Superdrug’s Vitamin E Coconut Milk Moisturising Bath Soak

Are you a shower or bath person? A shower for me is an act, a bath is an experience! If my bath was poofed away in the middle of the night, I think I would have some form of breakdown! I couldn’t live without mine as I have a bath everyday. Think of a mermaid yanked out of the sea and thrown onto the concrete streets of Manchester city centre. That would be me! My huge stash of bath bombs, bath salts and foaming bath products just wouldn’t exist and that’s not right. One product I’ve been using frequently while the weather has been warm in the UK is Superdrug’s Vitamin E Coconut Milk Moisturising Bath Soak. Bought when on a multi buy deal of buy one get one half price, normal price £3.49 for 500ml.

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Coconut Milk Moisturising Bath Soak

Why did I buy this?

At the time, I ordered quite a few pieces from the Vitamin E range from Superdrug, as there was a buy one get one half price deal on at the time making the products great buys. I ordered this because I love bath soaks/foam baths anyway, I love the scent of coconut and the size of 500ml is pretty much my standard must have size anyway so sold!

What is this?

This bath soak is created to nourish and moisturise the skin, as all of the Vitamin E products are meant to within the range. Providing lather, and leaving the skin in good condition.


500ml of bath soak comes in a neutral toned plastic bottle with a flip top lid to dispense. The look is simple, ties in perfectly with the rest of the range and looks like something you would use on a daily basis. It’s not fancy in appearance but something that the majority of people wouldn’t turn their nose up at.


Beautiful. Love this! Why? It’s a very soothing scent which although does have a coconut milk fragrance to it, it’s delicate and not overally synthetic in smell. Very comforting because it’s creamy, with an almost vanilla-esq addition to it, but not too sweet. Perfectly balanced and enjoyable to inhale.


This looks like a cream bath product and not gel like. It’s creamy, off white in colour with a pearlescent effect appearance, and has a thickness to it. It’s a little runnier than other bath products I normally use. So definitely a bath soak not a bath gel, but closer to a bath cream. But an even better description would be a bath milk!

In the bath.

You don’t to use much, but I’m generous when it comes to using products like this. Under warm running water, this foams up quickly and so well. Lots and lots of white fluffy bubbles were produced, leaving the underneath quite clear in colour. The bubbles/foam lasts a good amount of time, which always makes bath time fun.

The fragrance very much is there from beginning to end. Remember, this isn’t a powerhouse scent wise so doesn’t whack you in the face. It’s just not that type of fragrance. This makes it ideal if you want something that is delicate but soothing and comforting and naturally aides with relaxation.

I found bathing in this totally calming. Bubbles, fragrance and feeling as if my skin wasn’t reacting to this provides an ideal experience.

On my skin.

Very gentle. My skin has settled down a lot after our recent heatwave and it seems pretty normal now. But I was using this while it was easily irritated, sore and itchy, and it was absolutely fine! Didn’t dry out the skin, didn’t make it itchy. Was super safe to use for me.


1000%! Such a simple product but its a lovely one! For the size you get this would last a decent amount of time and great for family use. Lovely scent, bubbles galore and not stripping or irritating on the body (not for me anyway!). And can we discuss the price for one moment? The Vitamin E range seems to be on some form of promotion pretty much every week without fail. Buy one get one half price seems the norm. And this beauty is currently on a buy one get one free (at time of writing this post), so 1000lts for £3.49! Want an understated, affordable but brilliant bath soak? Grab yours here and enjoy.

Superdrug’s Vitamin E All Over Body Cream with Hibiscus Extract

Currently in the UK, it’s not warm it’s ROASTING! This is not the time for me to forget about looking after the skin on my body. One trip to put something in the bin outside my house makes me feel like a dried out piece of oven baked chicken. So besides the use of sun cream/lotion, I’m upping my body’s moisture, not only from the inside but the outside too in the form of body creams. On my current body care rotation I am using Superdrug’s Vitamin E All Over Body Cream with Hibiscus Extract. This costs £4.99, but I bought it when it was a buy one get one half price deal within the Vitamin E range.

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Body Cream with Hibiscus Extract

Why did I buy this?

I’m a body lotion/cream/butter addict! I love applying it, even if I’m in a rush. I hate dry skin on the body and it’s a part of my routine I rarely deviate from. And with so many textures and fragrances out there, it’s fun to try as many as I can out. This particular one I ordered because of the multibuy offer, and there were various products from the range I wanted to try and could afford to. This seemed a good size, interesting fragrance and a good price so why not?

