Superdrug’s Bloom Orange & Amber Body Mist

I was expecting to welcome Autumn with open arms this September. Nope! Currently sat in my own pool of sweat with the sun blazing through the window and feeling thankful I had time to apply sun cream on my children. What went wrong? I LOVE Autumn and I am very VERY disappointed it’s not loving me back right now. So I decided to give in and keep in the Summer mood with a change of body fragrance. Thinking of this season I thought of energy and freshness, I decided to use Superdrug’s Bloom Orange, Rose & Amber Body Mist. Usual price £1.49, I got this for 99p earlier in the year.

Superdrug’s Bloom Orange, Rose and Amber Body Mist

Why did I grab this?

Sometimes using the same fragrance day in day out is boring! Since I am a regular user of body mists, I have lots of different ones at my disposal. This one I decided to try because yes I was bored, but because the name of this made me hope for something zesty, Summery and uplifting.


Tall, thin, rectangular clear plastic bottle with a spray top dispenser with lid. It really isn’t anything special but bare in mind how much this costs, what more would I expect? What does make this less bland in such a simple way is the pop of creamy orange colour from the front label. Basic in appearance, but very clean in look which I do find quite appealing.


Sometimes I read scent descriptions online sometimes I don’t. More than likely I do and forget what it says which is maybe the case with this one. What I thought this would be is totally different to what it is, which is actually a good thing. I don’t find this zesty, citrusy or orange like. What I get is a little sweetness, white, light floral notes keeping it fresh and quite youthful. Then warmth and depth from some musky elements (probably the amber and other incense like fragrance/s). It’s a brilliant scent and I really enjoy it. And strangely enough when I sprayed it it made me think of Autumn! I just can’t give that season up can I?

Strength & Longevity.

Strength is an odd one with this body mist. First time I sprayed this of course I could smell it but it was very light. Then it sort of developed a little strength wise. I would still say this is light though. It’s not a heavy scent. And if used during warmer and brighter times to be honest it could be too heady and strong. As per usual I could have had this a bit stronger but then you run the risk of this being overkill. Longevity is decent. It’s noticeable for a few hours but me being me I would need to reapply after that.

Bloom collection


I actually really like this scent and so glad it wasn’t what I thought it would be initially. It’s unusual, it’s warming and relaxing but energising and quite fresh all at the same time. If there ever was a scent you could take through from Summer to Autumn it definitely is this one, as it contains elements that transfer well from one season to another.

Considering the elements this contains you would think it would be overpowering, but far from it. Very natural, as if the scent was meant to be there. So of course this is recommended if the scent I’ve described tickles your nose and you want a delicate fragrance. It’s super affordable, and please don’t expect something costing less than £1.50 to last 24hrs because it just won’t! If the scent disappears reapply it’s cheap enough. Good quality, good price and great scent! Visit instore for this fragrance fix of grab yours online here.

Beauty Laundrette’s Eau Yes Body Mist

I love fragrance. It creates a mood for me and a state of mind, even if it’s for a short amount of time. I COULD spend crazy amounts of money on these products but I don’t. It’s called Adult & Parenthood e.g I can’t afford it! Not regularly anyway. So more affordable alternatives such as perfume or body mists are a must! So I was very interested to see the brand Beauty Laundrette in Superdrug. A totally new line to me, which includes a variety of fragrance and body products all priced in a budget friendly way. So I bought a few pieces, including Eau Yes Body Mist. Normally priced at £5.50, I got it when it was on a half price promotion.

Beauty Laundrette’s Eu Yes Body Mist

Why did I buy this?

A new range (at least to me) always perks my interest! The packaging on the website looked super cute, I am a massive fan of body mists and this was priced so well. Plus I have a daughter who know leaves the house smelling like a perfume counter. Which I wouldn’t appreciate if she was bathing in a £50 bottle of an eau de parfum! But a body mist? Not bothered!


Very unusual this one! The whole range looks youthful, fun, feminine and has their own take on laundry products packaging. Slightly curved around the edge with a trigger top to release products. But the trigger isn’t push down as traditional fragrances are, you squeeze it. Soft pink in colour, so no mistaking this for a household item. Lettering in a metallic copper colour. Different, simple but very eye catching.


