The Body Shop’s Moringa Bath Bubble

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Writing in general over the last month hasn’t been on the top of my priority list. Keeping myself sane and safe though has been. But trying to keep myself creative and having a small sense of normality is good for me and this is why I’ve flipped open the laptop once again to get back into reviewing products which I’m currently using or just used. Are bath, body, face or even wax products essential considering what’s going on currently? Are they important? When I’m laying in a bath actually switching off and not having a mini breakdown because I’m relaxing for a few moments surrounded by bubbles and beautiful smells… then for me it is, and possibly the same for many others out there. So I delved into my collection of bath products over the weekend and I picked out the Moringa Bath Bubble by The Body Shop, given to me by my lovely friend Jenny last year, as a bath time treat.

What’s a Bath Bubble? The Body Shop’s Bath Bubble when popped into the bath provide bubbles, fragrance and colour. Think of a supercharged bath bomb and that’s what I think a Bath Bubble is.

Appearance. Wasn’t too sure what this would look like, although in my mind assumed it would be square or rectangular in shape because of how its packaged ( small plastic wrapper, green and yellow in colour, reminds me of a sweetie wrapper ) but nope I was wrong! The cutest bath bubble in the perfect shade of Easter yellow with tiny dotted orange speckles on it was actually heart shaped! Simple but super sweet! (If I had actually looked on the website I would’ve known this as it clearly shows what it looks like but I do love a good surprise! ). Reminded me of bath fizzer because it was flat and looked quite chalky but wasn’t.

Moringa Bath Bubble

Scent. This is a very pretty floral smelling bath bubble. A smallest hint of being powdery, but on the whole an uplifting, slightly sweet floral mixed in with a touch of plant. I’m not a floral fan in all honesty. It normally has to be mixed with something else. But because this isn’t heavy and doesn’t have one particular flowery scent dominating it, I found this to be very pleasing, quite youthful and modern but classic all at the same time.

In the bath. I threw this under warm running water wondering what would actually happen. I could see the outer layer of this fizzing nicely and as the water continued to run, it started to produce small amounts of foam. By the time I came to turn the water off what greeted me was a surprising amount of foam from such a small little item! White, fluffy, super soft and airy foam lay on the top of a slightly yellow/marine coloured bath water, which impressed me greatly. The original fragrance I could smell when I opened the packet was what I could smell in my bathroom but it was beautifully subtle which I loved!

On the skin. First and foremost this was a very relaxing and enjoyable bath. The foam, the scent, I felt totally chilled out and my skin felt cocooned in the bath water. What I discovered though is the bath bubble didn’t totally melt away but a tiny mini version was left at the bottom of the bath. When I held it and rubbed it between my hands it wouldn’t simple break, but what it did was give off a very moisturising creamy foam which I used to cover my body from top to toe and washed myself with it. Then I rubbed it into my tired feet and dry and cracked hands, and actually used not only the foam but the bath bubble itself directly on these areas to provide a mild exfoliating action. And out of the bath? Skin felt soft, not dry or irritated and hydrated.

Recommended? Before I was given this I didn’t realise that The Body Shop made these AND bath bombs. I didn’t realise that a small £1.50 love heart would be of such high quality and unbelievably affordable. I had no idea that it would create such a decent amount of bubbles, be kind to my skin and provide a a great fragrance. This is actually a bit of a revelation to me and which couldn’t have come at a better time. Perfect bath time treat for anyone, great little filler for a gift for someone and sooooooo CHEAP! Oh, did I mention it comes in other fragrances too? I WILL be buying more of these for both myself and friends too. So if you haven’t guessed…yes..recommended 110%!!

Now….to order you can go to the website here, but if you are lucky enough to know a Body Shop consultant, please order from them directly. Difficult times requires us all to support each otherx

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