Druid and The Witch’s Coconut & Waterfall Blooms Wax Melt

It’s Halloween! Let’s be honest, this year hasn’t been the best has it? The traditional ways people are celebrating this season in 2020 has been thrown out of the window. Many people now are celebrating in their own way and in their own homes. Me? My usual dislike of the season has lessened, and sweets and snacks are currently sat on a bat covered table cloth in my living room! So going along with the Halloween vibe, I’ve been fragrancing my kitchen with Coconut & Waterfall Blooms wax melt from Druid and The Witch over the last 2 days.

Druid and The Witch’s Coconut & Waterfall Blooms Wax Melt

Why choose this melt? I bought a few Halloween pieces recently because I thought they would be fun and quite different for me purchase wise. This particular wax melt was bought and used because of its shape and scent. This came in a bundle of other Halloween shaped wax melts that cost £6.00, which was a perfect and affordable try me set.

Appearance. Mid purple in colour and shaped like a ghost. A sweet ghost but not a scary one. Wearing a bow tie, smiley mouth with simple eyes and cheeks. No glitter, no pigment, one block colour.

Scent. A delicate floral with a slight hint of tropical to it. It’s a very pretty scent, very fresh and relaxing and beautiful. Something I would happily wear, if I could, as a fragrance because it’s that nice!

In melt. How adorable this wax melt looked made it very hard to melt. The size of the wax melt is perfect for one use. The poor thing melted away quite quickly and left a gorgeous pool of lilac liquid wax while releasing it’s fragrance.

Strength & Longevity. I would say this is light in strength close to medium. I melted this in my kitchen and it gave the room a lovely soft fragrance. It was there, you could smell it and it was perfect strength wise. For this type of scent it was ideal. Sometimes you want and need something punchy and in your face, sometimes you don’t. Definitely not needed for this melt. Longevity wise this has proven to be a good one. It was on melt over the last two days over a stretch of hours yet the strength and scent has remained consistent throughout.

Recommended? This is my first experience with Druid and The Witch’s wax melts. The fact it screamed Halloween look wise but smelt nothing like the typical scents associated with the season I loved. Great look, perfect strength for the scent family with good longevity. What more could I ask for? A thumbs up from me and I can’t wait to try more home fragrance from this company.

If you fancy trying out their wax products or even bath and body items they have for sale, visit them on their Etsy store. They have a massive variety of items available to suit all budgets, tastes and needs.

Strawberry Melt’s Wild Strawberry & Parsley Wax Pot

Most of the time I buy wax melts online. So I can’t stand there and have a good sniff to see if I like a particular fragrance. Online the first thing that gets me interested is the scent name. Some scent names sum up how its supposed to smell straight away, some not so much. And those that don’t, make me feel like I’m playing a game of Russian Roulette! Lets face it, scents are one of the hardest things to describe. That’s why ideally most people would want to smell something like a perfume or a candle, before they buy it. But you can’t always do that. So I really want to share some scents and wax that personally for me are a must to purchase.

Wild Strawberry & Parsley Wax Pot from Strawberry Melts is one that I purchased after seeing it pop up many times on social media as being a customer favourite. I didn’t know what to expect, but I bought it curious to see if it was as good as everyone had claimed.

Strawberry Melt’s Wild Strawberry & Parsley Wax Pot

Appearance. A simple but beautiful looking piece of potted wax. Green, with deep red splashes floating on the top. Appealing, and considering the scent name, the perfect colour combo.

Wild Strawberry & Parsley

Scent. When I took the lid off I discovered a powerful, strong fragrance. Even when solid and not melted through this is what I call a punchy wax. Its clean and fresh. Reminds me of something coming from the laundry scented family because of this and its strength. Yet underneath it you can make out a berry sweetness to it with added sharpness ( don’t think juicy sweet ripe ). Lifted with a hint of herbal ( thank you Mr Parsley ).

Longivity & strength. STRONG AND LONG! Use a quarter to a third of this depending on wax warmer used, location and personal taste. But you are more likely to change the wax because you want to rather than need to. Melting a third for me a few hours a day was still going at a good strength by the end of the week till I changed it, and could have continued for longer and still be noticeable ( if not as strong ).

Recommended? YEESSSSSS! If you like your clean/laundry type scents you will love this! More so because its not a typical fragrance, but gives that same immaculate spring clean type scent if that’s what you are looking for. This is why this is THE perfect wax to melt for Springtime. And thanks to its strength it will go on and on and on. So sad to say its sold out from SW’s recent restock, but keep stalking here as it is sold quite regularly. Costs only £2.00 (at time of posting)per 2oz pot, so definitely NOT breaking the bank!