This is a very fresh and delicate scented body mist and NOT my usual type of scent I would go for. It’s floral based, but more white flowers so it has a more fresh and clean feel to it rather than it being heavy, sweet and dare I say old. It’s pretty, it’s airy and it immediately make me think of Spring and Summer time. If I’m honest, the first time I used this I wasn’t too keen. I didn’t love it, in fact I didn’t even like it. But it grew on me. And the more I used it the more I DID like it! Totally different to anything else I have in my fragrance wardrobe.

How I use this.

It’s not something I thought about until recently, but who actually uses body mists on their body? I mean, direct contact onto the skin? I never have. But when you read the packaging (I never do, not for a fragrance!) it does say apply on the body (well this one does). I apply this onto my clothes. The idea of putting it onto my skin is a no. I wouldn’t as I don’t want my skin to be irritated (psoriasis sufferer). I don’t know whether these types of formulations would dry my skin out (contains alcohol). But if I want my skin to be fragranced I would just use a fragranced body lotion.

Strength and longevity.

Strength is very VERY light. I found I needed to apply quite a few bursts of this to get close to the strength I wanted. The type of fragrance it is I think it suits being soft rather than full on, but personally I think it should be just a touch stronger. Longevity can only go so far if it’s already a soft fragrance. This is one of those body mists reapplying often is more likely than not.

Would I buy this again?

For myself probably not. And only because of the strength. The scent, although not my usual type is actually quite nice and it won me over, but I like my scents to be a little more punchier on the power front

Beauty Laundrette products


I actually would, for a particular group of people….

*People that don’t like strong scents and want something that’s almost invisible.

*Someone may work in certain industries where strong scents would be a no no e.g working with food, hospitals, care homes etc.

*This maybe purchased for a child or teen, who you want to have a nice fragrance, but not one that is overpowering (well the parent doesn’t!).

So, if you like your fresh florals and scent to be light, this would tick the boxes. It does have a nice scent, an unusual and cute packaging (some people will love it some won’t) and when on offer is good value. At the time of writing this post, this body mist is on offer with a third off so grab yours here now if this ticks your fragrance boxes.

Superdrug’s Bloom Driftwood & Sea Salt Body Mist

Using some form of fragrance for me is like finishing off an outfit. Once it’s sprayed onto my clothes, it’s my sign that its time to go and to start my day. Are there particular fragrances or types I want to wear at certain times? No not really. Whatever I fancy at the moment is what I chose, which could be a completely different type of scent the following day. That’s why my collection is sizeable. Mostly, this consists of body/perfume mists with a few actual perfumes thrown in. One body mist I’ve recently been using is Superdrug’s Bloom Driftwood & Sea Salt Body Mist. Usual price is £2.99, I bought this when on offer for 99p!

Superdrug’s Bloom Driftwood & Sea Salt Body Mist

Why did I chose this one?

The scents I tend to go for are quite typical and predictable. Fruity, bakery based. Maybe floral and feminine, but mixed with something else to give it a feel of sophistication rather than making me smell like a granny. This I wanted it to be totally different. From the fragrance name alone, it conjured up something quite clean and fresh with a twist, which is exactly what I wanted, especially to wear during Summer.


Tall and thin plastic rectangular spray topped bottle. Totally clear, very basic in look. The thing that makes it stand out is the label. Designed very simply but mint green in colour providing it a much needed pop.

Scent Description from Superdrug’s Website.

Driftwood and Seasalt Body Mist : a contemporary classic fragrance, combining amber and fresh notes of bergamot, infused with base notes of sandalwood.

How does this smell to me?

A salty sea breeze mixed in with a hint off woodiness and spice. There’s a slight herbal edge in here with some subtle powdery notes and sweetness. It’s a great combination of elements in one fragrance. It gives a unique take on a clean smelling scent. I love how this screams Summer to me, but there isn’t a flower or tropical fruit scent to this in sight. Quite a unisex fragrance in my opinion and not targeting a particular age range. This would appeal to a large number of people regardless of age or sex.

Strength & Longevity.

