L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask

Have you ever woken up, looked in the mirror and wondered what alien creature had landed on your face? Yep..that’s me at the moment! An occasional spot I get sometimes and accept. Right now there is something living on my face that looks like it should have been spot but morphed into a mini mountain! So what do I do except put a bag over my head to hide it? Like a ninja I looked in my beauty stash, pulled out a skincare mask along with holy water and crossed my fingers praying I could banish this demon! I decided to put my hopes into my L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask bought as a gift from my wonderful friend Nicola!

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask

Why this one? I’ve used so many brands in the past but for some reason never used anything from this one. So what results I would get from this I had zero idea. But what did make me pick this out was the fact it’s a detoxing clay mask. Just the type of product to help get rid of any nasties from my skin, and probably the only clay based product I currently have in my collection. And clay is a well known product to help improve the skin so I thought let’s give it a go!

What does this supposed to do? Well a lot! Cleanses, unclogs pores, brightens the skin, gets rid of overproduced oils in the skin and more! I think this mask is all about correcting your skin, balancing it out and literally detoxing it. So getting rid of things the skin just doesn’t need making it look and feel better.

Packaging. Love the packing! I shouldn’t be a sucker for such a superficial thing but I am! The mask comes in a glass jar with slightly rounded edges. Screw top lid and just looks like premium skincare to me. This comes in a small cardboard box, green in colour with black detailing. All of which tying in nicely with the theme of clay. Ingredients, directions for use and even a graphic of wearing the product is present on the box.

Scent. Not what I expected. I assumed it would either smell of nothing or quite bland or even plant based. So I was a little shocked to get a sniff of something that was quite fragranced. Floral, feminine, definitely noticable but not too strong. Very pleasant and nice to smell.

Look & Consistency. Did I ever say I was a lover of texture? Well I am! This is what a facial mask should look like! Grey in colour and looks very thick in the jar, but when you take it out it still has a thickness and hold to it but its not solid. Its not liquid either. I can’t even compare it to a moisturiser or a body lotion because it just isn’t the same. But it’s the perfect texture for use on the face.

How to apply. On clean skin, apply a thin layer. Leave to dry for 5 to 10 minutes while avoiding the eyes and the mouth. Use 2 to 3 times a week. To remove use a warm damp cloth and wipe off skin.

In use. I used this after I came out of the bath where I cleansed and exfoliated my face. A thin layer was applied, and as I applied it I could feel and see the mask already drying out. Very easy to apply but I did feel I needed to put it on sooner rather than later. As it dried it began to look matt on the skin, and I could feel that typical tight ( but not uncomfortable ) feeling you get with products like this. And as the minutes progressed I could see the smallest little dots pop out throught the mask, almost air bubble like, around my forehead and nose mostly.


I left this on longer than the recommended time. By the time I got to removing this I couldn’t even crack a smile!

Removal. Very easy! I soaked a muslin cloth in warm water and gently sweeped it over my face. Didn’t use a lot of pressure, but did go in a couple of times around areas such as side of nose, jaw etc. I thought this would be much harder and time consuming than it was and it really wasn’t.

Skin after use. My skin looked and felt clean. Very smooth to touch and in appearance. After just one application in all honesty, my skin looked so good! I had to go to the mirror a few times just to double check but was so impressed with what I saw before me. And that mini mountain I mentioned seemed less prominent too so result! My skin did have that slight tightness you get when your skin is super clean, but it wasn’t bad and I expected it to be much more in feel.

The morning after the night before. I was curious to see whether my skin would look good the next morning. Despite the fact of not having enough sleep and my eyes looking pretty tired, my skin looked great! Still smooth, still rested in appearance and I was still happy with the results. No dryness, no issues, fabulous!

Top tips. Do use a thin layer. The thicker the layer the longer it will take to dry. Less is more! Don’t do what I did thinking I could do multiple tasks while wearing this e.g eating. Just don’t! If you require your mouth or facial expressions wait after use not during!

Who would this be good for? Oily skin, rough looking and feeling skin and skin that is suffering from breakouts. To be honest, if you just know your skin needs a pick me this is ideal for that!

Recommended? I’m so glad that I was given this, as I may not have bought and tried this out for myself. This is easy to use and quite an enjoyable process if you like traditional spa type products Even though you can see results in a week of use and longer, I could see what this did to my skin immediately! This makes me so excited to see how my skin behaves after using this a few times a week. I totally recommend this and this will be my go to mask for when I need a little resurfacing or detoxing done.

The price of this £7.99 for 50ml and can be bought from many online or in store retailers. You should get a minimum of 10 applications from this working out at 79p each. At time of writing this post there is a deal on at Superdrug where it’s 2 for £12.00 on masks and sugar scrubs from the range.

