Strawberry Melts When Unicorn Fly Wax Melt

I’m trying so hard at the start of 2020 to sit on my hands and stop myself from buying anymore wax. I really don’t need to make any purchases as my current wax stash is still quite big. So rather than me buying and adding more to this treasure chest I thought it would be best to melt what I already had before splurging on more. I’ve opted to melt Strawberry Melts When Unicorn Fly.

Unicorn Sampler. I bought this as a set from Strawberry Melts towards the end of 2019, and this set consisted of different scented wax pieces all of which having a unicorn theme to it scent wise. I bought it because generally anything that is connected with unicorn in smell tends to be quite a sweet fragrance which is always a winner for me. As a set this cost £10.00 with 10 wax melts in 5 different scents.

Strawberry Melts When Unicorn Fly

Strawberry Melts Scent Description. Loads of sweet, rich buttery top notes followed by fresh coconut and itty bitty hints of sweet berries with bottom notes of yummy, super sweet vanilla.

Appearance. Considering the name of this wax and scent description you would think this would be pink or purple in colour which isn’t the case. Instead this fragrance sits in two mint green and white wax melts, both different shapes with both looking like they’ve been set in a fancy cake or jelly mould ( obviously not as big these wax melts are roughly same diameter as a £2 ). Small golden butterflies sprinkled on the top of each to complete the look.

In melt. This is quite a good sized wax shape so it took some time to fully melt but when it did it became green in colour and the small, delicate butterflies were dotted around within in it having a good old swim.

Scent. This is one of those pieces of wax I had to sniff a few times to figure out what it reminded me of as it smelt like something familiar to me. Then finally it hit me… strawberry pencils! Those highly addictive long pencil shaped sweets with white fondant running through the middle. ITS THAT! Literally smells like that! Creamy and sweet, slightly strawberry confectionery type scent with definite hints of coconut. This is one of those scents that will have you wiping the drool from your mouth once you smell it.

Strength & Longevity. This poor wax melt had to fight through the smell of cooking but this scent was still there trying to hold its own. Medium strength I would say for this one which is good considering the type of scent it is and where I chose to melt it ( kitchen ). Longevity as expected with a Strawberry Wax melt was great as they have never failed me in the past. I had this on for around 3 days melting away at least for 4 hours at a time, scent was still there, and then I changed it as I normally do between 2-4 days anyway to something else.

Recommended? Those who love their candles/wax melts to be sweety inspired you will love this as much as I do! Its sweet in a confectionery way along with it being fruity, and its such a fun, yummy and enjoyable scent to melt. I really hope this scent comes back to the Strawberry Melts family as a permanent fixture. Their stock and scents change often with one off pieces or collections being quite a regular thing so no guarantees. But keep your eyes peeled for this scent on their website here or find them on Facebook book and beg to get this scent back on sale!

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