Primark’s PS Dream Sleep Bath Foam

I’m probably one of a few people that can say this, but I was never a massive Primark visitor. It just didn’t appeal to me as a shopper, and I would normally only go in there for a few essential items. But when I discovered they had their own skincare and beauty lines on sale, they got me! I can’t wait to visit my local store minus children soon. I want to see what they have available and if there is anything new for me to try. In the meantime I’m going through a few of the pieces I already own, such as PS Dream Lavender & Jasmine Sleep Bath Foam. Was £3.00 originally but I picked it up for £1.00 a few months ago.

Primark’s PS Dream Lavender & Jasmine Sleep Bath Foam

Why did I buy this?

Up til this point I have only tried some of Primark’s skincare products, nothing to do with bath and body. So for a £1.00 I thought it would be a good product to start with. The combination of lavender and jasmine seemed a nice fragrance combination and potentially very relaxing. And I love a good bath so why not?


110ml of bath foam comes in a tall, plastic screw top lidded bottle. The opening of the bottle isn’t massive and to get the bath foam out you need to squeeze and pour. The packaging is simple in look but pleasant. Label is textured and white and lilac in colour. The bottle comes in a box which mirrors the colouring and overall design of the bottle itself. Overall, it’s a decently packaged bath product which I can’t see too many people disliking.


Having a cheeky sniff from directly from the bottle, it’s not going to be a massive surprise to say that this smells of lavender. Lavender can smell very strong AND also quite old fashioned. This isn’t heady in scent or strength. It’s there but not in your face. It does smell like it’s mixed with something else which I find is the way I enjoy lavender. And this has a hint of floral, which I assume is the jasmine element. Overall, it smells lovely enough, it does have that relaxation vibe to it and isn’t offensive. But if you hate lavender chances are this is not going to be for you.


With this being labelled as a bath foam I expected a gel like texture. Thick, glossy but liquid. When I first unscrewed the lid I did think it was odd how small the opening was, but when I squeezed it out I understood why. The consistency of this reminds me somewhat of a bath oil, even the colour of it. It’s quite runny and lose, but if you touch it between the finger tips it’s not greasy but very light in feel.

In the bath.

Under warm running water, I added 3 generous squirts of this. It foamed up slowly, the water remained clear and the foam was very soft and airy. I expected the fragrance to really come into it’s own now added with water and the heat of the bathroom, but unfortunately it didn’t. Barely there and actually very disappointing as I thought it would travel and linger in this room.

Sitting in the bath, it was an ok experience. The foam lasted a decent amount of time. I didn’t particularly feel the bath relaxed me. In fact it was on the boring side. It didn’t dry my skin out or irritate it, but it didn’t moisturise it either. In all honesty I’ve bought foaming baths from supermarkets that I’ve enjoyed much more and better value price and size wise.


I assume this was part of an old stock when I bought this so hope this is why I got the results I did. But no I wouldnt recommened this. And there are a few reasons…

Essentially this is a foam/bubble bath. 110ml for £1.00 at a special price, or £3.00 as standard for me should have given me a better quality of product. So not good value.

The main issue for me is the fragrance. Where was it? Lavender is always hyped up when it comes to relaxation and sleep, so if it’s not there scent wise how can it be called a Sleep Foam? Needs to be stronger. Doesn’t have to blow someone’s head off but be there. And no point in the scent being present while sniffing the bottle, it needs to be present in the bath too.

Because of the size I expected a decent fragrance and an aromatherapy inspired/based bathing experience. What they should have done is kept the same size and made it into a bath oil with more fragrance. That would have been a winner! Or up the size to 250/300ml, throw in a stronger scent and this would have been a better purchase.

So not something I would purchase again if it was available. Shame, as this could have been a great little product in a gift basket, box, ready to give out for a special occasion. BUT I would still want to try out other products from this fragranced range to see if fragrance and quality is any different dependant on product.

Primark’s CBD Clay Mask

I’m sure the first thing people think about when the department store Primark is mentioned, they think of clothes. Totally understandable! They are well now for their affordable fashion items for men, women and children. But these days when I think of this store, I think of different things. Homeware, home fragrance and skincare! They don’t seem to have a massive range of skincare in my local store, but the pieces they have always spark my interest. That spark occasionally opens up my wallet to buy. A purchase I made recently was their CBD Clay Mask. Usual price £4.00, reduced to £2.00.

