Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Bedtime Bath Bar

When do you have a bath? Mornings? Evenings? When you feel poorly, tired or sore? And how many baths do you have per week? One? Two? I have one everyday in the evening and dare I say sometimes two…and will still have a shower in the morning before work! It’s part of my routine and a must to finish my day as it helps to get my body and mind right. So I thought it was time to try out something new and from someone new. Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Bedtime Bath Bar is a bath time treat I’ve recently used. I bought this a few months ago when there was a special promotion. This 130g bath bar costs £4.15.

Dirty Cosmetics Bedtime Bath Bar

Why this one? I bought a selection of different bars based on the scent descriptions and what I thought I would like. But my reason for using this one was because I wanted something that was relaxing and able to chill me out. With the name Bedtime I thought it was the perfect choice!

What’s a bath bar? My definition of a bath bar is a simple one. It provides the same bathing experience as a bath bomb but, in my opinion, a bath bar tends to be a little more moisturising than a typical bath bomb. And of course are bar or block shaped!

Packaging. The bath bar was wrapped in clear plastic with labelling on both front and back.

Appearance. This is a good, chunky bath bar! Size wise this took up most of the palm of my hand. Rectangular in shape with a texture in look and feel comparable to a bath bomb, so chalky and grainy. Beautifully two toned in colour with streaks of purple running through blue.

Scent. Exactly how it’s described on the website, I got lavender and vanilla. It’s not that heady, smack you in the face lavender. You can smell it and the herbal feel of it is there but it’s not strong. The vanilla gives it a little creaminess but it’s not sickly sweet. A lovely fragrance combo which overall was subtle. * Something to note here. Having hay fever means my nose is exceptionally stuffy, so will need to revisit the strength of scent of this bar at some point. Although I can get the scent, strength may not be picked up accurately*.

How to use. Rather than let warm water run and popping this in the bath, Dirty Fresh Cosmetic suggest to run a hot bath and then place the bar on top.

In the bath. I did as the directions suggested, I popped this on top of a very warm, filled bath. And boy oh boy did this fizz! Sound wise you could hear it cackling away. Visually you could see small bubbles flowing off it while it released eye catching, mesmerising streams of purple and blue along with foam. I have to say this was one of the most stunning and vibrant baths I have ever seen to date! The foam that was created wasn’t a huge amount and didn’t stick around for a long time. But what it did do was leave a deep, blue/purple bath which was still incredibly impressive!

The fragrance came to life as soon as this made contact with the water. During bath time the fragrance was there but very much delicate and in the background.

On the skin. In the bath this bath bar didn’t strip my skin, in fact it had a light moisturising element to it. Out of the bath my skin didn’t feel dry and I wasn’t craving body lotion straight away.

Clean up. I have never had a bath that was such a deep and dark colour as this one. Some people worry how the clean up is after, and I have to say no different to any other bath time. No staining AT ALL, I washed the bath as normal and absolutely no issues.

Recommended? If, like me you love your bath products, this is one bath bar you HAVE to try out so it’s a yes from me! Good size, great look to it, fair price and the bath art you get is INSANE! I thoroughly enjoyed this bath! It provided everything I needed from it and was an absolute joy to use. On my repeat purchase list and I want to try out more products from Dirty Fresh Cosmetics for sure!

If you love the sound and look of this bath bar, go check it out on their website here. Dirty Fresh Cosmetics have lots of other bath bars in different scents and colours available to suit everyone’s taste. I am known to be an enabler, so I suggest you grab a few while you are there!

Bomb Cosmetics Cotton Candy Bath Blaster

The saying Don’t judge a book by it’s cover sometimes is true. Sometimes it isn’t. I can only speak for myself, but the way something is presented when it comes to skincare, bath and body products will either make me look at it or I walk on by. So in this instance, how something looks I guess IS important! How it performs after that is something else. So when it comes to things like bath bombs I very much am the person who wants something to look appealing and eye catching. I can say that Bomb Cosmetics Cotton Candy Bath Blaster definitely ticks that box for sure. Along with other products from this company, this bath blaster was a Christmas 2020 gift from a friend.