Strength is medium. What I like about this body mist, is it could easily be an overwhelming fragrance but it isn’t. Too strong and this could kill the senses, but it’s strong enough to enjoy the aroma. Longevity for me could have been a little longer. I found myself having to top this up a few times during the day as the strength seemed to dive somewhat, and I really wanted the initial strength back. But in all honesty I think I would have reapplied regardless as I just love how it smells!


This scent is gorgeous! I absolutely love it! Every time I use this it literally makes me smile! I even spray my son with this when he needs freshening up. Despite the fact I would like this to retain it’s strength for longer, I still think this is a killer fragrance. It’s different, it’s in keeping with the Spring/Summer seasons, and I think it has mass appeal. Why oh why they don’t sell this in wax melt or reed diffuser form I do not know as it needs to exist!

Currently, at time of writing this, this fragrance and others in the range are on a 2 for £5.00 deal. So if you are thinking of keeping one for yourself, and gifting one to some lucky person, get your body mist groove on here.

Miss So….? Secret Crush Perfume Mist

Smelling good means feeling good. It’s no wonder people spend money buying various lotions, potions, perfumes and fragrances to make sure they smell nice. What I love is you don’t have to spend a fortune achieving this. If it’s a fragrance you want to use, there are many body mists available that provide beautiful scents but not at the same cost as actual perfumes. On my current fragrance rotation is Miss So….? Secret Crush Perfume Mist I bought from Superdrug last year. Half price at £2.98.

Why did I chose this one? At the time of purchase I bought a few different fragrances. What appealed to me with this one was the scent description sounded quite fresh, whereas most of my body mists are more fruity or bakery based. I thought this would make a nice change and give me more of a varied selection at home to use.

Miss So..? Secret Crush Perfume Mist

Scent Description ( taken from website ). The So…? Secret Crush fragrance transports your senses to fields of peony and cherry blossom, settling into fruity notes of blushing apricot, before wrapping you in a sweet embrace of amber and musk.

Packaging. This scent comes in a pale blue bottle with white and black detailing e.g spray top, labelling and logo.The look of this is simple. Quite youthful and fashionable.

My scent description. Has an almost soap and water sort of cleanness to it, mixed with floral notes. There’s a powdery element to it and definitely a hint of musk. There is a sweetness to this but not sure whether it’s coming from something floral or fruity but it definitely lifts the scent. Not heady or overpowering.

Strength & Longevity. I don’t think this is designed to be very powerful which isn’t a bad thing. I would say this is light to medium. But to build up the strength like most fragrances you can just apply a little more if needed. Longevity I found if I used this before work, I could still smell this when I finished. I didn’t need to top it up at all. Through out my shifts the scent was still there but just became less obvious.

Top tip. I haven’t smelt all of the scents from this range, but if they are all of similar strength, why not layer them over each other if you find two or maybe three that compliment the other/s. This way you are creating something unique and personal to you.

Recommended? Totally recommended. The scent is a lovely one which I actually think is perfect for Spring and Summer. It’s not too heavy, and gives you a clean scent which isn’t boring or one dimensional. This is quite pretty but not in an obvious floral or feminine way. It’s a scent most people will like and its great for everyday use with a decent strength and longevity. And the great bit is this is regularly on some form of offer at Superdrug, making it super affordable!

Fancy adding a new scent to your fragrance wardrobe? Current price is £5.99 or 2 for £8.00. Get yours at Superdrug here now.

Delicious Destinations Flamingo Body Mist

I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I bought a perfume. When I say perfume I mean a branded one, fashion house, eau de toilette or eau de parfum. Why? I don’t have the budget! No, that’s a lie….If I buy one fragrance for £30-50 I could spend that on a multitude of different things I love such as gin, wax melts, bath bombs, books etc. So keeping it cheap and cheerful but still wanting to smell nice means body mists are one of my must buys. Delicious Destinations from Superdrug is what I douse myself with at the moment. At a cost of £3.99 ( at the time it was half price ) for 100ml.

Delicious Destinations Flamingo Body Mist

Why did I buy this one? I like to smell nice! Body mists are affordable so I buy one or five at a time. But going for this particular fragrance was because I love sweet and fruity scents. Anything these days that has a connection with unicorns, flamingos or lamas seems to be part of that fragrance range so I assumed Delicious Destinations Flamingo would fall into that category.