Revolution Skincare London’s Calming Overnight Face Mask

Have you ever found your skincare products have stopped working? No longer providing you with the results you had before? If my skincare routine isn’t effective it can be adjusted rather than changed completely. Slipping a product in my routine can make a difference. If my skin feels dry and tight, a facial oil may help. If my skin doesn’t seem as clean as it should be, I double cleanse. Using a skincare mask for me is an easy addition to step up my skin results when needed. That’s why I’ve recently added Revolution Skincare London‘s Calming Overnight Face Mask to my routine.

Why this one? A few months ago I bought this along with the matching cleansing oil and moisturiser. I felt internally and externally stress was affecting me and thought this range would be a good one to use. My skin isn’t in bad condition at the moment. But I’m fully aware that it could do with a boost and thought this might help. I’m so lazy and tired right now, a simple application and no real removal of a product seemed ideal.

Revolution Skincare London Calming Overnight Face Mask

What is it supposed to do? Would you be surprised if I was to say it calms the skin? It’s an overnight face mask which is light weight in texture, and designed to soothe the skin, relax it and help it get back to normal.

Packaging. I love the packaging of this range! 50ml of this mask is placed in a small glass tub, with screw top lid. The glass is darkened, and the labeling on lid and around the bottle is white and bright pink, making it pop. All information is either on that or the small cardboard box this comes in ( which mirrors the jar in appearance and colouring ). Very clean and simple in look.

Scent. Identical to the cleansing oil. I actually forgot how much I liked the fragrance! This has a little floral sweetness to it, but still remains quite clean in scent and inoffensive.

Texture. This is light weight. It’s white in colour and although doesn’t look it in the jar, is quite loose in consistency. When you rub it in it does so super quickly. No hard work needed.

How to use. Apply onto clean skin. Leave on over night. Use 2 to 3 times a week.

On the skin. I used this after I cleansed and exfoliated, so my skin was clean. I applied a thin layer of this onto my skin, and noticed it sank in straight away. Skin looked matt once absorbed and not shiny. It didn’t feel heavy, and once applied it felt as if t could easily have been a normal day cream. And then I went to bed!

The morning after the night before. I won’t lie I was a little disappointed. I was hoping my skin would at least feel or/and look dewy and hydrated and it didn’t. Although I didn’t think it felt dry and tight, I also didn’t feel I had used any form of special treatment on the skin. My face looked and felt no different to before using this.

Recommended? I loved the cleansing oil from this range and thought I would love this too but I don’t. I just don’t think this is the mask for me at the moment. My skin isn’t getting enough benefit using it and I will put this to one side and use another time. The only thing my skin is suffering from is being dehydrated ( I blame weather and masks! ) and tired. And for me I need something much more protective and moisturising, which this isn’t.

So not my mask of choice right now, but for those who are experiencing skin that I would describe as playing up and having a mind of it’s own, I think this is more for you than me. But f your skin is dry, aged, lagging…this I don’t think will be your best choice. It just proves one side doesn’t fit all, but thankfully Revolution have a great variety of masks for various skin types so plenty to chose from.

Normally this retails for £7.99, but at the time of writing this post direct from Superdrug, they have this on a 3 for 2 deal on some facial products. Or from Revolution direct it’s £5.60. And a quick heads up….Revolution have 25% off everything which ends 20th October 8am BST ( using code REV25 ) SO HAPPY SHOPPING! ( Check their FB page for details ).

Visit Superdrug here Revoution Beauty here to order yours.

Beauty Kitchen Night Halo Potent Sleep Mask

Anyone else feeling stressed and tired? I am! I have to say my body overall is holding up quite well, but not my face! So I decided to dig deep into my beauty stash looking for a quick and easy fix to perk up my skin. I thought it was the perfect time to try Beauty Kitchen‘s Night Halo Potent Sleep Mask. It had been hiding in my product drawer since the end of last year.

Why this mask? Before receiving this I had never used the range before but I had heard of it. I loved their ethos about using natural ingredients which made me interested in their products. I was very curious to see how this mask would perform.

What does it supposed to do and how do you use it? Pop a thin layer of this over the face at night and go to sleep. It’s supposed to detox the skin, nourish it and help to give it a well rested feel and look.

Packaging. 6 ml of product came in a small screw top lidded tin which is reusable. The tin itself is housed in plastic casing so instructions, ingredients and how to use are visible.

Beauty Kitchen Night Halo Sleep Mask

Appearance. I got excited when I took the lid off this for the first time. I LOVE texture! And I love rich textures such as butters and balms. When I saw this mask glistening in its pot, it reminded me very much of balms I’ve used in the past from high end beauty companies and brands. If you haven’t tried or seen balms before, think of a clear potted lip balm and that will give you an idea on how it looks. Not coloured as such but not transparent either, and there is a natural shine to it.