Bomb Cosmetics Cotton Candy Bath Blaster

Why did I use this one? It looked at me! It’s super pretty and I fancied a bath with it so why not? I THINK I’ve used a bath blaster before although not 100% sure. But the idea of using this instead of a traditional bath bomb seemed more interesting.

What’s a Bath Blaster? Think of a traditional bath bomb but with the addition of a mixture containing cocoa and shea butter placed at the top of it.

How does it look? Did I already mention this is pretty? This is round in shape like a usual bath bomb but not perfectly circular. This has a handmade look to it. Very light pink in colour and has the usual chalky texture and look bath bombs have. The bottom is slightly flattened so this can sit up unaided. But it’s the top that holds the magic. Baby pink coloured piping in the centre of it with a dusting of silver glitter makes this look almost edible!

Scent. Reminds me very much of the Teddy Bears Picnic Mallow I got in this gift set with this bath blaster. A little zesty, a little sweetness and a little musk to it but what I wouldn’t say is it screams cotton candy to me.

In the bath. I dropped this under warm running water, and was a little annoyed at myself. I threw it in upside down and the piping section fell out. So instead of one bath blaster in the bath I sort of got two. The main part of it fizzed away like mad and took not much time to disappear, leaving a thin layer of white froth on the bath. The piping section? Didn’t take too much longer to go but go it did a few minutes later. The bath water didn’t change colour, although looked a little cloudy. No real foam, and scent wise the fragrance was very subtle.

The main part of the bath blaster

I could tell immediately that this was definitely a moisture giving bath product. When in the bath, it was very comforting and skin felt protected thanks to be cocooned in light oils that I could feel in the water and on my skin.

The cocoa and shea butter piping centre

Out of the bath. I enjoyed it, and so did my skin. It didn’t feel or look dry. I could feel the bath blaster had targeted the drier areas of my body, and I found slightly oily sections on hard to reach areas such as my back where I couldn’t dry myself properly.

Disappointments? I would have loved this to have smelt like pure, sweet and almost sickly cotton candy. To the point I would want to lick it is what I had hoped for! It didn’t. This didn’t change my bathing experience though, but I would have enjoyed this just a touch more if it smelt as suggested by it’s name. Not too sure whether it had been sat too long next to other products in my gift set and the scent transferred? Or scent wise it was a defect. But yep…no cotton candy smell.

Who is this great for? If you suffer from dry skin and you want to match the moisture you add onto your skin AFTER bath with what you put IN the bath, this is perfect! Do you love bath oils, bath truffles, bath mallows? Basically more treatment based bath goodies, you will love this. And you want a simple, non fussy bath but want to enjoy a conditioning soak? This could be ideal.

Who is this NOT for? You want to see colour and pretty bath art in the water, then this is a no. Lots of bubbles and foams, this isn’t it. And highly fragranced this won’t happen. I wouldn’t give this to my 80 year old granny, if I had one. The high amount of cocoa and shea butter will leave the bath a little slippy and I could see that being a possible issue for less abled bodied people or very young.

Recommended? Yesss! What I loved about this was the fact it looked and acted like a 2 in 1 bath product. Part bath bomb/fizzer, part bath mallow/truffle. Lots of fizz, lots of nourishing, hydrating ingredients which made my skin feel great. I would be tempted to buy this particular one myself just to see if the fragrance on this one was a dud or not, but I’m dying to try other bath blasters to experience other scents and super cute looks! For £3.25 each I think this represents great value and easily a repeat purchase time and time again!

Want a blast in your bath? Head over to Bomb Cosmetics and get their Cotton Candy Bath Blaster here, and take a look at their other brilliant blaster creations!

Squashies Bubblegum Bath Fizzer

When it comes to what I put in the bath I’m fairly opened minded in regards to the type of product, scent and brand. Although I would say I have an invisible check list when it comes to requirements, I’m happy to try most things. So when I saw Swizzels Drumstick Squashies Bath Fizzer in the fragrance of bubble gum for 99p in Home Bargains, I thought I would give it a go!

