Druid & The Witch’s Candy Hearts Double Mummy Bath Bomb

Halloween. This seems to have built up momentum over the last few years in the UK. Not as massive as in the US, but definitely celebrated and enjoyed by many over here. Personally, I am not a fan. I’ve never found it appealing and overall it’s not really for me. But considering how the year 2020 has unfolded, my icy heart has thawed somewhat. My mind has been more open to things it would normally be closed to. One thing I can definitely enjoy without a doubt is Halloween themed bath and body products. I couldn’t help but order a few pieces recently from a company called Druid and The Witch. One item I purchased was their Double Mummy Bath Bomb in the fragrance of Candy Hearts.

Druid & The Witch’s Double Mummy Bath Bomb

Why this bath bomb? It looked cute in a fun way! Not scary, not gruesome just super cute! And I loved the idea of this being a double bath bomb, which made me think possibly 2 bath time uses rather than 1?

What does it look like? Roughly 3 inches in length and 2 inches in width, this is typical in regards to a bath bomb in certain ways. It’s quite weighty, and has a chalky like look and texture to it. But its actual design, shape and appearance is of a mummy. Think of cartoon like version. White in colour with bandages molded around it. Two beady eyes finish off the exterior to it. Running around the edges of the middle of the outside of it, you can see red splatters, almost blood like.

The bath bomb on reverse has the same features because guess what? This literally is 2 bath bombs sandwiched together. Take the cellophane wrapper off and you have 2 independent bath bombs, totally separate and ready to be enjoyed!

Scent. I could smell this even with it being wrapped in cellophane. It smells just like Love Hearts the sweets! Fruity, fizzy, sweet confectionery just like the packet you can pick up from the shops! Yum.

In the bath. I popped this under warm running water. As I expected the little mummy fizzed and bubbled away, producing white foam. What I found exciting was to see a train of red slowly bursting out of the bath bomb into the water. This started off quite delicately and sparse, and then exploded into full on colour! What greeted my eyes looked like a blood bath! Not a deep,crimson red. But more of a pinky/red which I thought was brilliant!

The foam didn’t last too long as the water became, well, a bath tub of coloured water. At this stage it was more bath soak like rather than bath bomb. It still had that pink/red tint to it which made my kids give a side wards glance probably wondering if I was still alive!

Skin after use. Not dried. Mind, body and skin came out feeling quite relaxed with no urgency to throw body lotion on.

Cleaning up. With the water turning into such a vibrant colour, I only realised when washing out the bath how it was so easy. No staining, no hard work or scrubbing, nothing! Anyone who uses bath bombs or other bath products which colour the water are fully aware sometimes clean up is a work out in itself but not with this one.

Could this be better? I would love if the fragrance of this was a little stronger. It smelt nice before I used it and continued to do so while it went for a swim in the bath with me. But if the fragrance was punchier I would love this more.

Something to add. Who knows what would happen if I threw in BOTH Mummy bath bombs! More foam? More fragrance? Deeper shade of red? No idea but glad one remains for future use!

Recommended? This was so much fun! My first Halloween themed bath product which won’t be the last! The look of it was great. Ideal for not only adults but children too. The effect n the bath was pretty gruesome but in a good way. And the fact you potentially could have two uses from this made this even more special. So it’s a yes from me!

This Double Mummy Bath Bomb cost £4.50, which effectively makes it £2.25 each. Brilliant price! There are so many fantastic Halloween bath bombs available from Druid & The Witch, you really are spoilt for choice. Fancy a freakishly bathing experience? Visit their Etsy store here to get your freak on!

The Bath Bae’s Oh So Slushie Bath Cubes

Bath products are everything to me. A bath late afternoon/early evening helps me to get rid of the day’s aches, pains and stresses, and prepares me for a peaceful evening. I found a company called The Bath Bae on Instagram. Selling bath dusts, rocks and cubes, their products caught my attention. I thought these would make not only a nice treat for myself but as gifts for others too.