Scent. Anything like this in my opinion, unless made for those who are super sensitive to fragrance ( even natural ones ) needs a fragrance. Why? Its a treatment and should involve as many senses as possible that will help you to relax, especially before bed time. So this scent is a little surprising as I thought it would smell like lavender which it doesn’t. A subtle zest to it, but wouldn’t go as far as to say citrus as that can be quite strong and this isn’t. Pleasant, easy to breathe in and won’t offend anyone scent wise.

In use. I used this as suggested at night time, after a very VERY long bath. I exfoliated first so that this mask wouldn’t be wasted on dead, dry skin cells. Then popped a thin layer over my whole face, avoiding the eyes, down my neck and stopped above the bust. Very easy to apply with a small amount going along way, and my skin didn’t appear greasy or shiny, but did have the smallest amount of sheen to it. Literally melted between the fingertips and went into the face just as easy. Then I went to bed!

The results. Next day I remembered I used this, and despite getting up at 4.30m and being very tired I decided to brave it and glance at myself in the mirror. What was obvious to me was that my skin already showed signs of improvement. Skin looked and felt more smoother. Much more even in texture, and looked so much more rested. Wouldn’t call it a facelift, more a fresher appearance. Unfortunately my eyes didn’t look like this but at least the rest of my face did! Did this last all day? Well after a shift at work and rushing home, I have to say my skin still looked pretty good and less tired than usual.

Surprises? I thought this travel sized pot would only provide one treatment, but I’ve used this at least 3 times and its still quite full. A little does go along way and although you can buy the full sized version, this is an ideal try me size and perfect to travel with.

Recommend? Yes! Goodness I LOVE this product! Its quick, easy to apply and you go to sleep and wake up! How simple is that? I adore the fact once you are wake this makes you look more human than usual which is always a blessing! Packed full of natural ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond and bitter orange oil, this really is a gorgeous product that works! Comes in a variety of sizes and can be bought direct from the Beauty Kitchen or Holland and Barratt. Can’t find the 6ml size available at the moment, but the 50ml size is currently on offer at £10.04! ( at time of writing this post ). Buy yours here now.

Nuxe Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Eye Cream

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Then my soul is dead because my eyes are looking TIRED! Of course when I say ‘my eyes’ I mean under my eyes. Recently, they’ve been feeling and looking dry and tight. Probably down to a few factors such as not getting enough sleep, early starts with work, children and hay fever. And guess what I’ve been missing from my daily facial routine for the past few months? An eye cream! Wanting to improve how they looked and felt, I thought it would be a good idea to try a new product in hope it would combat my issues. And this is why I bought Nuxe’s Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream. I bought this during the January sales at half price at a cost of £7.50 for 15ml.

What is this product supposed to do? This is aimed at tired/stressed eyes. Helping the eye area be more hydrated, combat dark circles and reduce the look of puffiness.

How to use. Lightly massage product around eyes morning and night.

Nuxe Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Eye Cream

Packaging. Quite simple, clean in look. Boxed but the actual product comes in a handy pump action tube which means you can take out exactly how much you need. Very importantly, your fingers only come into contact with the product when you pump it out rather than sticking your finger in a jar. Very hygienic and practical.

Texture. Although it’s a cream, it feels more part cream part serum. Off white in colour and has a decent thickness to it. When applied or even when sat between my fingers, it sort of melts slightly. Easy to apply and sinks in quickly. Doesn’t leave eyes looking greasy or wet.

Scent. Its such a lovely scent. Quite clean, soothing, very relaxing, almost baby powder like with an added sweetness to. Obvious but not strong and not one you can continue to smell sometime after application. This really made me enjoy using this and makes me hope their body products have a similar scent too.

On eyes & appearance. I applied this under the eyes and around my brow bone and immediately it had a cooling effect. Once lightly patted in I felt this area was given a much needed boost of moisture. It already gave me a feeling of instant relief. Used in the morning and night time, under my eyes felt better and appearance wise looked less dry and more plumped. Can’t really comment on bags or dark circles as these aren’t major concerns for me, but the hydrating factor gets the thumbs up.

Recommended? If like me you are suffering from eyes that need to look and feel more alive, this could be for you. Eyes that are dehydrated and tired will in my opinion always look and feel better when they get a good, hard working but gentle product applied to it. This definitely is that! If you have more deeper concerns e.g wrinkles and ageing, you may need a product more tailored to those issues. But this is a lovely eye product which is not only easy to use but pleasurable too. A great introduction to this brand for me and would love to try more from the range. Unfortunately not discounted in price at the moment, but even at its usual £15.00 for a 15ml tube should last up to 3 months so good value. Revive your eyes? Buy yours here. Your eyes can thank me later!