Swizzles Drumstick Squashies Bubblegum Bath Fizzer

Why buy this one? The packaging struck me. Brightly coloured, mirroring the packaging of the sweets that this is inspired by. It naturally caught my eye. I love anything bubble gum especially where scents are concerned. And for 99p I didn’t feel I had much to lose.

What’s a bath fizzer? I normally go for products labelled bath bombs rather than bath fizzers. So I’ve always assumed a bath fizzer would provide fragrance, colour to the bath and basically fizz a little while in the water.

Packaging. Packaging wise the bath fizzer is shrink wrapped ( very well! ) in plastic. The labelling is identical in style and colours as the Drumstick Squashies Bubblegum sweets are e.g blue and pink stripes, pictures of the sweets on it, the company and sweet name/type on it etc. Clearly marked, and rightly so, are warnings not to eat this. Surprised? I’m not! It looks like a massive gobstopper!

Appearance. Rounded, and a similar size to a standard bath fizzer/bomb, slightly bigger than a tennis ball. Chalky in texture but smooth, and made up of two colours. The top half is baby blue in colour, and the bottom half baby pink. Same colouring as the actual sweets themselves.

Fragrance. I could definitely get a hint of bubble gum but it wasn’t massively strong. I could also smell the chalkiness to it. It was ok but I didn’t love it. It smelt too synthetic for me and needed to be stronger and more fragrant.

In the bath. It was fun watching this in the bath. Under warm running water this bobbed and fizzed about. What I really liked was seeing two trails of colour coming from the bath fizzer, one being the blue from the top and the pink from the bottom. The colours didn’t remain separate for long because as they merged they turned into a shade of purple. Once the bath had been filled the fizzer had gone to fizz heaven and totally disappeared. No foam, no residue, just a purple coloured bath was left.

On the skin. I had no issues with this while I was in the bath but when I got out I did feel as if my skin was a touch dry. But I’ve been experiencing this with another bath product so I suspect this is down to my skin being awkward rather than the fizzer itself.

Confession. I found the bath lacked something for me, so I added a few squirts of Carex Drumsticks Squashies bath and shower gel in the scent of raspberry & milk. This pimped up my bath to a better level and I liked it! Firstly I got bubbles which I desperately wanted! Secondly, the fragrance was more noticeable and smelt like a freshly opened sweet packet! Raspberry and bubble gum gave an almost grape soda scent to this and it was a winner!

Recommended? If you like your bath fizzers that give you a little scent and colour to your bath then yes buy this! Its fun in regards to packaging and what its based on and is cheap. It’s also brilliant to mix the sweets inspired shower and bath gels if you want to add a another dimension to it. For me though, I wouldn’t buy this again for myself. I go for bath bombs that produce foam, colour and fragrance and more hydrating to the skin and this isn’t. But I can see this being liked by children, teens and those who love affordable bath time treats.

The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Bath Bomb Brittle Glow

If you love spending quality time in the bath I’m guessing you will love bath bombs. What is there NOT to love about them? The beauty about these is they now come in so many different shapes, forms and fragrances, the choice is crazy! One such form is called a bath brittle. Last year I bought a selection of bath brittles from The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie including Glow. Each bath brittle was £4.00 each but I bought them discounted at half price.

The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie’s Bath Brittle Glow

Why did I buy this? I’ve bought wax melts from The Rose and Thistle before so was excited to find they sold bath products too. At the time, there was a sale, and I saw these and thought they would make amazing gifts for birthdays and Christmas for friends. So I bought them! I didn’t save many for myself, but I did keep hold of this one so I could try it out as I liked the sound of the scent and look of this particular one.

Packaging. This came in a small ( I say small it’s as big as my hand! ), rectangular packet with a clear window so you can see the brittle within it. The Rose and Thistle logo is on the label, along with mention of the maker of this product ( Olee Cometics ). On the back is the ingredients list.