The Bath Bae’s Oh So Slushie Bath Cubes

Why these? The look and the idea of the bath cubes I liked. It looked different, it looked appealing and I have never tried bath cubes before. The scent I thought was my type of scent, and I thought these would make a great addition to my bath product stash.

Bath Cubes? Just think of a bath bomb and what they are made of and designed to do, and instead of it being round or whatever shape it maybe, its cubed! And not just one lots of them!

Packaging. I like how these are presented. 200g of bath cubes come in a pouch. Front totally clear so you can see what you get, whereas the back is silver holographic like in colour. You have to tear the top of the pouch to open it, but is resealable.

How do they look? Similar size to a traditional dice and cubed shaped ( of course ). Beautiful mix of colours are in each of them, pink, blue, little bits of purple and white. They have a great hand made look to them as they aren’t identical in appearance but look so inviting and fun!

Scent. Oh my! These smell AMAZING! Very much smells like a slushie drink . Sweet, strawberries, raspberry scented ( think of the blue version not the actual red fruit ), cherries with a slight fizzy hit to it.

In the bath. Its recommended to use either half or the full packet of these bath cubes, I used a third. Used like a normal bath bomb, I threw a handful of cubes under warm running water. Each cube slowly became individual mini circular bath bombs which fizzed and released bright streams of colours. Absolutely stunning! A little foam was made, and then the bath water turned from a party of mini bath bombs,then merging into a multi coloured swirling pool and ended as a purple bath soak.

I used the amount I used because I knew I wasn’t going to spend my usual amount of time in the bath, much shorter in fact. So not sure if using more would have created more foam that would have lasted longer.

On the skin. The water felt very soothing, my mind felt very relaxed with no irritation just supple and hydrated skin.

Value? The bath cubes cost £6.45, but when I bought these there was 25% off. You can use the full bag or half, which pretty much is the cost of a decent quality bath bomb ( minimum ). So price wise I think this is fair when you think not only the amount of product you get, but how its packaged and its overall appearance. It looks more expensive than what it really is.

Recommended? Loved these bath cubes! Scent was to die for, created a gorgeous looking and relaxing bath, which was what I had hoped for. Great product to gift ( think of those teens who’ve worked their butts off GCSE and A Level wise! ), and perfect to mix and match with others in the range without breaking an actual bath bomb up. Want to be part of The Bath Bae gang? Get your Oh So Slushie Bath Cubes here now.

Jenny Makes For You Sleepy Unicorn Bath Soak

When you dig deep enough you maybe surprised to discover what businesses are on your doorstep, or at least within the city you work and/or live in. I’m continuing to buy locally, where possible, home fragrance and bath and body products. That’s why for the second time within the last few months I’ve purchased from Jenny Makes For You, who hand make their own bath and body products within my hometown of Manchester. I was so impressed with the first order I received my second order followed quickly. And the lovely Jenny kindly gifted to me her Sleepy Unicorn Bath Soak and wanted me to try this out and let her know my thoughts on this product.

Jenny Makes For You Sleepy Unicorn Bath Soak

What does this soak supposed to do? Containing essential oils such as lavender, this soak is meant to provide a relaxing bathing experience while providing the skin with hydration thanks to containing coconut oil.

Packaging. 120g of bath soak filled to the brim in a plastic pouch which can be resealed at the top after the top has been cut open to use.

How does it look? Super pretty! I’m one of those people who gets excited when I find products for my bath that look great. The pouch the soak comes in is completely clear so you can see exactly what you’re getting, and what you will see are various layers of coloured dust. Almost like a rainbow made by a unicorn itself, this dust goes from purple, to blue, pink then finishes off with the last of the bath soak being yellow. All shades being a touch darker than pastel and very eye catching.

