Philosophy’s Pure Grace Whipped Body Crème

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Since becoming a mum the amount of money I spend on skin and body care has changed dramatically. I could spend £20.00 on a body oil and not flinch. Now I’m spending more on dolls for child number 2 and debating whether I should buy myself a £2.50 bath bomb! But I still love products more likely to be found in a department store rather than in a supermarket. And one brand I love is called Philosophy. One of their products I had stashed away is their Whipped Body Creme in their famous Pure Grace fragrance.

Philosophy’s Pure Grace Whipped Body Creme

Philosophy as a brand. If you haven’t heard of Philosophy they are a US company that creates and sells a variety of beauty products that range from fragrances to body lotions, face creams to cleansers and more.

Why have I delved into this body product? It’s one of those items if I don’t use it for awhile I forget what its like, and then I use it and can’t put it down! And the scent….well..I will get to that soon enough..

Packaging. Simple, and very clean in look. 120ml of product is in a medium sized jar finished off with a screw top lid. Writing in black on the label e.g brand and product name, ingredients etc. No fuss, very classy and totally unisex.

Texture. Not thin or runny as a body lotion and not as thick or emollient as a body butter. It seems to hold its shape in the tub, so the first time I used this I was quite surprised that it was almost whipped in texture but not too light and airy.

On the skin. This was very easy and quick to rub in. Not much was needed, but I found that once it was rubbed into my skin it felt soft and smooth. Skin had a healthy, hydrated sheen to it. Not greasy or oily, so I could put my clothes on straight away. Considering this wasn’t thick and body butter like, it was super moisturising.

Scent. Imagine that fresh, clean, just come out of the shower or washed your hair type of scent and this is it. To say it smells like soap and water doesn’t do it justice but it sort of describes it so well. Think modern and not old fashioned.

Lets talk price! It isn’t cheap. For a jar twice the size of mine, direct from Philosophy, it costs £29.00. I didn’t pay this as I bought it in a set. But with all the other pieces that it came with made it great value. A premium product from a brand that sits in department stores in the US and the UK will have a price tag that relates to this.

Recommended? You could spend a couple of pounds on a body lotion and your skin can look and feel good. But if you can stretch to spending more, this would make a special purchase for yourself or someone else. The texture, the scent and it’s hydration makes this a great body creme, and one you can layer over/under too if needed. I love this and love all the products I’ve tried from this brand and in this scent too, so it’s a yes from me!

  • TOP TIP! Do what I did and look out for this in a gift set to get the best value. This product and others from the Pure Grace range can be bought direct from Philosophy, QVC, Boots just to name a few places. Happy shopping!

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