What is this & who is it for?

Designed for normal to dry skin, this body cream is supposed to moisturise the skin while leaving it fragrant and smooth. With the added addition of Vitamin E, this helps to protect the skin from environmental damage and premature ageing.


465ml of body cream is housed in a screw top tub. Quite simple in look and design, with it’s splashes of cream and peachy pink colouring. Quite Summer and flowery like in look, with mentions of it supporting the charity Marie Curie. 15% of the price of the body cream goes to them.


This fragrance is noticeable and not subtle. It’s a sweet floral scent which is quite specific, good strength to it but not something my 12 year old son would probably want to smell like. Not old fashioned at all, quite pretty and feminine. I quite like this. But be warned, if your sense of smell is easily aggravated or sensitive e.g hay fever, this might be too much.


The fact that it lives in a tub means this isn’t a sloppy and lose body lotion. It definitely IS a cream! Thicker than a lotion but not as thick as a body butter. It holds it’s shape while in the tub but when you take it out the texture isn’t as thick as it appears.

On the skin.

I hate being stingy with body lotions. I would rather use more than less. But this body cream is quite rich and you don’t need to use too much. Despite how thick this looks when you scoop some out and apply it, it’s consistency is more body lotion like in use. Very easy to rub into the skin if you don’t use too much. There is a slight waxiness to it, but it’s not too much and doesn’t leave the skin sticky. It doesn’t leave my skin looking shiny but a very delicate appearance of being hydrated with a sheen.

I find when this is first applied the fragrance is very much there. But it doesn’t seem to linger as time and hours go on. The fragrance is stronger than most of my current collection of body lotions/creams, but because it doesn’t continue with the same strength it’s good as it dies down naturally and fades.

After use.

This moisturises fine for me. I don’t feel like my skin is thirsty and needs reapplication once its used in the morning or evening. My skin I would say is normal. I moisturise twice a day so I don’t allow my skin to dry out for nothing or no one! So it’s in a decent condition and this works for me. Also, the occasional patch of psoriasis doesn’t seem to be set off or made worse by this product which is good.

Is this really for normal to dry skin?

Normal definitely! It will do the job well. Dry? Just about I think, but without suffering from dry skin I wouldn’t want to give a definite no or yes.


Yes I would, for the following reasons. You get a whopping amount for the price. And despite the relatively low everyday price, this product and range regularly are on offer so you can get it even cheaper! The cream is lovely to use, does the moisturising job and fragranced well. Just be mindful if fragrance isn’t your thing in body care or/and you aren’t a fan of floral scents this won’t be for you.

Good news is at time of writing, this body cream and others from the Vitamin E range are on a buy one get one half price. So grab your multi buy deal here now to help combat your dried out skin thanks to the UK sun!

Primark’s Soothing Vitamin E Eye Patches

I LOVE my friends! I don’t have many (quality over quantity!), and those I have I suspect know me better than I know myself at times. They understand my quirky sense of humour. They respect the fact I get up very early in the morning to work out when most people aren’t awake for hours. And they know how much I love skin and body care. So a slight squeal may or may not have left my lips when one of my amazing friends gave my a selection of goodies a few months ago, containing food and skincare. One item being Primark’s Soothing Vitamin E Eye Patches. Cost, £1.50.

Primark’s Soothing Eye Patches

Why was I excited over these?

I love eye treatments! Eyes are definitely the windows of the soul, and as a busy mum of 2 who works and writes, tiredness is my middle name. And tiredness will ALWAYS show in the eye area. I would never say that eye patches totally transform the eye area and be the holy grail of eye care. But for an instant sense of relief feel and look wise, I find these to be very handy.

What are these & what are they supposed to do?

Gathering the very little information there is on the packaging, there are 15 treatments included. Placed under the eye area, they are designed to soothe and nourish the skin under the eyes. Ingredients include glycerin (moisturising), Papaya extract (rich in antioxidants), Morus Alba Bark Extract (another anti oxidant and calms irritations) and of course Vitamin E.


These eye patches come in a packet. The packet itself has quite a relaxing and chilled out look reflecting the soothing action of these patches, thanks to the green colouring. Resealable once the top of it is ripped open, means the rest of the patches won’t dry out and and be ruined. Instructions and details on the back are beyond small so get your specs out. And what information is present is very basic.

What do they look like?

