I took it off after about 10 minutes. The mask itself stopped adhering to my face and it became annoying trying to adjust it constantly. I think my skin zapped the serum out of it super quick and there was little left to keep the mask on.

My skin after use.

No visible differences. It felt a little more hydrated but not massively. I didn’t need to follow up with a moisturiser or serum or anything like that which meant it did enough. I’ve been concerned about the appearance of stubborn spots lately and it was nice to see this caused no negative issues with my skin, including spots or general irritations or dryness.


I thought the sheet mask was ok. To say it helps with skin strength and elasticity seems a bit far fetched in my opinion, but it will give a hit of moisture. I would have no problems using this again but I don’t think this delivered what my skin needed at this moment of time. And to buy it for £6.00 or £8.00 for two off the website? Probably not. I could get another type of mask cheaper that would provide the same sort of results and save me a few pennies. But would I recommend this for someone else to buy? If you can get this at a good price, maybe in a bundle of other products, why not? Is it the best or cheapest mask I’ve ever used? No. Worth a go if priced well but not for me.

There are other skin care products I would like to try from this range. I think this wasn’t the best fit for me but completely open minded to trying others out. If you want to check this mask out it’s available direct from Give Me Cosmetics here.

Soul Energy’s Aquamarine Geode Bath Bomb

I am a sucker for a pretty bath bomb! If you spend a few pounds on something that is a one use one time bath product, you want to enjoy it! And it always helps if it’s easy on the eye. Most people would rush to a well known store on the high street for their bath bomb fixes. I, on the other hand, try to purchase from smaller businesses who create and/or sell good quality bath goodies showcasing imagination and skill. I bought various bath bombs from a small company called Soul Energy earlier in the year. One item included was Aquamarine Geode Bath Bomb. Original price if I recall correctly was £5.95 but there was a discount applied at the time of purchase so got it a little bit cheaper.

Soul Energy’s Aquamarine Geode Bath Bomb

Why did I buy this?

If you visit the various social media sites of Soul Energy, you won’t need to ask this question! All of their bath products are eye catching, vibrant, and not what you get from the high street. The look of this particular item caught my eye as I love the visual appearance of crystals. The colours were glorious and I just thought it resembled a piece of art.

What does this look like?

This bath bomb is inspired by crystal geodes, which always reminds me of a museum’s gift shop. It’s flat on the back, and somewhat flat on the top but not totally. Around the sides it’s shaped like the geode slices you can purchase. Not totally round, but smooth, and going in and out at certain points.

The middle dips down a little, having a bumpy texture to it. Not one block colour, but shades of blue, purple and grey with a delicate sprinkle of glitter and pigment in silvers and golds. Around the edge it pops more, thanks to the middle being outlined in black and around that a generous dusting of gold mica pigment finishes it off.

If you look at the rest of the bath bomb (the back and the sides), it’s a beautiful pale blue colour. Overall the bath bomb is beautifully made and decorated, eye catching, dare I even stay stunning, and a one off! And this is such a good size as it takes up more than the palm of my hand (and my hands are not small!).


A soft and delicate white floral scent to this bath bomb. White florals I tend to find to be the less heavier of the floral scent family, and also one of the cleanest and freshest types too. This is a scent most people would like, and especially those who don’t want something that’s highly fragranced. Personally I would have liked this stronger, but this would be great for the days my head can’t deal with it overpowering smells e.g hay fever, headaches, tiredness etc.

In the bath.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect with this one. Placing this on top of the water, it fizzed and gave off some lightly coloured foam. It even did a few turns in the bath tub. Very nice but not amazing I thought. Until I could see the thinnest of coloured streams coming out of it which I wasn’t expecting. These streams got bigger and wider and the colours were vibrant and popping! Blue, purple, green and white. Absolutely gorgeous to look at. On top of the show of colour, there was a little foam/bubbles produced, but not loads.

Once the colours disappeared the water merged into a tranquil and regal shade of aquamarine.

Fragrance wise I detected it faintly but not much.

The bathing experience itself was relaxing, the perfect set up for me to read a book and overall I had a nicely chilled out time. Non drying and irritating on the skin (in the bath or out), and didn’t stain the bath either (result!).


