Miss So? Midnight Magic Oriental Vanilla & Praline Perfume Mist

I don’t think there are many people who would disagree with this comment, but smelling good is important. It’s like adding icing on top of a cake, it just finishes off a person. Fragrance of any sort whether its on myself, in my home or car, really helps my mood and how I generally feel. So it should come as no surprise that I have one or ten body mists floating around my bathroom, which I pick and use depending on what I want to smell like. One on my current rotation is Miss So?’s Midnight Magic Perfume Mist in Oriental Vanilla & Praline scent. Bought from Superdrug for £2.98 ( usually price £5.99 ).

Why this one? I buy body mists regularly because they are a lot cheaper than actual perfumes. I can use them as little or often as I like without worrying about the cost of replacing them. This one I opted for because I had never tried this mist and this particular fragrance. It was on sale at half price, and with the fragrance containing my loved vanilla I thought I would naturally like it.

Packaging. Very cute. Not much different from a body spray in regards to the bottle and how its housed e,g shape and lid. Bottle is soft pink in colour. The brand and fragrance name simply put in black and white which gives it a clean, stylish and modern feel to it with relevant details/information on the back.

Miss So? Midnight Magic Oriental Vanilla & Praline Perfume Mist

Scent. This is made for me! It has that familiar vanilla smell to it. A little sweet, creamy, almost bakery like. There’s also a hit of what I can only describe as toffee or fudge like in scent, but its not massively obvious but there. And the tiniest splash of floral finishes it off. Not too sweet but great for those who love sweet scented fragrances.

Strength & longevity. Strength was light. I could smell it as I applied it and when I sprayed it over myself e.g clothes. But I never found it to be that strong I could just give myself a little spritz and off I went. To get the desired strength I would spray ALOT of this on myself. Longevity could have been better too. I didn’t really notice the smell throughout the day. If it was there it was very very light. If I had the time while at work I would reapply this but I never do. So strength and longevity for me could be improved on and a little disappointing.

Recommended? I liked the scent of this and the price when on offer was good value. But I needed this to be punchier and linger more. Now, I take on board the fact this is a body mist and not a perfume so I never expected too much. But I’ve had products like this before and they’ve been stronger, so for me I wouldn’t buy this particular one again. BUT I would happily try this in another version such as the Eau Fraiche or something from a different fragrance family to see if that makes a difference.

I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who wants a strong, long lasting scent. But for a bakery lover fragrance wise wanting something light and not heavy, this might right up your street! Still on a half price deal at £2.98 ( at time of writing this post ), you can visit your Superdrug or order online here for your sweet scented treat.

Boxing Day Wax Melts Sale!

So Christmas Day 2020 is now over and Boxing Day has kicked in. And what do a lot of people like about Boxing Day? SALES! There isn’t anything in particular I personally want or need this year, but I can’t help but keep my eyes peeled for bargains. One type of sale that is prominent on my social media feed right now is wax products. So here are some wax vendors who have reduced prices of their wax melts/candles today. I’ve tried wax from all of these vendors featured, so not only will you get affordable products but great quality products too!

Pretty Home Aromas

A great selection of beautifully decorated and scented wax pieces from pots to slabs. Mostly Wintery scented and Christmas ones. Other items discounted are warmers, but the best value is the wax where those on sale are marked as 50% off! Their outlet section you can find here, prices start at £1.25.

Pretty Home Aromas Wax Pots

Mulberry Lane

Their sale started Christmas Eve so stock is exceptionally low, but there are still a few pieces available. For 40g of wax these are reduced to 20p or 80p! Amazing value. Shop here to grab a bargain!

Mulberry Lane Segmented Wax Pot

Foxglove Fragrances

A mix of wax warmers, wax slabs, pots, snap bars and segmented pots have been reduced in price today! Not all Christmas or Winter scents, actually includes ALL wax products so all scents. Prices start from 80p ( down from £1.20 ) for sample pots. Want more wax? Slabs ( and they are whoppers! ) are down from £5.00 to £3.75 which will make any wax melt lover very happy! Visit their website here to see what’s available.

Cosy Aromas

I’ve always loved the sizes of Cosy Aromas standard wax melts pots because they weight 110g which is more than double the usual standard size from most vendors. Normal price £5.99 down to £3.99 which is fantastic value. Want to commit to less wax and a smaller price? Cosy Aromas have sample pots weighing in at 28g for £1.19 ( down from £1.99 ). Great way to try multiple scents without breaking the bank. Check out their available wax products here.