Primark’s CBD Clay Mask

Why did I buy this?

Pure curiosity! And, I am a sucker for a bargain. It also helps that I love a skincare mask too. Occasionally I use a clay mask depending on how my skin is behaving. And right now it’s not behaving at all! And what is with skincare having CBD/hemp and other stuff like that included in it’s formulation? Seems to be a fashionable thing but is it effective? Perfect time to try this out with my skin in a mini heat ravaged turmoil mess.

What is this supposed to do?

It’s designed to purify, soften, smooth and revitalise the skin. The inclusion of CBD oil, hemp seed oil and aloe vera aide with these actions.


60g of mask is housed in a plastic screw top pot. I really like the shape of this as the sides aren’t totally straight and curve closer to the top. White in colour, with text in green and a metallic looking mint green colour lid. This comes boxed up with the box mirroring the container, but with it being mostly green in colour.


Ewwhh. Not a fan. It sort of smells off and not totally fresh, with a slight clay smell to it. I didn’t expect this to smell of flowers or bubblegum, but would have thought this could have smelt a little more appealing.


In the pot, doesn’t look great. It does have the same type of look a lot of clay masks have. Thick, slightly mud like and quite thick, But this mask is very pale in colour which doesn’t make me feel too excited to use it to be honest.

How to use?

Apply onto clean skin. Leave for 10-15 minutes and remove by rinsing with warm water and patting dry.

In Use.

I expected this to be slightly more thicker in texture, but found it a touch lighter than what I originally thought. Easy to use, and I applied a decent but thin layer of the mask all over the face. Took very little time for this to dry out as the colour of it lightened and my face became more frozen, but totally what I expected with a mask like this. These are never the most comfortable products to have on the skin, but it wasn’t bad. I did notice that the scent of this didn’t linger, thank goodness, so wasn’t a problem.

Removal was like a dream! I thought it would be hard work but it really wasn’t. A warmed and damp face cloth wiped over the face took this off so easily and left no residue, which was what I expected to see.

Skin Afterwards?

Straight after removal my skin looked clean and quite fresh. I used this mask a few hours before bedtime, so it’s really the morning after the night before I will pick up on changes. And next morning my skin looked a touch smoother and felt it, reasonably rested in look. There was a sign of improvement but not a massive one. Enough for me to feel that I got some benefit using Primark’s CBD Clay Mask. But I would like to have seen a little more.


This clay mask has performed no better or no worse than others I’ve used in the past. If you’re visiting Primark, and it’s there and reduced in price why not? 60ml is a decent size, easy application and removal and appeared to improve my skin. And it’s packaged nicely! So a great gift idea for someone who likes or deserves a little pampering. Not an award winner but worth a couple of pounds!

Primark’s Soothing Vitamin E Eye Patches

I LOVE my friends! I don’t have many (quality over quantity!), and those I have I suspect know me better than I know myself at times. They understand my quirky sense of humour. They respect the fact I get up very early in the morning to work out when most people aren’t awake for hours. And they know how much I love skin and body care. So a slight squeal may or may not have left my lips when one of my amazing friends gave my a selection of goodies a few months ago, containing food and skincare. One item being Primark’s Soothing Vitamin E Eye Patches. Cost, £1.50.

Primark’s Soothing Eye Patches

Why was I excited over these?

I love eye treatments! Eyes are definitely the windows of the soul, and as a busy mum of 2 who works and writes, tiredness is my middle name. And tiredness will ALWAYS show in the eye area. I would never say that eye patches totally transform the eye area and be the holy grail of eye care. But for an instant sense of relief feel and look wise, I find these to be very handy.

What are these & what are they supposed to do?

Gathering the very little information there is on the packaging, there are 15 treatments included. Placed under the eye area, they are designed to soothe and nourish the skin under the eyes. Ingredients include glycerin (moisturising), Papaya extract (rich in antioxidants), Morus Alba Bark Extract (another anti oxidant and calms irritations) and of course Vitamin E.


These eye patches come in a packet. The packet itself has quite a relaxing and chilled out look reflecting the soothing action of these patches, thanks to the green colouring. Resealable once the top of it is ripped open, means the rest of the patches won’t dry out and and be ruined. Instructions and details on the back are beyond small so get your specs out. And what information is present is very basic.

What do they look like?

