The Body Shop’s Warm Vanilla Body Scrub

It doesn’t take much for most of us to travel back in time without a TARDIS to our younger days, a different time and possibly place too. When I think of the young teenage me my memories consist of particular things. As an example… making my own mix tapes, music posters on my walls and covering myself with either Dewberry or Vanilla fragrance oils from The Body Shop. This was the time when scent was important to me so to say I was obsessed by their oils is an understatement. Its nice to see 20 plus years later I’ve become reintroduced to the brand, and discovering they don’t just make and sell oils but loads of other goodies too! My love for vanilla has never died away, and this is why I received Warm Vanilla Body Scrub by The Body Shop as a birthday present from a dear friend.

A one off. Warm Vanilla was brought out in 2019 as a limited edition scent to their range, which already makes it quite special in its own right and not available to the public indefinitely.

The Body Shop’s Warm Vanilla Scrub

Packaging. 250g of product poured into a clear tub with a beautiful label on the lid with pictures of vanilla pods and flowers dotted over it. Very festive in look with added silver detailing makes this already a great gift giving purchase.

What lies inside. When I unscrewed the lid for the first time it reminded me of opening a jar of honey. The colour of this scrub could resemble a type of honey, or liquid caramel or toffee as its so rich and looks like something you should eat ( but please don’t ). You can just about see its not totally smooth in consistency as it looks a little grainy, but really does look inviting.

Scent. There’s no mistaking this to be vanilla. Warm, sweet and comforting is what my nose sucked in. At the same time a slight muskiness to it, giving it the same type of depth that a musk type of scent gives to a perfume. And somewhere in the middle of this is a faint floral. So…add all these together, yes its vanilla but not quite as you know it! Not your typical sugary, synthetic version in the slightest but a moreish, sophisticated and gorgeous, clever fragrance.

Consistency. There are lots of grains in this scrub, but not so much where you feel its solid. These perfectly sized grains of sugar are living happily in an almost serum like oil. Its not a sloppy mixture but its easy to take what you need and apply to the body and loose enough to move freely over the skin.

Using in the shower. Some scrubs I would apply on damp skin this I didn’t. I wanted to feel and enjoy the oiliness of this product direct onto dry skin. From the top of my shoulders to my feet this has been applied to. The grains in the scrub didn’t feel harsh but definitely did the job you would expect from this type of product, and the scent really made me enjoy this process even more adding to my satisfaction.

After use. Skin super soft, not dry but felt hydrated, slightly scented ( I could smell it a few hours after using it on myself. Not strong but there and lovely! No irritation which is very important for me right now ( I’m a psoriasis sufferer and all the naughty foods and drinks I ate over Christmas really caught up on me! ).

My top tip. To get the most out of this scrub and upgrade it from exfoliating to more of a treatment, I would suggest to use this while in the shower then slip into the bath straight after its been applied. That’s what I did and it was perfection.

Recommended? This is heavenly! I really can’t praise this scrub enough. If you are a vanilla lover like me you will automatically love this. If you love your body scrubs in general you will love this as it’s a fantastic, luxurious scrub that does what its supposed to do but is enjoyable to use and makes the skin feel so soft and supple and fragrances it too is a bonus. Limited edition so bare this in mind…..AND HALF PRICE!! Down from £15.00 to £7.50 which is amazing. Buy yours direct from their website here or place an order with one of their consultants (subject to availability). You know you want to…..

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