Appearance. It’s funny how sometimes the most simple things can be stunning! Brittle in bath bomb form or even wax form, tends to be quite flat. But made up of irregular and different sized shapes. Jagged edges with a homemade, hand crafted look to it. Glow Bath Brittle is off white in colour, with a the smallest drizzle of very fine gold glitter on the top. It makes this look so inviting!

Scent. Love! Very perfume like. Floral, with the smallest amount of musk and citrus making this a gorgeous scented bath product!

In the bath. I popped in two thirds of the bath brittle, throwing in each piece individually. What each piece of brittle did was give a small audible and physical fizz as it hit the warm running bath water. And straight away, slowly but surely, they created lots of fluffy white bubbles in the tub. The fragrance was there straight away. Not only did it fill my bathroom but the scent traveled downstairs through my hallway,which made that area smell glorious!

On the skin. Non drying, non irritating which of course is a must! I don’t recall if there was any scent left on the skin, but my skin ( and my mind ) enjoyed this very much.

Recommended? 110%! Loved this! I’m secretly gutted I gave so many as gifts and didn’t keep more for myself! Fabulous scent, lots of bubbles and very kind to my skin. And as a gift it looks different to a bath bomb or fizzer so very pleasing on the eye. Good amount of brittle included ( 1 to 2 baths worth ) and simple but effective packaging. I would buy this again in a heart beat!

Now…here comes the bad news…While I was writing this post there was a sale on all bath products on The Rose and Thistle’s website and this has beauty sold out! The sale still continues and there are a few bath products left but super limited. Visit the website here, see what’s available and BUY!

The Bath Bae’s Birthday Cake Bath Sparkle

Starting my New Year as I mean to go which is in the bath relaxing! Giving myself much needed me time and a little bit of pampering is a must. It doesn’t take much to create my own little haven and it’s something I refuse to give up or compromise on because I deserve it! And as much as I SHOULD spend less on bath and body products in 2021, I doubt I will because I love them way too much. 2021 in my bathroom kicked off with using The Bath Bae’s Birthday Cake Bath Sparkle. I bought this many months ago when they had a sale, but it’s usual price is £5.99 for 200g.

The Bath Bae Birthday Cake Bath Sparkle

Why this one? I originally bought products from The Bath Bae because I love using bath bombs, but wanted to try something different but still get the same results. As a company they produce interesting, modern and fun bath time treats which are eye catching. This particular one I wanted to use because I enjoyed their Bath Cubes I used last year, and wanted to see if this was just as good.

What is a Bath Sparkle? A Bath Sparkle is designed to create foam, scent and also provide a little sparkle to your bath. Closest comparison I can make is with a bath dust.

Packaging. Love the packaging! The Bath Sparkle is filled to the brim in a resealable packet. Rip the top, open, use and reseal when not in use. The packet itself has an almost holographic look to it which I thought was opaque. But after using some of the Bath Sparkle I could see how much was left inside it. Simple but cute.

Appearance. I find myself fascinated by textures and consistencies of products in bath and body products. This bath sparkle looks like a very fine powder. Consistently fine, no lumps or clumps. Almost like a sieved flour. But colour wise not so boring. This is a gorgeous shade of green which I can only describe as being a sea green. Very easy on the eye and very inviting.

Scent. What I expected was something that smelt very typical of a sponge cake. Vanilla based, a predictable bakery scent and sugary sweet. This isn’t quite like that. Definitely sweet but almost confectionary like. There is some vanilla in there but this to me is more fruity than cake sweet.

How to use. Add half or all of the bath sparkle in to a warm bath and enjoy.

In the bath. Thrown under warm running water this immediately made the water very tropical, lagoon like. The colour created was so vibrant and stunning! Lots of white, soft foam was produced so not only did I get colour and foam, but also scent as well! The scent was delicate, not heady and exactly what I smelt when I first opened the packet.