When I opened the packet I was greeted with two thick stacks of eye patches. Quite standard basic eye patches. White in colour, under eye shaped and opaque. Very similar in feel to a face tissue mask.


No obvious fragrance as such but there was something very faint. It remained me of how aloe vera gel smells, a delicate watery plant like fresh type smell.

How to use.

Apply onto clean face. Place under the eye area and leave on for 15-20 minutes.

In use.

I’ve used these about 4 or 5 times. I left them in the fridge so they were nice and cold. I had to separate the patches from each other which took a bit of time, but when I did it was noticeable they were soaked in some form of serum/solution. Thickness of the patches were enough to work with and helped with application. Easy to apply, although I needed to work out a few creases so they lay flat and in position. But they stayed still, no moving, for the full 20 minutes of usage. Quite comfortable on, very cooling and it felt quite pleasant.

After use.

Touching my under eyes I did feel a little tackiness, but they didn’t look oily and I didn’t see any obvious residue. Did the under of my eyes look any different? No. Did they feel a little more relaxed and hydrated? Yes they did. They were nice enough to use and to be honest I got the experience and results I expected so I’m not complaining.


If you are looking for a serious eye product where you want a specific result such as reduction of lines, getting rid of dark circles, then no. To me, this isn’t serious skincare, its a bit of fun and pampering. And if you treat it like that you wont be disappointed. Pop them in the fridge, run a bath and use a good quality bath bomb. Light a candle, eat some chocolate and slap these on. So would I buy these myself? I might, because they are cheap and provide light relief. But I wouldn’t rely on these changing my eyes dramatically or permanently.

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Sugar And Oil Body Scrub

Body scrubs. I love them! I don’t use them all the time but I really do love them. It’s one of those products I have to make time to slip into my routine, but when I do I am thankful for it. My skin is in a decent condition at the moment with no massive problems of dryness or dullness, but it definitely deserves a treat! So I’ve started to use Superdrug’s Vitamin E Sugar and Oil Body Scrub. £4.99 for 300ml, but I bought this when this was on special offer price wise a few months ago.

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Sugar and Oil Body Scrub

Why did I buy this?

The Vitamin E range at the time I ordered this was one I hadn’t tried before. There were a few items I wanted to see if they were any good, such as the eye cream, so decided to pop this in my virtual basket as well. The price was good, I needed another body scrub anyway, and as mentioned a new range I hadn’t tried before so curiosity got my credit card!

What is this supposed to do?

Exfoliate the skin thanks to it containing a mix of walnut shell, sugar and sea salt. While leaving the skin feeling soft and nourished thanks to the ingredients of Sweet Almond and Grapeseed oil. Designed for normal to dry skin.


Nothing fancy here but it doesn’t need to be. The scrub sits happily in a plastic, lidded tub. All very natural in colouring e.g beige and creams, with the tub itself clear so you can see what’s inside it. All relevant detail included on the label e.g ingredients, hot to use etc.

How it looks.

Removing the lid I thought a pot of instant porridge was looking at me! Creamy coloured with little brown speckles in it, and you can understand why I thought this could be breakfast! Appearance wise it’s not smooth but not lumpy either. Although it’s not solid, it does look really thick. I know this description doesn’t make it sound appealing, but this isn’t to eat remember.


Love love love! Fresh, clean, just come out of the sea type of scent with a hint of sweetness to it. Beautifully scented, and will be liked by most people. Just the fragrance alone makes me want to use other body products in this range because it’s so nice, and definitely has a Summer vibe to it.

How to use.

Apply to wet skin using circular movements. Rinse and pat dry.

On the skin.

I ran a bath before using this scrub, and added nothing to it so it didn’t influence the use of this. This was applied onto my skin after I popped into the shower. I think my skin should have been more damp than wet, as I felt I used more of this than what I should have. But what I found despite this was the texture of this scrub is something I have never experienced before. It’s not quite oil based and not quite cream based, a bit like a hybrid. In my hands, it was a little gloppy if honest, but on the skin it rubbed over it easily.

I could feel the exfoliating grains in this which were the perfect size and shape e.g not sharp. As it rubbed into the skin it became more oil like but not greasy, quite light weight so I would even say closer to a dry oil in feel. Very easy and quick in application and I quite enjoyed the process.

Rather than wash this off I sank myself into the bath. The scrub on my skin turned the water into a milky cloudy colour, so I felt as if I was getting a bath soak as well as a scrub. Having the fragrance wafting around the bathroom really did give this stage an added relaxation element and finished off the process perfectly.