If you love your baths, and your bath bombs like I do, this should be a must! A simple tennis ball shaped, one block colour bath bomb sometimes won’t do. And a little artistry can set someone up for a great bathing experience. For a gift this would blow someone’s mind as it really is a beauty. And a much deserved treat for yourself. So yes, recommended!

Like many independent vendors, especially if they make their own products, their stock changes regularly. So what is available one day may not be available another. And I don’t see this particular one on the website anymore. BUT, what I would say is every single piece on the website looks amazing and the quality is there to see without a doubt. Guaranteed there will be something for everyone, question is, which bath bomb is for YOU? Soul Energy.

Soul Energy’s Sweet Red Berry Sorbet Bath Bomb Dust

Just as I was enjoying the cooler temperatures in the UK, I’m sweating in places I didn’t realise existed! It’s getting a little brighter and definitely warmer in the city of Manchester. Despite this, as per usual, I am DYING to throw myself into a warm, fragrant, relaxing bath late afternoon time. And this is where my stash of bath products comes in vary handy! One that I had recently used as a mental and physical tranquilizer was Soul Energy’s Sweet Red Berry Sorbet Bath Bomb Dust. 150g for £4.20, although I bought this when there was a sale.

Soul Energy’s Sweet Red Berry Sorbet Bath Bomb Dust

Why did I go for this one?

I LOVE bath bombs! But I also find bath dusts a great alternative. They do exactly the same job but you tend to be able to get at least 2 uses out of them rather than throwing one bath bomb to it’s death. The look of this dust is so pretty and the scent is perfect for me, sweet and fruity sounding! So I was quietly confident I would enjoy using this.


150g of bath dust is filled (and I mean FILLED AND SQUEEZED) into a resealable packet. Clear on the front so you can see the bath dust, with the company label in black on the top of it. And behind it’s opaque silver with an ingredients label added.

The look.

This bath dust really is a grabber! You can see through the packaging 4 different colours to the dust. A beautiful royal blue, a bright Barbie-esque pink, a white iridescent and speckles of purple. Eye catching, pretty and super appealing!


Right up my street! Think of a mix of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and cherries and this is it! Of course, it’s sweet, but not sickly. There is a slight tartness about it which makes it smell more sophisticated rather than a bag of sugary sweets that smell like berries. Love this scent, it is a delight!

In the bath.

I used just over a third of the packet in the bath. I let the warm water run and not so delicately threw the dust into the bath and wow, did it make an impression! As soon as the the dust hit the water explosions of colour swam on the surface. Rounds of pink, dots of purple, areas of blue. Such a colourful sight. A little white foam was produced, but not much. But it was all about colour for me. And the water underneath remained constantly an indulgent shade of purple which made me want to jump into this even more.

The fragrance was there, but only lightly. And if I’m honest I didn’t feel as if it lasted or was noticable during my 20-30minute soak.

Once all the foam and pockets of colour had gone, the water in the bath was the beautiful parma violet purple which I loved and stayed that way to the very end. What took me some time to notice was the fact the water gently glistened. I don’t want to say sparkle as it was so much more subtle than that. It lightly twinkled and I have to say the magpie in me found it totally mesmerizing!

On the skin.

Not too sure whether it’s the heat, being run down or whatever, but I have a few small itchy areas on my body. This bath dust didn’t make them worse or trigger them in anyway. Overall, no issues with this and it didn’t dry my skin out.


Definitely recommended! The look of this is absolutely stunning and in my opinion, this is where smaller businesses really shine. Time, thought, creativity and love are put into hand making products like this and it really shows! You would be hard pressed to grab something that looks like this off the shelf in a supermarket. Up to 3 uses from one pouch makes this affordable and comparable to a decent quality bath bomb. This was gentle on my skin and of course provided perfect me time at bath time. Only thing I would like to see an improvement on is the fragrance, which a little more stronger would have been better for me because the scent is so good!

At the time of writing this post, Sweet Red Berry Sorbet Bath Bomb Dust isn’t available. BUT there are other fragrances such as Lovely Peony and Cherry Flower (how good does THAT sound?). These can be found here if you want to indulge in a quality, bathing experience.