I found this to be very gentle and non drying. In the bath the water ( this sounds strange to explain but if you know you know ) felt as if it had more slip to it, and the dry areas of my body e. g hands, feet, elbows, seemed a little more protected. And out of the bath my skin seemed to enjoy it and didn’t feel like a 5 year old raisin.

Did it sparkle? So this puzzled me a little. Looking at it before I used it I couldn’t see anything. Even in the bath, not really. But when I touched some of it that had floated to the top and stuck to the foam, when I rubbed it in between my fingertips I could see it glisten! A subtle, gold shimmer was visible and was left at the bottom of the bath tub which my daughter approved of. I couldn’t see the shimmer on my skin after I got out of the bath but I could smell the fragrance.

Recommended? I think this product is great so its a yes from me! The colour, scent, foam…all these elements just aided to an enjoyable bathing experience. Could there have been more sparkle? Well there is ALWAYS room for more sparkle! But sometimes someone doesn’t want to look like an extra from the James Bond film Gold Finger! Or want to scrub their bath tub to an inch of its life. If you like bath bombs or similar products such as fizzers or dusts, you will like this. Like sweet scents? You will like this. And this is actually very affordable because if you use only half its less than £3.00 per use,which costs less than well known branded bath bombs on the market.

Fancy having your own Bath Bae sparkling experience? Grab yours here now.

Lacura Peppermint Bath Brick

Bath time for me isn’t a chore it’s a form of me time. Pampering, relaxing and unwinding are all the things I hope to get during my evening bath ritual. So of course, I’m always on the look out for new products to pop into my bath to help me achieve these goals. To say I was a bit excited to see this Peppermint Bath Brick from Aldi is an understatement. And for £1.99 it continued with this supermarket’s reputation of making their products affordable on everyday purchases.

What is this? I would describe this as being a bath bomb or bath fizzer type product. Not shaped like a brick, but more similar in look to a chocolate bar. You snap off how much you want to use and put it under warm running water to enjoy.

Packaging. Simple but effective cardboard box. It’s not the most striking of packaging but because of it’s colour ( green ), and the window on the front so you can see the bath brick, it’s actually very appealing. Relevant details are on the back such as ingredients and how to use.

Lacura’s Peppermint Bath Brick

The look. I liked the look of this! A good, thick, chunky 9 squared bar. Turquoise in colour, but not totally a block colour. Specks of white and pink running through it are visible. The texture and feel is chalk like as you would expect a bath bomb to be.

Scent. I expected a whiff of something minty. What I got was the smallest hint of peppermint but it wasn’t strong it was exceptionally weak. So much so I really needed to sniff hard to get anything. Not only that but the smallest amount of scent I actually got didn’t smell fresh to me, but quite old and stale.

In the bath. I broke off 3 squares and threw them under warm running water. They immediately turned the bath water into a green colour, similar to the bar itself, and it fizzed a little. It didn’t take too long to dissolve, and produced the smallest, tiniest amount of foam which disappeared instantly.

I couldn’t smell anything while in the bath. Not even the fainest of smells. And overall I felt as if I was sat in a bath full of coloured water and that’s it. On the plus side my skin seemed ok with it, it didn’t irritate or dry it out.

Recommended? Not this particular one no. It didn’t start well with the fragrance as my expectations were pretty much shattered from that. I wanted to smell something cooling and of a decent strength which I didn’t get. Peppermint Bath Brick didn’t add anything to my bathing experience which isn’t what I want if lazying for a 30 minutes plus soak. The look of this and of course the price was this product’s saving graces. I know what I like and what I want from a bath bomb/fizzer, and this didn’t pass my test. Personally, I wouldn’t buy this one again but would possibly try out the other 2 fragrances available to see if there’s more of a smell. But Peppermint Bath Brick won’t be bought by me again.

Still want to give this a go? This, along with two other scents, are still available in my local store at time of writing this post. So I can assume depending on stock levels it’s available in others. Also available online here.