Skin afterwards.

Once out of the bath I lightly patted myself dry. My skin looked quite normal but not that typical dull, matt, just towel dried looked. It wasn’t shiny but it didn’t look or feel dry in anyway. Smooth, hydrated, softy fragranced with zero need for a body lotion.


Lets put it this way, it’s going on my repurchase list! massive thumbs up from me.You get a good amount of scrub for the price, which is affordable. A massive help is it’s regularly on some form of special offer as well. This is really important because once it’s finished you don’t have to worry about cost because its not expensive. The scrub itself is very unusual in texture, but very effective in it’s exfoliating action. Highly moisturising and a joy to soak in. Ideal if you want the moisturising benefits of an oil based scrub but don’t want something too oily in feel. So why would I NOT recommend this?

If you want to grab this scrub, it’s currently on a special offer at Superdrug. Buy one get one half price if you purchase anything from a Superdrug face and body range plus 10% off anything from the Vitamin E range (at time of writing this post). Happy shopping!

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Nourishing Eye Cream

Gratitude is a word that I try to think about everyday. Being grateful for what I have, who I have and where I am in this crazy thing called life is always in the back of my mind. And this extends to the physical side of myself. Accepting the good and the bad bits ( literally! ) of how I appear is something that perhaps with age is now easier. But by the grace of all that is holy if I can improve on those irritating things I don’t like I WILL! My personal annoying part of my face is my eyes. So I bought Superdrug’s Vitamin E Nourishing Eye Cream to give them a boost. Normally £3.99 for 15ml, I purchased it on a buy one get one half price deal around month ago.

Superdrug’s Vitamin E Nourishing Eye Cream

Why did I buy this? In all honesty I didn’t want this product! I wanted something else but it wasn’t available. So I opted for this for a few reasons. I just needed an eye product because my last one had ran out, so something was better than nothing. It was priced well so very affordable. Plus I’ve never used anything from this subrange before so thought I would give it a whirl!

What is this supposed to do? This eye cream is designed for normal to dry skin. Its supposed to improve the overall look of the eye area by nourishing it ( not my wording it’s Superdrug’s ). Personally, I think its purpose is to keep the eye area moisturised therefore making it look better.

My eye concerns. The skin under my eyes generally is normal but can have their dry days. But my main concerns at the moment are the fact they can look very tired, lifeless and suffer from dark circles from time to time.

Packaging. Like a lot of eye creams this comes in a tube. Neutral in colour, screw top lid and to release the product you simply squeeze it out.

Texture. Definitely cream like in texture but not runny, so holds its shape when its released from the tube. Has a slightly waxy feel to it but not greasy. Off white in colour.

How to use. With fingertips, gently apply to around the eye area.

In use. I use a small dot placed on the tip of my finger and gently pat it around my eyes and then softly massage it in. You really don’t need much of this and with all eye products less is more. It feels very light weight but still moisturising, and doesn’t give a greasy look to under and around the eyes. It hasn’t caused puffiness either which is good. This area looks normal in appearance but they feel hydrated. This is my current eye cream so this is my general routine morning and evening after a cleansed skin, and I’ve been using this for a few weeks now.

Top tip. Leave this in the fridge to provide a cooling effect if your eyes really have gone through the ringer.

Would I buy this again? I would but not regularly. It wouldn’t be a product I would need to use all the time, just at certain time periods. Wearing a face mask can make this area dry for me. Not drinking enough water or lack of sleep does the same. And dare I say with hay fever season coming up this is a good product for me to have on stand by. But for everyday use I need something else. I think my eyes have felt in good condition using this but I need a product to make them look more alive which I don’t think this has done for me. No change with the appearance of dark circles. But bare in mind, this is not what this product promises to do, this is just what my own concerns are.

Recommended? If under your eyes looks and feel dry then its a yes! This eye cream will not only give the feeling of light relief but will keep them moisturised. Easy to use, sinks into the skin quickly and if needed could be layered with a lighter textured eye product such as a serum. Not a product I personally think will make your eyes pop with energy and vibrancy, but will stop them drying out so a great maintenance product. Ideal if you are on a small beauty budget so easy to keep repeat purchasing.

Are you thinking of adding this to your skincare collection? Visit Superdrug here to grab this tube to help those thirsty eyes. get drink. *At the time of writing this post this product is on a buy one get one half price deal again. Perfect time to stock up on some goodies!