Scent. Everything that has the word ‘ unicorn ‘ in it seems to smell of candy or something very sweet, which don’t get me wrong is perfect for me as I love that type of scent. But it makes a nice change NOT to get that. When I first opened the packet of bath soak the first scent that hit me was lavender. Lavender can be very old fashioned and strong, which this wasn’t. Great strength to it yes but not too much. And having a slight sweetness and essential oil element to it softened it and made it even more pleasant and easy on the nose. One of those scents you inhale, make a sigh noise, then inhale again.

Texture. Very fine, almost chalky in feel. I found it helpful to give the pouch a little squish with my fingers to make sure there were no clumps so it could sprinkle in my bath freely.

In the bath. It was lovely to see the different colours of the soak evaporate in the water. Now, its important to mention this didn’t create foam, but what it did do is fill the room with its glorious scent and almost dance on top of the bath water in the smallest little purple speckles. This reminded me of using bath truffles or melts. These traditionally don’t foam but melt in the water and provide lots of moisture to the skin, almost treatment like during bathing. This definitely provided moisture. The driest part of my body is always my feet. And this soak literally made its way to my feet making me feel as if I’d put a balm like foot product on them. As for the rest of my body, it gave me that slight cocooned feel but not the oily, sometimes greasy type effect a bath melt can give.

Body once out. Soft, not irritated and not stripped of its natural oils. Plus my mind wasn’t in too bad of a condition either! Nice and relaxed with a faint hint of the scent on my skin.

Recommended? This is a great little product for those who love their bath times, and want to truly relax and unwind. I would use this again and more importantly buy for those times I really need to relax. Those who love their essential oils, bath melts and treatment based bath products such as oils I think will enjoy this immensely. And at a cost of £5.00, this is affordable as you can get a minimum of 2 uses if not 3 uses out of this. So not a one hit wonder! Need to chill or know someone who needs this in their life? Visit Jenny Makes For You here to purchase this sensory bath time treat.

The Body Shop’s Moringa Bath Bubble

Writing in general over the last month hasn’t been on the top of my priority list. Keeping myself sane and safe though has been. But trying to keep myself creative and having a small sense of normality is good for me and this is why I’ve flipped open the laptop once again to get back into reviewing products which I’m currently using or just used. Are bath, body, face or even wax products essential considering what’s going on currently? Are they important? When I’m laying in a bath actually switching off and not having a mini breakdown because I’m relaxing for a few moments surrounded by bubbles and beautiful smells… then for me it is, and possibly the same for many others out there. So I delved into my collection of bath products over the weekend and I picked out the Moringa Bath Bubble by The Body Shop, given to me by my lovely friend Jenny last year, as a bath time treat.

What’s a Bath Bubble? The Body Shop’s Bath Bubble when popped into the bath provide bubbles, fragrance and colour. Think of a supercharged bath bomb and that’s what I think a Bath Bubble is.

Appearance. Wasn’t too sure what this would look like, although in my mind assumed it would be square or rectangular in shape because of how its packaged ( small plastic wrapper, green and yellow in colour, reminds me of a sweetie wrapper ) but nope I was wrong! The cutest bath bubble in the perfect shade of Easter yellow with tiny dotted orange speckles on it was actually heart shaped! Simple but super sweet! (If I had actually looked on the website I would’ve known this as it clearly shows what it looks like but I do love a good surprise! ). Reminded me of bath fizzer because it was flat and looked quite chalky but wasn’t.

Moringa Bath Bubble

Scent. This is a very pretty floral smelling bath bubble. A smallest hint of being powdery, but on the whole an uplifting, slightly sweet floral mixed in with a touch of plant. I’m not a floral fan in all honesty. It normally has to be mixed with something else. But because this isn’t heavy and doesn’t have one particular flowery scent dominating it, I found this to be very pleasing, quite youthful and modern but classic all at the same time.

In the bath. I threw this under warm running water wondering what would actually happen. I could see the outer layer of this fizzing nicely and as the water continued to run, it started to produce small amounts of foam. By the time I came to turn the water off what greeted me was a surprising amount of foam from such a small little item! White, fluffy, super soft and airy foam lay on the top of a slightly yellow/marine coloured bath water, which impressed me greatly. The original fragrance I could smell when I opened the packet was what I could smell in my bathroom but it was beautifully subtle which I loved!