The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble

I’ve fallen in love with The Body Shop brand for well over a year now thanks to one of my friends being one of their consultants. It was down to her showing off the different products, providing samples and more importantly giving her feedback, that made me buy items from them. I haven’t had chance to buy much this year for myself so I’m currently enjoying pieces I got LAST year! My friend gave me The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble last year for either my birthday or Christmas ( 2019 was a lifetime ago I can’t remember which! ).

The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble

Why this one? I tried another Bath Bubble in a different fragrance before and loved it! I wanted the same experience again but a different scent. Grapefruit isn’t something I’m naturally drawn to so thought it would be interesting to see what its like.

The look. Simple but sweet! A lovely small, purple coloured heart shape, which to me looks bath fizzer like. Both front and back are flat, but has a decent depth to it. Size is roughly 4 centimetres.

Scent. Smells glorious! How a pink grapefruit smells isn’t something I’ve ever thought about or actually smelt as I don’t like eating the fruit. But this bath time treat is quite uplifting, sweet ( not sickly ), citrusy but not harsh and zingy like lemon or lime. And there is definitely a touch of floral in this little beauty. So overall well rounded, very pleasant and would appeal to anyone and everyone.

In the bath. I love how this little heart fizzes and bubbles when it gets thrown under warm running water! Not only did it slightly fizz, it turned the bath water into a pale pink colour. While it sat there happily in the water it slowly produced small, white bubbles . Once the heart completely dissolved, the bath tub had plenty of foam on the top of it. And this foam lasted throughout my bath time which was roughly 30 minutes long. The scent I could only detect a little, very faint. But the bath itself it was very enjoyable and relaxing.

On the skin. I didn’t feel this dried out my skin at all. Despite the fact my psoriasis has been playing up over the last month or so, this didn’t irritate it and my skin really enjoyed it.

Recommended? 100% yes! If you love your traditional bath bombs or fizzers you will love this! For me the scent is a little unusual but absolutely beautiful, and one most people will enjoy. The Bath Bubble gives plenty of bubbles which is impressive considering this is so dainty in size. And it’s only £1.50! I would have loved for the scent to be stronger while in the bath but I’m not going take away the fact this is affordable, fun and provides perfect pampering time.

The only problem I see is getting hold of this. Online its still available, but others in the Bath Bubble range don’t seem regularly in stock. So if you can grab one or ten DO IT!

This is the only form of Bubble I happily enjoy at the moment, and you will too. Grab it here while it’s still available!

Druid & The Witch’s Candy Hearts Double Mummy Bath Bomb

Halloween. This seems to have built up momentum over the last few years in the UK. Not as massive as in the US, but definitely celebrated and enjoyed by many over here. Personally, I am not a fan. I’ve never found it appealing and overall it’s not really for me. But considering how the year 2020 has unfolded, my icy heart has thawed somewhat. My mind has been more open to things it would normally be closed to. One thing I can definitely enjoy without a doubt is Halloween themed bath and body products. I couldn’t help but order a few pieces recently from a company called Druid and The Witch. One item I purchased was their Double Mummy Bath Bomb in the fragrance of Candy Hearts.

Druid & The Witch’s Double Mummy Bath Bomb

Why this bath bomb? It looked cute in a fun way! Not scary, not gruesome just super cute! And I loved the idea of this being a double bath bomb, which made me think possibly 2 bath time uses rather than 1?

What does it look like? Roughly 3 inches in length and 2 inches in width, this is typical in regards to a bath bomb in certain ways. It’s quite weighty, and has a chalky like look and texture to it. But its actual design, shape and appearance is of a mummy. Think of cartoon like version. White in colour with bandages molded around it. Two beady eyes finish off the exterior to it. Running around the edges of the middle of the outside of it, you can see red splatters, almost blood like.

The bath bomb on reverse has the same features because guess what? This literally is 2 bath bombs sandwiched together. Take the cellophane wrapper off and you have 2 independent bath bombs, totally separate and ready to be enjoyed!

Scent. I could smell this even with it being wrapped in cellophane. It smells just like Love Hearts the sweets! Fruity, fizzy, sweet confectionery just like the packet you can pick up from the shops! Yum.

