Strawberry Melt’s Strawberry Blanket Wax Chunks

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I really should enforce a wax ban on myself. But sometimes I just can’t help myself! A pretty piece of wax can turn my eye and a scent description for wax can send me crazy with excitement. And even though I promised myself recently I wouldn’t buy any new pieces I betrayed myself by buying some new wax from Strawberry Melts. One of which being Strawberry Blanket wax chunks. 110g for £5.50.

Strawberry Blanket by Strawberry Melts

Why did I go gaga over this? Purely down to the scent description. It includes one of my favourite all time scents from SW and this mix really interested me. I just knew I had to have it – simple!

Strawberry Melt’s Scent Description. Strawberry and parsley and soft blanket ( jasmine and cherry blossom, Fressia and powdery notes complete with orchid ).

Packaging. All wax chunks from Strawberry Melt’s come in a small paper bag as standard, with a small clear window on the front so you can peep inside. Scent name and description is on a label just above it and on the back is ingredients list.

Appearance. These chunks are roughly the same size but not exact ( not factory made handmade with love ). Yellow in colour with stripes of green and red running through them. Finished off with delicate dusting of irregular pieces of glitter.

While melting. I used just one chunk as each one was a good size and was the perfect amount to place in my wax warmer. Didn’t take too long to melt and created the most eye catching wax pool while releasing fragrance.

Mid melt

Scent. One word WOW! I already mentioned this included one of my favourite scents. And the scent I adore is Strawberry and Parsley. You can definitely smell it within this combination. A little strawberry can be picked out mid whiff, so has a fruity berry element to it. Some herbal element is in there but what changes this from strawberry and parsley as a stand alone scent, is this has a powdery element to it with a touch of floral. All of these mixed together created a clean, fresh, sophisticated almost laundry type scent.

Strength & Longevity. This is strong! I melted this in the kitchen and I could smell this in the next room. Despite this I didn’t find it overpowering, so this would be great wax for different sized rooms from small to big. This has been melting away on and off for 4 days…and I’ve had to change the wax not because the scent had disappeared, but because I have other wax to use up. So strength and longevity is fantastic!

Recommended? I think this is now my new favourite over my beloved Strawberry & Parsley. Why? It has that extra cleanness to it which stands out for me and I adore it! If you love laundry and clean scents and want something a little different this is for you. I can’t see many people not liking this and should be sat in every wax melter! Currently not in stock, but Strawberry Melt’s have restocks regularly and there are also opportunities for customers to put in requests for particular scents in various wax forms, so this coming back is a possibility. Visit their website here now for your latest wax fix and to keep your eyes peeled for this ( hopefully ) to pop back up for sale!

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