When I opened the packet I was greeted with two thick stacks of eye patches. Quite standard basic eye patches. White in colour, under eye shaped and opaque. Very similar in feel to a face tissue mask.


No obvious fragrance as such but there was something very faint. It remained me of how aloe vera gel smells, a delicate watery plant like fresh type smell.

How to use.

Apply onto clean face. Place under the eye area and leave on for 15-20 minutes.

In use.

I’ve used these about 4 or 5 times. I left them in the fridge so they were nice and cold. I had to separate the patches from each other which took a bit of time, but when I did it was noticeable they were soaked in some form of serum/solution. Thickness of the patches were enough to work with and helped with application. Easy to apply, although I needed to work out a few creases so they lay flat and in position. But they stayed still, no moving, for the full 20 minutes of usage. Quite comfortable on, very cooling and it felt quite pleasant.

After use.

Touching my under eyes I did feel a little tackiness, but they didn’t look oily and I didn’t see any obvious residue. Did the under of my eyes look any different? No. Did they feel a little more relaxed and hydrated? Yes they did. They were nice enough to use and to be honest I got the experience and results I expected so I’m not complaining.


If you are looking for a serious eye product where you want a specific result such as reduction of lines, getting rid of dark circles, then no. To me, this isn’t serious skincare, its a bit of fun and pampering. And if you treat it like that you wont be disappointed. Pop them in the fridge, run a bath and use a good quality bath bomb. Light a candle, eat some chocolate and slap these on. So would I buy these myself? I might, because they are cheap and provide light relief. But I wouldn’t rely on these changing my eyes dramatically or permanently.

Primark Bergamot & Amber Reed Diffuser

I’ve become a little obsessed with reed diffusers lately. Don’t ask me why I just have. It’s another form of getting my home fragrance fix and I’m enjoying it. About 2 months ago I bought 2 Primark Mini Reed Diffusers. Unfortunately, I found them to be very disappointing. So while buying a birthday gift for a friend more recently, I decided to pick up a full size of Bergamot & Amber hoping this would give me a better experience than my last. This costs £2.50 for 100ml and came in a variety of different fragrances.

Primark Bergamot & Amber Reed Diffuser

Why did I go for this one?

I smelt the candle form of this and really liked the fragrance. So when I went to look at the reed diffuser version I have to say the packaging caught my eye, along with the price, so thought I would give it a go and prayed this would be half decent.


The reed diffuser comes boxed. Quite a sizeable, rectangular, cardboard box which is pretty standard for this type of thing. But it’s the colours of this box that spoke to me! An ombre of off white from the bottom heading towards the top into an almost golden burnt orange colour. Text sets it off as its in black and gold. Striking yet simple.

The diffuser itself is glass, cylinder shape but short and chunky with the labelling a similar colour and effect as the box. The diffuser itself looks beautiful and well presented in and out of box.

What do you get?

The glass jar with the fragranced oil in it, 6 long reeds and an instruction leaflet.

How to use.

Unscrew the cap around the top of the jar. Remove the little plug out of the middle of the jar. Put the cap back on and slot the reeds in the middle. Turn the reeds around every week or so to fully immerse in oil and enjoy. Is designed to last 6-8 weeks.


This is quite warming yet refreshing all at the same time. There’s a slightly spicy citrus element in this. It’s not sharp and acidic but energising and uplifting. A little musk gives it depth and with a slight sweet edge to it, makes me think this could easily be a perfume.

In use. Strength & Longevity?

So, it took me about an hour to get the scent of this. Originally I put this in the downstairs toilet and as I walked in I smelt something faint but very comforting. It just gave this small but perfectly formed room a lift that wasn’t obvious. I then moved it in my bedroom which is much more sizable, just to see if the fragrance could still be detected and it was. The look of this in this space was super stylish and fitted in perfectly with my gold/bronze accents.

Strength I would say is light to a near medium at rare times. There are times this would be in my bedroom and the scent is quite prominent. Then it’s faint. Sat on a window it could be both. You really do have to play with positions for placement. But consistently it is light but I can smell the scent. I haven’t been using this for 8 weeks less than 2. So how long this will throw a fragrance I can’t tell you yet but so far it’s been ok.

