Treacle Moon’s Marshmallow Hearts Shower & Bath Gel

The great thing about shopping in a supermarket is you literally can pick up anything. A leg of lamb, flat screen TV and various bath and body products ( and of course so much more! ). In 2019, I started to use products from a company called Treacle Moon, which became a very handy discovery when I found their products on a shelf in my local Tesco. So no meat or canned goods in my basket, but in went in Marshmallow Hearts shower & bath gel!

Treacle Moon meet Mybeautywaxstash. I never tried Treacle Moon products before until I received them as gifts for my birthday and Christmas. And I found myself really enjoying using them. So I opted to purchase Marshmallow Hearts because I really wanted a product to use in both shower and bath, and the scent seemed like one I would enjoy.

Treacle Moon’s Marshmallow Hearts Shower & Bath Gel

Packaging. 500ml of gel lives in a plastic bottle with a flip top lid. Clear, so you can see what you get. Labeling is super cute with both sides having product name and brand. But one side has an illustration of a jar of heart shaped marshmallows and on the other a paragraph giving you an imaginative description of what the scent of this gel is.

Texture & look. Although this is a gel it isn’t the typical gel I think of. This is pale pink in colour, not transparent, so makes me think more of a bath or shower cream than a gel. Consistency is a thick liquid, which is what you would expect from this type of product.

Scent. Creamy and sweety like. A mix of marshmallows, milk bottle sweets with a hint of strawberry milkshake and this is the best way I can describe how this smells to me. This could easily be too sweet and synthetic like in scent but it isn’t. It gives you enough sweetness to keep your nostrils happy but not so much you think you will suffer from diabetes!

In the shower & bath. I use this product in both shower and bath equally. In the shower on a sponge it lathered up quickly and produced a lot of foam. In the bath I needed very little and the amount of foam produced by two squirts under warm running water was insane! Full, light, airy, white in colour and long lasting.

On the skin. This cleaned the skin on my body well, left a faint scent to it but not long lasting so no lingering. My skin felt and looked normal after use e.g skin didn’t dried out, irritated, sticky etc.

Recommended? Yes! What I love about this is it’s a little different in look packaging wise compared to similar products on the same shelf which makes it stand out. In regards to the scent, these types of scents are popular but this is a great version and will hold its own compared to others. I really enjoyed using this. It provided a quick, easy and effective shower in the morning and a relaxing, soothing bath in the evening.

This is great for all the family to use as the scent will appeal from the youngest member of the household to the oldest. When I bought this originally it was half price ( £1.50 ), but worthwhile checking special offers as they regularly crop up ( Tesco and Waitrose stock Treacle Moon ).

If you can’t head down to your local store you can buy their products direct from Treacle Moon themselves here. Go on treat yourself…its affordable!x

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