On the skin. First and foremost this was a very relaxing and enjoyable bath. The foam, the scent, I felt totally chilled out and my skin felt cocooned in the bath water. What I discovered though is the bath bubble didn’t totally melt away but a tiny mini version was left at the bottom of the bath. When I held it and rubbed it between my hands it wouldn’t simple break, but what it did was give off a very moisturising creamy foam which I used to cover my body from top to toe and washed myself with it. Then I rubbed it into my tired feet and dry and cracked hands, and actually used not only the foam but the bath bubble itself directly on these areas to provide a mild exfoliating action. And out of the bath? Skin felt soft, not dry or irritated and hydrated.

Recommended? Before I was given this I didn’t realise that The Body Shop made these AND bath bombs. I didn’t realise that a small £1.50 love heart would be of such high quality and unbelievably affordable. I had no idea that it would create such a decent amount of bubbles, be kind to my skin and provide a a great fragrance. This is actually a bit of a revelation to me and which couldn’t have come at a better time. Perfect bath time treat for anyone, great little filler for a gift for someone and sooooooo CHEAP! Oh, did I mention it comes in other fragrances too? I WILL be buying more of these for both myself and friends too. So if you haven’t guessed…yes..recommended 110%!!

Now….to order you can go to the website here, but if you are lucky enough to know a Body Shop consultant, please order from them directly. Difficult times requires us all to support each otherx

Druid and the Witch Rainbow Cloud

I’ve noticed recently within the bath bomb world there has been a very affordable bath bomb from a discount store which is in the shape of a cloud and gives off streams of colours while in the bath. Is this a totally new product? No. I’ve seen many online bath and body product vendors make these type of bath bombs for awhile now but it does seem to have filtered through onto the high street. So this got me thinking…..have a actually got one of these bath bombs in my stash and if so what is it like? And guess what yes I do, or should I say I did. Not from the high street but from an Etsy seller called Druid and the Witch. Their Rainbow Cloud bath bomb costs £2.20 and I bought mine within a set sometime last year.

Rainbow Cloud by Druid and the Witch

Appearance. From the name of this its not hard to guess this is the shape of a cloud, and a flat one. Takes up the palm of my hand in regards to length and is roughly an inch in depth. On the front you can see a delicate and pretty mix of white and shades of purple highlighting the shape of it. And for added detail there is a slight shimmer to this bath bomb and a hand painted silver lightening bolt on the left hand side. On the back is the relevant labeling in regards to fragrance and ingredients. If you look on the bottom edge of Rainbow Cloud you can see different colours popping through ( purple, blue, yellow ) giving you a hint of whats to come during bath time.

Scent. Mine was scented Blueberry Lemon whereas currently its the fragrance Candy Hearts available for purchase online. When I took this out of its plastic wrapper and gave it a little sniff there was a faint smell of something citrusy but if I’m honest it wasn’t strong or very apparent.

In the bath. I had the warm water running when I put this in. As it got caught up in the current I could see this turning round and round like a windmill, while it released streams of different colours. It wasn’t as uniformed as what I thought it would be e.g separate straight lines of colour, but that’s a little hard to do if the poor thing is fighting for its life in my bath! While the different colours was released ( I saw green, purple and yellow ) some foam was created, and once the show had ended the water in the bath became a pretty sea of lilac coloured water topped off with fluffy foam.

On the skin. No issues for me, no irritation, and I continued with my usual after bathing ritual of moisturising with a body lotion while feeling very relaxed.

Did I get what I wanted or expected? One of the things I love while using bath products such as bath bombs is fragrance. Before use, during and after I didn’t really get much fragrance which I would have liked. But in all fairness this product has been in my stash for a good number of months so whether that affected the scent I’m not sure. In regards to the colour it provided I thought that was pretty but my normal bath bombs could have given the same effect this did but I was surprised it produced foam at all let alone the amount as I thought it would behave more like a bath fizzer and just give colour rather than a foaming bath bomb.