If you want something not heavy and intense this would be it. Personally, I think it’s better suited to smaller rooms as bigger ones it will struggle. But sometimes a scent doesn’t have to pack a punch to be noticed or nice but it does need to be there which this was. I would have LOVED this to be a little more stronger! It’s such a gorgeous scent it deserves it. And if it was I would be buying this in multiples I promise you! But considering how much you pay for this, and the look, it evens itself out in my opinion.


Tough to answer! I stress, if you want the HULK of reed diffusers in regards to power this isn’t it. Are you happy for this to go in small spaces such as a toilet, spare room, cupboard or even a caravan then yes. The fragrance is glorious I love it. The look is perfect and the price is low. But I guess you have to take into account the low cost may influence the strength and quality of this.

So think carefully if you pick this reed diffuser up when you are out buying a t-shirt, leggings or sunglasses in Primani. I’m still not sure.

Primark Mini Reed Diffusers

Primark is one of those places I tend to visit when I need to pick up affordable and basic items, such as leggings, kids t -shirts and underwear. In all honesty it’s not my go to place for the majority of my shopping needs, never has been. Well, until recently, when my daughter decided to develop an all consuming addiction to Harry Potter then multiple trips were needed (their HP range is impressive and cheap!). While stalking their home section for wizardry items, Primark’s home fragrance products caught my attention. Since I now enjoy reed diffusers, I thought I would give a couple a whirl. I opted for 2 scents Fresh Linen and Oriental Orchard. Both the 30ml size at a cost of 80p each!

Primark Mini Reed Diffusers in Linen and Oriental Orchid fragrances

Why did I buy these?

I thought I would go for these because the size and the price was a great way of trying them out to see what the quality was like. The scent selection was varied, with most being fragrances I like. If these minis performed well, I could easily buy the bigger versions as they were available too.


These are presented very well. Placed in long, thin cardboard boxes, each one has illustrations matching their scent on them e.g Oriental Orchid has images of flowers covering it. Both beautiful in look, both have a homely appeal to them and quite classic without being old fashioned.

The diffusers themselves, because of the size, are absolutely adorable! Made of glass and cylinder in shape, roughly 11cm in height and 3cm in depth. Both have the fragrance name on the bottles. Oriental Orchid is lettered in gold, which matches the gold coloured lid on the top of it. Fresh Linen is in silver with their lid a matching silver tone to. Simple but very sophisticated in appearance.

What do you get?

You get a bottle containing the fragranced oil, a pack of 5 reeds and an instruction leaflet.


Fresh Linen. Think of a clean, crisp, laundry type scent. Slightly powdery in notes and a hidden floral in there and this is what you get! Not dissimilar to the type of scents you get in wax melt and candle forms in the laundry scent family of a similar name. Really lovely scent which most people will like.

Oriental Orchid. This one is a little more particular compared to Fresh Linen. This is obviously a floral. Floral, has a sweetness to it, but has an almost perfume style to how it smells. Doesn’t smell old fashioned. Very pretty and very pleasant in scent.

How to use.

On the bottle is a screw top lid you need to remove. Once it comes off their is a plastic stopper that you need to pull out which leaves the hole that you place the reeds in. Before you do that pop the top back on to finish and place the diffuser in your chosen place to enjoy the fragrance!

Strength & Longevity.

The only time I’ve noticed the scent of these is when I’ve placed them inside a cupboard (underneath the kitchen sink), and on a window sill in my children’s bedroom when the window was open. Other than that, scent strength wise has pretty much been non existent. In regards to longevity, you can’t have that if there is barely a scent at all! The packaging says these should last up to 4 weeks. By the end of a week most of the oil had evaporated, but got no scent as a benefit.

I’ve turned the reeds around to see if the scent would improve and for a split second it did in that moment when I was close by, but it wasn’t long lasting. The position of these have been moved and even the rooms they’ve been placed in changed. This hasn’t made a massive effect on the fragrance these give off. So overall disappointing.

Final thoughts?

I love the idea of these mini diffusers for so many reasons. They look cute, could make great little gifts or part of a bigger gift. But they still need to delivery fragrance, which I think means they have to be bigger. Or the oil stronger and possible tweaking of the reeds themselves e.g thickness, length etc.


No. For 80p a go it was worth a try but besides looking nice these were useless. Such a shame as the fragrances when you get a good whiff of them from the top of the bottle are really nice and appealing. But that’s it!I am curious though to try out the more standard in size versions, to see if size really does matter in the reed diffuser arena. As for these? I will give them a miss on my next Primark shopping trip.