The Body Shop’s Berry Bath Blend

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Warm weather does not put me off when it comes to my evening bathing ritual. Sunny, scorching, 100 degrees outside? I don’t care! No matter what, I will be sat in my bath tub like Ariel swimming under the sea! It’s a part of my daily routine and a way to relax, regardless of feeling as if I’m being poached alive. But with it being Summer, I thought I would drag out a bath product that in my opinion reflects the season because of its fragrance. The Body Shop’s Berry Bath Blend seemed a perfect choice. £8.00 for 250ml.

The Body Shop’s Berry Bath Blend

Why this one?

I’ve used the Banana Bath Blend and loved it. I’m a lover of fruity fragranced products anyway so why not? I have my typical bath and shower gels that I pick up from supermarkets, but then there are times I just want something a little more special, and this is that time and product!

What’s a bath blend?

The Body Shop’s Bath Blends are fairly new products. Released within the last year or two, they are designed of course to go into the bath. Be fragrant, provide foam and nourish the skin without stripping it. Part bath cream, part bath soak.


How this is presented reminds me of when my dad used to buy flavoured milk from the milk man! Although not in a glass bottle ( bath blend is in plastic), it has that old time milk bottle shape but with a screw top lid. Clear, so you can see the colour of the blend. The labeling matches the color of the blend itself. Very appealing and almost drinkable!


Very berry! Strawberry to be more specific! But there’s a little sharpness to the sweetness of this. Also, some creaminess which makes it more balanced and rounder making it delicious in scent. I really want to drink this, as I did with the banana version, but better not!

Look & Consistency.

This is a lovely berry reddish pink colour. Totally opaque. The consistency is very unusual because it’s not a gel or a cream. Like it’s banana fragranced counterpart it reminds me of a milk based drink. Not a thick milkshake, but the more fluid ones.

In the bath.

Under warm running water, this bath blend turned the clear water into a beautiful pink coloured pool. And laying on the top of that produced a decent amount of soft, white, frothy bubbles making this bath very appealing. The fragrance was there and it smelt beautifully, but wished it was a little bit stronger because its so mouth watering and enjoyable to smell.

The bath itself was relaxing. The bubbles lasted a good amount of time and when they left, the bath water stayed pink but more cloudy. On the skin I had no issues, and it didn’t dry out my skin afterwards.


I like this bath blend. But between this and the banana version I’ve used before, the banana wins. Why? It’s more of an unusual fragrance compared to something berry based which is more common in bath products where scent is concerned. It’s a lovely product. Not something I would buy regularly due to price and size but a rare purchase. I would recommend this in a set form to get the best possible price, or if it’s on sale so discounted. But as a regular repeat purchase on it’s own probably not but depends on your budget. As a treat to yourself or for someone else? Absolutely!

If this fruity cocktail is making you thirsty to buy it, you can grab it in person at you local Body Shop store or online here and safe your legs the hassle of walking.

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