Recommended? I would happily try this out again in a different fragrance and use straight away once purchased. As mentioned it was only the smell or lack of that didn’t quite grab me but everything else I enjoyed. It’s affordable, kids would love this ( and the bigger ones too! ) for the colour aspect and overall I think it was fun. Fancy trying this out for yourself? Visit them on their Etsy store here.

Miss Patisserie’s Salted Caramel Bath Slab

If I never bought another bath bomb, fizzer, bath salts or truffle, I think I would survive! Miserably yes but I would survive. I have plenty of products to pamper my body and soothe my soul to keep me going for a while because I love bath times and I love adding things to my bath to make that time special and relaxing. So those closest to me are fully aware of my healthy obsession with these types of goodies. So you can understand why for Christmas 2019 I received a Salted Caramel Bath Slab from a company called Miss Patisserie.

A bath slab what? Take a bath bomb or fizzer, shape it into a block or bar ( to put it simply ) and this is a bath slab.

Packaging. The bath slab is loving wrapped in a beautifully multi coloured box with a cut out window on the front giving you a glimpse of whats inside. Very clean in look but quite pretty and eye catching too.

Appearance. WOOOOW! No seriously….WOWWWWW! I’ve actually had a bath slab from this company before but in a different fragrance. Very sweet in look but this one has got to be one of the most stunning bath products I have ever EVER seen and used! Think of a large, thick bar of chocolate, rectangular in shape and segmented clearly and defined so you can break pieces off. This is the structure of the slab. Multi coloured containing pinks, blues, purples, little dashes of green. None of which are uniformed, just beautifully laid out erratically like a solid piece of a galaxy. Almost dripping over this like runny icing over a cake is a trail of gold which stands out from the blend of stunning colours. And that’s not all. Deep breath….IT’S ALL GLITTERY!

Miss Patisserie Salted Caramel Bath Slab is BIG!

Scent. There’s definitely a slight sweet buttery caramel fragrance to this with an almost berry undertone to it with a dash of salt. Although I love my sweet fragrances I’m glad this wasn’t strong and was subtle which made it easy to use and enjoy because this particular fragrance can be very sweet, synthetic in smell and sickly which this isn’t.

In the bath. I popped in 4 squares and what I loved the most is it did what I like which was provide a mini show. They fizzed and danced about, they slightly frothed, they threw out many streams of different colours which eventually turned the water in the bath a relaxing almost cordial like purple colour. And my bathroom smelt yummy.

Bath time!

On the skin. I noticed this when I was in the water, my skin felt silky soft. That’s the only way I can describe how my skin felt in the water and also out of it. Once out, my skin felt as if it was nourished, protected even, the same way that you would feel if you put on a light body lotion. No stripping or drying of the skin, but a massive boost of hydration which I loved!

Added bonus. I realised after I got out of the bath my skin had a slight shimmer to it!

Recommended? Its important to say I didn’t want to use this. Breaking this up was like breaking my soul it hurt really badly because this bath slab literally is a work of art! This gave me what I wanted from a bath product. I had a great looking bath, a sweet smelling bath and it left my skin feeling fantastic. To be given this as a gift or to give as a gift is a must! Better still great way to treat yourself, so highly recommended as a purchase and don’t be surprised if you hear I’ve bought this for myself. And a great point to make, this slab will easily give one lucky person at least 4 to 6 baths, and only costs £6 so great value! You can buy this product direct from Miss Patisserie here, or head over to the ASOS website and while popping a skirt or pair of shoes in your basket why not add this beauty in it too here.