Packaging. This mist comes in a plastic bottle with a pump spray to release fragrance. The shape of it is nice, not straight up and down. But wider at the top and gets more narrower further down. On the front is a picture of a flamingo. On the back all the information you need e.g ingredients, on a colourful, bright, ombre effect label.

Scent Description. On Superdrug’s website it just says this is bold, feminine and flirty! But on the actual bottle it keeps it much more easier to digest and says coconut, milk and orchid!

My scent description. Slightly floral but delicate. I hate floral on its own and when its strong, but find it creates a lovely base for many a fragrance and it does with this one. Coconut is there too. Think of the usual coconut fragrance you get with most things and that’s what this is. So it has a tropical edge to it and sweetness. The milk bit I can only assume is coconut milk rather than milk on its own, because there is a slight creaminess to this. Overall it’s a nice fragrance, quite summery and one that has my name all over it.

Strength & Longevity. Strength I would say is light to medium. I am not sparing with this body mist at all! My uniform and coat before I start work gets a generous spritz, and that will last me for the whole 4 plus hours of physical work. I feel it does lessen over that time in strength but it’s there, which is what you want.

Recommended? Yes! For a few reasons. One, it smells nice. Two, its a good size and even if like me you use this a lot, it should last awhile. Three, it has a good strength and longevity about it but you won’t smell like a 5 year old has gone to town with your fragrance playing grown up. And fourthly, this and other scents in the range are regularly on some form of offer. So whether its half price or buy one get one free, its super affordable!

Want to smell like you are on holiday? Closest any of us will be to that I’m afraid for now! Get yours from Superdrug here. *at time of writing this, this currently is half price. PLUS, if you want this but in a stronger formulation e.g eau de toilette, here it is! Also half price! Kerching!

Zoella Gelat’eau Body Mist

Designer fragrances are not something I purchase regularly. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I bought a branded/fashion eau de toilette or eau de parfum. Why? I don’t get paid that much! It’s a considered purchase for me. Despite the fact I love to smell nice, I get fragrances that are affordable. Affordable means I can buy a wide range of fragrances at a fraction of the price of just one designer branded one. This gives me a varied scents wardrobe at my disposal. Body mists for me are a great way of getting fragrance without breaking the bank. I recently added to my collection Zoella’s Gelat’eau Body Mist from Home Bargains at £1.49

Why this one? It was a few days before my family holiday and I thought it would be nice to take a new fragrance with me. The packaging caught my eye first, then the price. I didn’t get a chance to smell this but I guessed this would be quite a youthful and uplifting scent.

Zoella. Who is Zoella? Zoella is a social media personality known for being a vlogger/blogger. She has a huge beauty range on the high street which seems very popular, so already has solid background in this field.

Appearance/packaging. Simple and sweet in look, but looks more expensive than what it costs. White bottle, copper coloured lid, peach, grey and copper/gold coloured writing. This screams to me something aimed at a younger, fashionable market. This looks more perfume in appearance than a mist.

Zoella Gelat’eau Body Mist

Scent. Sometimes judging a book by its cover isn’t wrong! This is not that far off from what I thought this would smell like. Its an effervescent fruity and sweet fragrance, similar to many things that are scented with one of my all time favourite smells which is rhubarb ( but not quite! ). Not sickly in the slightest as its not overpowering and somehow remains quite fresh and quite clean.

Longevity. This is my go to fragrance to wear for work and this does have to work quite hard as my job is quite physical. But if I spray this on in the morning I can still smell it in the afternoon, although not as strong, but still there. So this lasted very well. I didn’t expect too much considering the price and the fact its a mist, but its done its job fabulously!

Recommended? Definitely! If like me you love your fragrances to be more fruit or sweet based this one is for you. Its youthful, energising and perfect to wear during the Summer months and for day time use. If you are lucky to see this for the price I paid in a discount store, its worthwhile buying a few of these as its not a regular stock item on the high street due to it ( I assume ) being an older sub range. But it can be bought online from Feel Unique for £6.40 here.

This is what I call affordable luxury!