Cosy Aromas Wax in melt

Boujee Scents

Great packaging that houses great wax! Snap bars ( not all scents ) are down from £2.50 to £2.00. Candles also half price now £7.50. Stock VERY LIMITED! Go to their website here before it’s too late.

Boujee Scents Wax Snap Bars

Be quick you wax lovers! Stock and variety of scents are going rapidly down. Not too sure which vendor to buy from? Visit some of my past blog posts down below to give you an idea on quality, strength and longevity. These past pieces/scents featured may not necessarily be available or discounted in sale so please bare that in mind. Reference only. Happy shopping!

Pretty Home Aromas Cosy Cuddles Wax Segmented Pot.

Pretty Home Aromas Wax Melt Autumn Bundle.

Mulberry Lane Cocoa Butter Wax Melt Pot.

Cosy Aromas Summer Fruits Wax Melt Pot.

Boujee Scents Fresh Unstoppable Wax Melt Snap Bar.

Last Minute Gift Ideas From The Body Shop

With Christmas being a few days away, have we all bought and wrapped our gifts for our nearest and dearests? I hope so. Makes life a lot easier and less stressful. But lets be honest, there will always be someone who leaves things last minute or circumstances make it happen this way. Or even worse forgetting to buy for a particular person. I thought it would be a great idea to focus on one store/brand, that could help fill in some gift gaps where bath and body products would be needed. I’ve used and enjoyed all of the below products from The Body Shop, and I think many people would enjoy these too.

Salted Caramel & Vanilla Reed Diffuser.

Ideal gift for someone who loves using home fragrances. Is particular in regards to their home and enjoys home decor. Great for someone who has recently moved house or spending more time in their home, and you want them to feel cosy and comfortable.

The Body Shop’s Salted Caramel & Vanilla Reed Diffuser

Banana Bath Blend.

Banana Bath Blend is a little different and unusual. The scent isn’t typical and it’s texture isn’t either! Perfect for the fruity scent lovers out there who enjoy bath time and use it more as a ritual rather than a way of cleaning themselves.

The Body Shop’s Banana Bath Blend

Moringa Bath Bubble.

Who doesn’t love a good quality bath bomb? Fragrance, colour and even foam? Moringa Bath Bubble is not only a fantastic bath product but it’s one of the most affordable products you can buy from The Body Shop which makes itamazing if you are on a budget. Or better still inexpensive stocking fillers for multiple people. Fancy the same product, same price but different fragrance? Go for Grapefruit Bath Bubble which has a citrus twist to it and equally just as good.

The Body Shop’s Moringa Bath Bubble

Warm Vanilla Body Scrub.

Probably my favourite product from The Body Shop to date! If not, one of my all time favourite body scrubs. Warm Vanilla Body Scrub is a great gift for those who want to look after and pamper their skin. Easy to apply and enjoyable to use.

The Body Shop’s Warm Vanilla Body Scrub

Delivery before Christmas is highly unlikely. But if you are able to visit a store or even have a Body Shop consultant nearby, I think the above products would make anyone smile and would be great gifts for Christmas 2020!

Strawberry Melts Home For Christmas Wax Melts

My addiction to home fragrance in the form of wax melts is still very much alive and kicking. And why not? A nice smelling room is a cosy and inviting one, right? And there is something comforting and enjoyable about using waxes during Winter. My most recent wax melt purchases was from Strawberry Melts, with one scent called Home For Christmas. Cost of the pack of two wax melts was £1.99 ( although discounted because of Black Friday ).

Strawberry Melts Home For Christmas wax melts

Why did I order this one? I haven’t purchased much Christmas inspired scented wax this year, so this was perfect. I thought the scent description sounded appealing and great for this time of year.

Home For Christmas Strawberry Melts scent description. Home for Christmas – A scrumptious mix of boozy sweets, smokey caramel on a tonka and musk base Top – Rum , Orange, Lime Middle – Watermelon, Apple, Pineapple Base – Smoky Caramel, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Musk.

Appearance. These are just the cutest! 2 simple gingerbread style shaped wax melts. Thick and chunky, roughly 2 inches long. On the bottom you can see its mainly a plain mid green coloured wax, but on the top is where the magic happens.Glistening gold, burnt orange and a sprinkle of gold and silver glitter make this simple yet stunning!

Scent. I could smell this straight away once I took one out of the clear plastic packet it came in. Fruity, but in a juicy and ripe exotic way. Some citrus is in there giving it a little freshness. A touch of sweet and creaminess with a hint of musk. Mouthwatering, like a cocktail served while on holiday on a Caribbean island full of home grown fruit and alcohol!