**Want to give a massive virtual hug to Lauren who blessed me with this stunner for Christmas. You are the best!**

LUSH Geode Bath Bomb

Trying different products from different brands/vendors is good for me, it adds spice to my product drawer. I tend to buy a lot of bath products from small vendors because I believe in supporting small businesses. The variety and quality of things such as bath bombs I’ve found to be very high with the vendors I’ve used so far. But sometimes its good to go back to the start. One company who most of us know for bath products, especially bath bombs, is LUSH. I passed one of their stores in Manchester recently and popped in to have a nosy. Three products came home with me that afternoon including Geode Bath Bomb.

Why Geode Bath Bomb? One of their amazing and helpful store assistants recommended this bath bomb. Visually it looked beautiful and very different compared to others being sold in the store. She popped this into a bowl of warm water and I was totally entranced by it so sold!

What’s different about Geode? Geode is no ordinary looking bath bomb thanks to the addition of crystals. Designed to cleanse and purify the skin of the body, along with aiding relaxation of the mind and body, it also is supposed to provide a decadent bath time experience ( according to LUSH ).

LUSH’s Geode Bath Bomb

Appearance. The top of it is almost flat. Geode has irregular, deep purple coloured small crystals embedded into it ( I think the crystals are made from salt ). The bath bomb itself isn’t perfectly formed, and circular from the top down. It has a handmade feel and look to it with slight lumps and bumps to it. It’s colour is almost a pale beige but glistens due to being covered with a light dusting of gold shimmer. Size is quite regular for a bath bomb if not slightly bigger.

Scent. No dominant scent to this bath bomb. I got the tiniest hint of citrus but other than that I couldn’t give a description to what this smells like as I didn’t feel it had a scent as such.

In the bath. This is where the magic happened! This bath bomb bobbed and weaved through the water like it was swimming in the ocean. It fizzed, and at first you could see it releasing a peach coloured stream into the water along with a small amount of foam. This then turned into different colours such as pink and purple. Not only did this provide colour to the surface of the water, but underneath left trails of a gold shimmer, giving a liquid gold effect. So while this bath bomb continued with the visual show it also entertained me by providing audio in the form of popping sounds thanks to it containing popping candy. Very different, fun to listen to and watch and the fizzing of this made it even more special.

Bath time!

Once the fizzing and fun stopped… Never have I ever seen a rose gold coloured bath before! When I say bath of course I mean the water in the bath. It was so pretty, and it was a nice surprise to see that once bath time was over it wasn’t an issue cleaning up and everything washed away easily. And as for how my skin felt once pampering was over? Totally normal, not dry and it didn’t flare up my psoriasis.

Recommended?To look at it, its a lovely product and compared to others looks quite natural and earthy but with a touch of glamour thanks to the crystals. How this behaved in the water and what it turned the bath water into was beautiful. The thing I found disappointing was the lack of scent. It needed a stand out scent to match how great this looked, and this would have provided an A Class bathing experience. So if you need fragrance in the bath, this isn’t for you. But a pretty bath? Its worth trying out. For me though ideally I need the combination of the two to truly enjoy my 30 mins plus in the bath tub. Not a repeat purchase for me but glad I tried it.

It’s no longer available to buy in store in the UK and I think this was around the £6.00 mark. Definitely worthwhile checking out there other bath bombs to get bath art AND fragrance here.

Prettysuds Broken Hearts Bath Crumble

Ok….so this product is a fairly new one on me. Bath crumbles! Apple crumble yes know that one! Even scented wax crumbles, yep, I own a few and use them. But a bath crumble? Well, I was in for some schooling on what one was when I ordered and tried out Prettysuds February subscription box which included 8 bath time treats, including Broken Hearts Bath Crumble.

So what actually is a bath crumble? Imagine a bag/box of shaped or irregular pieces of mini bath bombs. And in basic terms that’s what it is! You pop some under warm running water, as you would with a normal bath bomb, and it will fizz, provide fragrance and colour to the bath and possibly some foam.

Appearance. Broken Hearts bath crumble is a 400g box of love! Various sizes of small, pink love heart shapes in different shades of pink. Very sweet and look wise was perfect for a subscription in the month of February.