In the bath. I popped this under warm running water. As I expected the little mummy fizzed and bubbled away, producing white foam. What I found exciting was to see a train of red slowly bursting out of the bath bomb into the water. This started off quite delicately and sparse, and then exploded into full on colour! What greeted my eyes looked like a blood bath! Not a deep,crimson red. But more of a pinky/red which I thought was brilliant!

The foam didn’t last too long as the water became, well, a bath tub of coloured water. At this stage it was more bath soak like rather than bath bomb. It still had that pink/red tint to it which made my kids give a side wards glance probably wondering if I was still alive!

Skin after use. Not dried. Mind, body and skin came out feeling quite relaxed with no urgency to throw body lotion on.

Cleaning up. With the water turning into such a vibrant colour, I only realised when washing out the bath how it was so easy. No staining, no hard work or scrubbing, nothing! Anyone who uses bath bombs or other bath products which colour the water are fully aware sometimes clean up is a work out in itself but not with this one.

Could this be better? I would love if the fragrance of this was a little stronger. It smelt nice before I used it and continued to do so while it went for a swim in the bath with me. But if the fragrance was punchier I would love this more.

Something to add. Who knows what would happen if I threw in BOTH Mummy bath bombs! More foam? More fragrance? Deeper shade of red? No idea but glad one remains for future use!

Recommended? This was so much fun! My first Halloween themed bath product which won’t be the last! The look of it was great. Ideal for not only adults but children too. The effect n the bath was pretty gruesome but in a good way. And the fact you potentially could have two uses from this made this even more special. So it’s a yes from me!

This Double Mummy Bath Bomb cost £4.50, which effectively makes it £2.25 each. Brilliant price! There are so many fantastic Halloween bath bombs available from Druid & The Witch, you really are spoilt for choice. Fancy a freakishly bathing experience? Visit their Etsy store here to get your freak on!

The Bath Bae’s Oh So Slushie Bath Cubes

Bath products are everything to me. A bath late afternoon/early evening helps me to get rid of the day’s aches, pains and stresses, and prepares me for a peaceful evening. I found a company called The Bath Bae on Instagram. Selling bath dusts, rocks and cubes, their products caught my attention. I thought these would make not only a nice treat for myself but as gifts for others too.

The Bath Bae’s Oh So Slushie Bath Cubes

Why these? The look and the idea of the bath cubes I liked. It looked different, it looked appealing and I have never tried bath cubes before. The scent I thought was my type of scent, and I thought these would make a great addition to my bath product stash.

Bath Cubes? Just think of a bath bomb and what they are made of and designed to do, and instead of it being round or whatever shape it maybe, its cubed! And not just one lots of them!

Packaging. I like how these are presented. 200g of bath cubes come in a pouch. Front totally clear so you can see what you get, whereas the back is silver holographic like in colour. You have to tear the top of the pouch to open it, but is resealable.

How do they look? Similar size to a traditional dice and cubed shaped ( of course ). Beautiful mix of colours are in each of them, pink, blue, little bits of purple and white. They have a great hand made look to them as they aren’t identical in appearance but look so inviting and fun!

Scent. Oh my! These smell AMAZING! Very much smells like a slushie drink . Sweet, strawberries, raspberry scented ( think of the blue version not the actual red fruit ), cherries with a slight fizzy hit to it.

In the bath. Its recommended to use either half or the full packet of these bath cubes, I used a third. Used like a normal bath bomb, I threw a handful of cubes under warm running water. Each cube slowly became individual mini circular bath bombs which fizzed and released bright streams of colours. Absolutely stunning! A little foam was made, and then the bath water turned from a party of mini bath bombs,then merging into a multi coloured swirling pool and ended as a purple bath soak.

I used the amount I used because I knew I wasn’t going to spend my usual amount of time in the bath, much shorter in fact. So not sure if using more would have created more foam that would have lasted longer.

On the skin. The water felt very soothing, my mind felt very relaxed with no irritation just supple and hydrated skin.