In melt. I used one to melt although it could have easily been halved. I loved how this shape took it’s sweet time melting, and how watching it slowly disappear into the warmed, liquid wax made it appear as if it was drowning! It held its shape right to the very end. What was left was a mesmerizing deep dark green almost black wax pool that shimmered slightly.

Strength & Longevity. Strength wise this is a medium. Strong enough to make my kitchen smell sweet, but not overpowering enough for it to be too much. Longevity as per usual with SW melts was very good. This melted away over 2 days for a good handful of hours providing lots of fragrance.

Recommended? Definitely! Despite what the scent is actually called this could be melted anytime of the year. If you love fruity scents this would make a great addition to your home fragrance wardrobe. Even a bakery lover might like this. It’s moreish, beautiful, not too sweet and one melt will last for AGES! Did I mention how cute and colourful they look too?

Visit Strawberry Melts here to get your wax fix! A variety of scents and shapes available so don’t blame me when your online basket is heaving!

Secret Scents Home Fragrance Fireside Wax Clam Snap Bar

There are many scents I enjoy when it comes to using wax melts. There is such a variety available which makes my favourites list LONG! But one that is high up there and never fails to bring a smile to my face is a scent called Fireside. Can’t remember how I was introduced to this fragrance, or by who, but I absolutely adore it! Recently I was very lucky to be gifted a Fireside wax clam snap bar from a wax vendor called Secret Scents Home Fragrance.

Packaging. This wax comes in a sturdy plastic casing, which to open you simply pull up the top of it to release. The label is super classy. Black in colour, scent name included along with brand and finished off with a gold ribbon secured to the top. Beautiful and very sophisticated!

Secret Scents Home Fragrance Fireside wax clam snap bar

Scent. Fireside evokes feelings for me rather than actual scents so I’ve had to really focus on how it smells rather than how it makes me feel. Think fresh but with musk and woody notes. Dashes of incense and a hint of delicate sweetness. Quite manly in a certain way but also warming, comforting and truly intoxicating.

Appearance. Once you open the casing you can see the wax is off white in colour. Plain and very simple. Turn it around and you can see it becomes a little more special and festive, with a generous addition of various sized glitter in red, green and silver. You can see how the wax is segmented in 6 very chunky square, which you snap off to use.

In melt. Before this turned from a solid to liquid, the scent that was given off was so obvious and quite strong. And melted just made this scent get stronger and stronger. The cube melted away to reveal an off white coloured pool with little dots of the glitter visible.

The scent itself traveled through my kitchen beautifully. In fact, not just the kitchen into the living room too. It just gave such a warm, cosy and safe feel inside which made me love it more and more.

Strength & Longevity. This is strong! I’ve always experienced this particular scent to be a powerful one regardless of where I have bought the wax from so I expected nothing less. And this packs a punch! Because of the type of scent it is I don’t feel it’s too much but its not a weak fragrance in anyway, shape or form. Longevity is fantastic. One cube of this has been melting away for over 3 days for around 12 hours in total and it’s still going.

Recommended? Yes! Firstly, as a new wax vendor, I am very impressed. The packaging I love and shows a great eye for detail. It stands out which will make this brand memorable. Secondly is the quality of the wax. I’ve melted different pieces of wax piece from Secret Scents Home Fragrance, not just this one. And all of them have delivered great strength and scent which is what you want. So no hit wonder here! £6.50 for a wax clam snap bar will provide hours of fragrance for any room in the house, which is totally affordable.

Are you looking for some wax goodies for yourself or last minutes gifts for friends and/or family? Visit Secret Scents Home Fragrance on their Facebook page here. Classy, quality, home fragrance delivered to your door.

Treacle Moon’s Christmas Dreams Pomegranate Scented Bath Salts

Happiness for me comes in the smallest of forms. I found myself quite excited to see a recent post on social media pop up from a company called Treacle Moon. I’ve tried products from them in the past such as their bath and shower creams/gels. But my favourite bath treat from them is their bath salts. Last year I bought and received some limited edition bath salts and they’ve just released their new fragrances for Winter 2020 exclusively available from Aldi. So guess where I visited? And what do you think I bought? All FOUR of the new salts with the first one I tried being called Christmas Dreams.

Treacle Moon’s Christmas Dreams Pomegranate Scented Bath Salts

Christmas Dreams. Pomegranate, vanilla and fig scented.

Packaging. It comes in a sachet which you need to tear to open. Super cute and festive in design on the front ( mainly white in colour ) of quite brightly coloured reindeers in a snowy looking white forest.