Broken Hearts Bath Crumble

Texture. Is what you would think of when a bath bomb comes to mind. Chalky and solid but not too solid where it couldn’t crumble ( no pun intended! ) and melt away under warm running water.

Fragrance. I wasn’t too sure what to expect scent wise on this product. On the box this came in it said ‘ infused with zesty cola cubes’. So I expected to open the bag and smell…well…cola cubes! The type I used to buy from the corner shop as a kid. What I got scent wise was cherry cola. I got the cola cube bit definitely. Sweety, slightly zingy but there was a fruity side to it that I couldn’t put my finger on until I smelt it several times, and cherry cola is the best description I can give it! An unusual scent for me when it comes to bath products, but a lovely surprise and very nice to smell.

In the bath. You can use as much or as little as you like with the crumbles, although for each bath personally I’ve been using a quarter of it. They immediately fizz in the water and release a bright and bold pink colour which provides an enjoyable bathing experience. No mass of foam although a little to start off with, but fragrance and colour was there.

So who would like bath crumbles? You will like bath crumbles if you like bath bombs, and hate the idea of using one and then its gone! One use and it goes to bath bomb heaven. 3 to 4 uses you can get from 400g of Broken Hearts which is good value for your money and allows the product to be eeked out more. Good for those who if they can bare to share with someone else, there IS plenty per box to show some kindness and let someone treat themselves at bath time too. And if you fancy a little mixology and you have a couple of these in different fragrances, you can create your own fragrance/bath time experience. And last but not least this is just a great gift idea that I doubt many people would say no to this.

Would I recommend this? Yes I would. I would love to try out the different versions to experience other fragrances and appearances. I’ve enjoyed using this and would love to use something similar again. A small number of February Subcription Boxes are still available for £14.95. If like me, you want to try other crumbles as well there is a set of 6 different crumbles on the website for the fantastic value of £19.95 ( short term offer so BE QUICK! ). Or do you just want Broken Hearts by itself? It can be bought on its own for £5.95 here.

Lolly & Moo Crystal Ball Bath Bomb

These days you can buy bath bombs pretty much from anywhere. Department stores, discount stores, small independent businesses/vendors, even corner shops! And of course you have well known stores whose business is based on what you put on your body and what you use in the bath or shower. One of my latest bath time treats pulled out of my beauty wax stash comes from one of my favourite small businesses Lolly& Moo. I bought the whipped soap, so it seemed only fair to buy Crystal Bath Bomb as well.

Appearance. Size wise this is more jumbo than standard. Definitely bigger than the usual bath bombs as they are so much more substantial and I struggle to hold this within the palm of one hand. Beautifully coloured! Has what I would call a galaxy look to it. Purples, blues in various different shades running around it giving that type of effect with a little silver sparkle finishing it off. Very striking!

Crystal Bath Bomb

Scent. Same as its whipped soap sister, floral, clean, slight citrus and musk, so if you have tried the soap this is its perfect match. Inspired by a V&R fragrance which would make this ideal for the perfume lovers out there.

In the bath? Popped under warm running water, the fusion of colour and water is stunning! The colours on the bath bomb is what you get in the bath, and then they all run together to give the water a rich, deep and dark purple colour. Before getting to that point this does produce foam, which lasted for me quite some time.

Surprises? Well its not the size it is for no reason! Inside this beautiful mass is a secret. A hidden semi precious stone in the centre is revealed once the bath bomb disappears. Honestly, its so much better than opening up a Kinder egg! Not all of these bath bombs have the same stone in the middle, they are varied, which makes opening these up even more interesting and exciting.

Recommended? Yes! If you were to ever go for a bath bomb that was special, unique and striking, this is the one! Its big, beautiful, smells amazing and kind to the skin. And for £5.00 it’s great value for money for a treat for yourself or someone else. Available now on the Lolly & Moo website.