Value? The bath cubes cost £6.45, but when I bought these there was 25% off. You can use the full bag or half, which pretty much is the cost of a decent quality bath bomb ( minimum ). So price wise I think this is fair when you think not only the amount of product you get, but how its packaged and its overall appearance. It looks more expensive than what it really is.

Recommended? Loved these bath cubes! Scent was to die for, created a gorgeous looking and relaxing bath, which was what I had hoped for. Great product to gift ( think of those teens who’ve worked their butts off GCSE and A Level wise! ), and perfect to mix and match with others in the range without breaking an actual bath bomb up. Want to be part of The Bath Bae gang? Get your Oh So Slushie Bath Cubes here now.

Jenny Makes For You Sleepy Unicorn Bath Soak

When you dig deep enough you maybe surprised to discover what businesses are on your doorstep, or at least within the city you work and/or live in. I’m continuing to buy locally, where possible, home fragrance and bath and body products. That’s why for the second time within the last few months I’ve purchased from Jenny Makes For You, who hand make their own bath and body products within my hometown of Manchester. I was so impressed with the first order I received my second order followed quickly. And the lovely Jenny kindly gifted to me her Sleepy Unicorn Bath Soak and wanted me to try this out and let her know my thoughts on this product.

Jenny Makes For You Sleepy Unicorn Bath Soak

What does this soak supposed to do? Containing essential oils such as lavender, this soak is meant to provide a relaxing bathing experience while providing the skin with hydration thanks to containing coconut oil.

Packaging. 120g of bath soak filled to the brim in a plastic pouch which can be resealed at the top after the top has been cut open to use.

How does it look? Super pretty! I’m one of those people who gets excited when I find products for my bath that look great. The pouch the soak comes in is completely clear so you can see exactly what you’re getting, and what you will see are various layers of coloured dust. Almost like a rainbow made by a unicorn itself, this dust goes from purple, to blue, pink then finishes off with the last of the bath soak being yellow. All shades being a touch darker than pastel and very eye catching.

Scent. Everything that has the word ‘ unicorn ‘ in it seems to smell of candy or something very sweet, which don’t get me wrong is perfect for me as I love that type of scent. But it makes a nice change NOT to get that. When I first opened the packet of bath soak the first scent that hit me was lavender. Lavender can be very old fashioned and strong, which this wasn’t. Great strength to it yes but not too much. And having a slight sweetness and essential oil element to it softened it and made it even more pleasant and easy on the nose. One of those scents you inhale, make a sigh noise, then inhale again.

Texture. Very fine, almost chalky in feel. I found it helpful to give the pouch a little squish with my fingers to make sure there were no clumps so it could sprinkle in my bath freely.

In the bath. It was lovely to see the different colours of the soak evaporate in the water. Now, its important to mention this didn’t create foam, but what it did do is fill the room with its glorious scent and almost dance on top of the bath water in the smallest little purple speckles. This reminded me of using bath truffles or melts. These traditionally don’t foam but melt in the water and provide lots of moisture to the skin, almost treatment like during bathing. This definitely provided moisture. The driest part of my body is always my feet. And this soak literally made its way to my feet making me feel as if I’d put a balm like foot product on them. As for the rest of my body, it gave me that slight cocooned feel but not the oily, sometimes greasy type effect a bath melt can give.

Body once out. Soft, not irritated and not stripped of its natural oils. Plus my mind wasn’t in too bad of a condition either! Nice and relaxed with a faint hint of the scent on my skin.

Recommended? This is a great little product for those who love their bath times, and want to truly relax and unwind. I would use this again and more importantly buy for those times I really need to relax. Those who love their essential oils, bath melts and treatment based bath products such as oils I think will enjoy this immensely. And at a cost of £5.00, this is affordable as you can get a minimum of 2 uses if not 3 uses out of this. So not a one hit wonder! Need to chill or know someone who needs this in their life? Visit Jenny Makes For You here to purchase this sensory bath time treat.