Scent. Once I opened the sachet I could smell this straight away. So much so it shoved me sideways! I haven’t smelt or used a Jo Malone fragrance with the pomegranate element to it. But I know its very popular. Many people I know have bought it and loved it. Where I work we sell something that apparently smells like this and this I have smelt. It’s never been my favourite scent to be honest as it can be quite overpowering, but these salts scent wise remind me of this.

And this is where this shoved me sideways! Yes its quite strong. It has a musky, woody, masculine element to it yet has an underlying fruitiness to it. I find that this in these bath salts is a more balanced combination for me strength wise. And the slight sweetness from the pomegranate and vanilla lifts it for me and I’m shocked to say I like it! So although I can’t confirm this is similar to the well known fragrance, if you do like THAT one I can’t see you not loving how these salts smell!

Texture. Don’t think of your typical Epsom, Dead Sea type salts. They tend to be clear, almost crystal like. This is a fine, almost powder like in texture. Definitely has a mineral look to it, with it being coloured in a cool, earthy hue of blue almost grey.

How to use. Into a warm bath, pour the whole contents of the sachet into it.

In the bath. I poured this into the warm running water. As it went in it remained the same colour as it was when I opened the packet. But when it hit the water it immediately turned into an aubergine purple. Unexpected and very eye catching. With the colour came foam. And when I say foam I mean lots of foam! It’s important to add I didn’t use the whole packet it was more like half. My bath tub was full of bubbles which was a glorious sight.

The scent was very much there too which made my bath time enjoyable. I didn’t find it heady even though it still had a great strength to it. But it just added to the sensory experience which is what I always hope for when I have a soak. On the skin it caused no problems in or out of the bath. No irritation and my skin didn’t dry out. Result!

Recommended? 100% yes! You really don’t need a full sachet of the bath salts, half will do. The scent is strong but not overpowering, and long lasting. The amount of foam is INSANE and the salts are gentle on the skin. Did I mention its only 79p? There is NOTHING I don’t love about this product. Perfect stocking filler or just great and affordable for everyday use without breaking the bank!

Only available in store from Aldi. Get yours while its stocked pronto!

Treacle Moon Scented Bath Salts collection.

Lacura Peppermint Bath Brick

Bath time for me isn’t a chore it’s a form of me time. Pampering, relaxing and unwinding are all the things I hope to get during my evening bath ritual. So of course, I’m always on the look out for new products to pop into my bath to help me achieve these goals. To say I was a bit excited to see this Peppermint Bath Brick from Aldi is an understatement. And for £1.99 it continued with this supermarket’s reputation of making their products affordable on everyday purchases.

What is this? I would describe this as being a bath bomb or bath fizzer type product. Not shaped like a brick, but more similar in look to a chocolate bar. You snap off how much you want to use and put it under warm running water to enjoy.

Packaging. Simple but effective cardboard box. It’s not the most striking of packaging but because of it’s colour ( green ), and the window on the front so you can see the bath brick, it’s actually very appealing. Relevant details are on the back such as ingredients and how to use.

Lacura’s Peppermint Bath Brick

The look. I liked the look of this! A good, thick, chunky 9 squared bar. Turquoise in colour, but not totally a block colour. Specks of white and pink running through it are visible. The texture and feel is chalk like as you would expect a bath bomb to be.

Scent. I expected a whiff of something minty. What I got was the smallest hint of peppermint but it wasn’t strong it was exceptionally weak. So much so I really needed to sniff hard to get anything. Not only that but the smallest amount of scent I actually got didn’t smell fresh to me, but quite old and stale.

In the bath. I broke off 3 squares and threw them under warm running water. They immediately turned the bath water into a green colour, similar to the bar itself, and it fizzed a little. It didn’t take too long to dissolve, and produced the smallest, tiniest amount of foam which disappeared instantly.

I couldn’t smell anything while in the bath. Not even the fainest of smells. And overall I felt as if I was sat in a bath full of coloured water and that’s it. On the plus side my skin seemed ok with it, it didn’t irritate or dry it out.

Recommended? Not this particular one no. It didn’t start well with the fragrance as my expectations were pretty much shattered from that. I wanted to smell something cooling and of a decent strength which I didn’t get. Peppermint Bath Brick didn’t add anything to my bathing experience which isn’t what I want if lazying for a 30 minutes plus soak. The look of this and of course the price was this product’s saving graces. I know what I like and what I want from a bath bomb/fizzer, and this didn’t pass my test. Personally, I wouldn’t buy this one again but would possibly try out the other 2 fragrances available to see if there’s more of a smell. But Peppermint Bath Brick won’t be bought by me again.

Still want to give this a go? This, along with two other scents, are still available in my local store at time of writing this post. So I can assume depending on stock levels it’s available in others. Also available online here.